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( Jan. 2nd, 2011 03:17 am)
 Bellydancers: I'm beginning to make work for vending at "ART OF THE BELLY" Belly Dance Festival in March. What would you like me to create for you?? I don't do clothes or sell fabrics, but I can make art, poly-clay doodads, some basic beaded jewelry.. ooh! And I just bought a few chargers to decorate- what do you need in the way of balancing trays?  Hmm... maybe I could also do henna/body drawings..?
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( Dec. 12th, 2010 11:57 pm)
 I know it's no major thing, but this just knocks my socks off. ^_^  

A screen-cap example of how it would look if someone added one of my ArtFire items to their Amazon Wish List. :D

Just get the button, and start bookmarking and/or requesting goods from nearly anywhere online. ^_^  ('S about time they caught up to Kaboodle, huh? ;D)  Plus, ArtFire is one of this endeavor's major contributors, so now folks can add my art and crafts from the AV store even more easily! *beams*  This is so keen!!  Just seeing my work on an Amazon page makes me all giddy inside. :D:D

Hope all of your holiday preparations are going well, and happy gifting!


In honor of the winter season, Alternate Visions is now having a huge sale!!   Until December 26th at midnight (i.e. until the closing of Boxing Day), just use the coupon code "ALTHOLIDAY20" to get 20% off of EVERYTHING AV has to offer!!  Drawings, polymer clay goods, jewelry- it's all on sale!
So drop on by and check out the savings!  (Plus, new items will be up for grabs and ON SALE soon! :D)

Again, just enter the code ALTHOLIDAY20 to receive a full 20% off of EVERYTHING in Alternate Visions' Etsy store, until midnight, Dec. 26th.  -Hurry now, before the holidays arrive!!

Thanks for Your Support, and Happy Holidays!! ♥♥♥

Best and Brightest Blessings,
Nae, (the Creatrix behind AV)
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( Dec. 3rd, 2010 11:58 am)
"Enchanted worlds still exist because the child within us never dies.
The doorways may be more obscure, but we can still seek them out.
There are still noble adventures to undertake.
There are still trees that speak and caverns that lead to nether realms.
There will always be faeries and elves within nature because they will always be dancing within our hearts.”
~Ted Andrews~ 
Working at the Freak Bazaar has reminded me that Alternate Visions needs a new rl banner/sign.  But the only signs I've ever made were hand-painted/drawn ones on cardboard- so how 'bout this?  Whomever designs the best banner/sign for me to use while vending, showing, etc. (heck even camping- I can put it across my tent to advertise! ;D) they'll get one custom-made item, created especially for them- in recompense for their hard work!  Sound good and fair?

If so, pop me your designs, and I'll show them off here, on the AV Blogger page, & on the AV Facebook page- for all the world to see!  Then we can all vote on the best submission, and the winner will receive either a piece of jewelry, a polymer clay goody, a pair of horns, a drawing, or any other type of oddity that I make, that's been hand tailored and custom created to fit their every desire!
If that sounds good to you, then...

On your mark, get set... GO!!!
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( Nov. 23rd, 2010 08:34 am)
Well, in prep. for my grandmother's arrival later today, I'm off for Thanksgiving holiday!
I'm not sure how much computer access I'll have while I'm gone, so may you all have a blessed holiday, and a happy vacation! ♥♥♥ 

 "Thistlebert," the very cranky, anti-holiday goblin.
Happy early Thanksgiving!
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( Nov. 21st, 2010 02:31 pm)
I've got a Santa ornament, (and hopefully more Fimo goodies to come), these guys and all my trad. art coming out to Spellbount this Sat. night, too! Come join me and many other alternative artists & crafters for Spellbound's "Freak Bazaar," from 5-9pm Sat., Nov. 27th!  For more info, check out their page on Facebook at, or their main web site page at
Hope to see you there! ^_^
This guy will definitely be for sale. :)

I'm currently working on his tribemate now; whom I think I'll call "Gunther." :D

(And as before, if you'd like to see more views of 'im, you can find 'em on my FB page for Alternate Visions. :))
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you like!

