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( Sep. 7th, 2011 04:33 am)

This past weekend (and Monday included) was pretty grand.  Saturday I showed Gramma how NetFlix works, n' we watched her favorite movie evar- "Arsenic & Old Lace." :)  She wants to be Aunt Abby in a local production if it were ever made, and I think she'd make a GREAT one. ^_^  It was way funnier than I remember, and we had a ball laughing through it together. ^_^  Then that night, I got to go to my first bellydancing event since living here!!  I got to talk with a few of the dancers, & most importantly, to support my local bellydance community! :D  It was a orchestrated by "Hill and Veil" bellydance classes n' group over yonder in Blacksburg, and held at the other Royal She-Sha Lounge there downtown (which was warm & PACKED, but w/a great stage we got to be really close up to, & we still had seats). :)  We stayed for the full run; which went off & on from 10pm - midnight.  And I was all dressed up for the occasion- w/pigtails, a bindi and general bellydance garb. :)  

Sunday we went to Mark and Rob's place, for a grand barbecue from 5 until.. well.. whenever we felt like goin' home. *lol*  It was wonderful to see them again, and to help celebrate both their birthdays in addition to mine, which are all right near each other. :)  My gramma & mom got to meet 'em, we all got to hand together w/their friends, n' a good time was had by all. :)  (Well, except for maybe poor li'l Sydney, who has issues w/too many people coming over n' had sto stay inside during the event. :(()  We stayed late, and it was a blast. :)

Monday I shared the movie "Miranda" (another old-time movie featuring Glynis Johns-the mom from "Marry Poppins") w/Gramma, & we continued our shopping sprees (where we continued to nab little goodies for me like brand new fancy cooking pans & a bunch of Command hanging doodads- so I don't put holes in these new walls & end up getting charged for 'em).  After that we hit Red Lobster, 'cause we didn't quite know where to find Kabuki, and -everything- sounded good that night. :)  So mom, gramma and I had a Long Island Iced Tea each, and sat down to one of -the best meals- I can EVER freaking remember having.  It was PHENOMENAL. ^_^  (The leftovers of which I'm about to chow down on, as soon as I'm finished w/this. :))  

After the camera scare (where I nearly got my camera lost/stolen by some hap-hazard bus boy @ RL- which thank God turned out okay :D), we hit St. Albans.  For those who don't know it, it's a former asylum and boys school here in town, that's reputedly HELLA haunted.  I got some fun pics there that I can't WAIT to show you. ^_^  It's still clearly abandoned n' had a bunch of  "No Trespassing" signs up everywhere, so we didn't go in (though I'm guessing most people just disregard those for ghost hunts n' go on in anyway), but we did circle about the place a few times to get some snazzy photos.  (Again, the aforementioned of which I am about to show you. :))

And to top it all off, just as we were nearing home, mom kept seeing some "Banjo & Fiddle Jam" signs.   We tracked them here n' there around town, n' finally ended up finding this cute little place tucked away right near main street, where there was a -great- bluegrass jam happening.  The musicians were so good, and the men who traded turns singing were awesome, too. :)  We had vanilla root beer floats for dessert while we sat n' listened (which is amazing, considering the food we'd just had at RL ;)), and ended the night on a high note all 'round, pun very much intended. ^_^  It was great, and I'm blessed as hell to have had my mom & gramma down there to spend the weekend w/me- and be there not JUST for my birthday. ^_^  Love you tow ladies.  Just mark my word, I WILL get a game night n' photography session w/you as faerie goddesses in, yet!! ;D

Love and Hugs to All!

Gratefully and Gladly, :)


St. Albans, the spooky sanitorium tucked way far away, but ever so nearby, in Radford, VA.



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