For more views of my new Moon Goddess (all done up, lacquered and be-ribboned at last! :D) you can visit my page on Facebook at: :)

I dunno if I can actually give her up for sale (yet). but I'll be making more pagan-friendly ornaments to sell; tonight and in the near future.  (Oh!  And if you've anything particular in mind, drop me a line!  I'm up for giving most anything a try- at least once. ;D)  
Hope you enjoy this, and blessed be! ^_^

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( Nov. 16th, 2010 10:06 am)
 I just discovered a new site called ""  It has nifty things like a Hearts tracker for Etsy, and neato-keen widgets like this!
As soon as I can make the widgets work here on LJ, I'll put one up to show ye. :)

Cheers and Love,
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( Nov. 13th, 2010 10:37 pm)
 Skye and Ouna, snuggling together while bathing in the rays of the morning sun. ^_^
I'd like to know what YOU want for your Winter Holiday this year! :D

What kinds of art, beaded jewelry, polymer clay, felt creations, or other crafty concoctions would people like to see for the holidays? 
..A gaunt & grinning goblin, masquerading as old Saint Nick maybe? Or a faerie gala, gleefully gathered 'round a bountiful feast perhaps?  Seomthing delightful yet ghoulish, with everything from veggies to sundry severed parts; like the remains of fool-hardy human to fickle, feathered foul..?

What do YOU seek to give or receive over the holidays..?  ^_^

So...  Whatcha think?

(The banner that inspired this change is also on my Etsy store, too. :))  I was feeling all "uhg" and uninspired, very blazé & unmotivated.  But w/a little time away from stressing about it and a little bit of fiddling, came up w/this. :)  All the wording is by me, (including the hazy stuff way way in back), and the rest of the image is by [ profile] plsurkity.  She used a pic of me from somewhere and totally revamped it. :)  I was working in a banner editor tonight (as I have no image editing software currently) and came upon the idea of doing a little image inversion w/more lettering against my original few (seen behind & below the focal lettering in front).  I really, really like this new image!  It's whimsical and mysterious and dark, all w/o excessively being one thing or the other. :D  J'adore!  ^_^  Hope you all do, too!)
For those who'd wish to learn, my tutorial for making polymer clay horns was put up on Etsy's Dark Side BlogSpot page!  ^_^
Hope ya like, and that it proves useful!

How to Make Your Own Polymer Clay Horns; (for Demons, Devils, Satyrs, Trolls, Goblins and Beyond)

Happy Halloween, All!

I didn't make the wings, but the tutu's alllll mine. :)  (It was SUPER easy:  Just tie strips of tulle around a length of elastic!)
Can't wait to see my little girl as a Hallowe'en fairy, and my boy as Count Dracul!  *giggles fiendishly, plotting w/sandpapery glee*

Happy Hallowe'en/Samhain, Everyone!! ^_^
I submitted this to a website called Lavendise eons and eons ago, when the site was still new.  (When I think Charlie & I lived together in Annandale! o.O)  If I recall rightly, the poem was old even then- having been written during one of my education camps for the blind during my middle high school days.)  It may be ancient, but I keep finding it on different faerie-related sites since, so I thought I'd bring it back to where it belonged. :)  (Especially since I have no hard copy or original file of it on disk anywhere.)  Plus, given the upcoming holiday (Samhain/Halloween), I wanted to share this little tidbit of my history. :)  

I hope you enjoy it, and that no matter how old you are, you can still hear the faeries singing.  *beams*

...   ...   ...


Once, twice, step softly, child.
Step softly into the green!
If they hear you, they will surely run,
and you will never see them, ever again….

Well, perhaps not until next year,
but then you might be too old….
You might not believe.

What's that? You say you won't ever forget?
That you will hold them in your heart forever?
I believe you think you will,
But if you make too much noise,
the energy dies…

And true, you might know of them always,
You may wish for them to be…
But your eyes and ears,
they will be tainted.
Unable, and perhaps unwilling…

I used to believe in them too,
Knowing they sang,
& danced behind the green,
hearing them talk in my mind and my dreams,
calling to me….

But once I came,
and made too much noise,
and even though I almost heard them,
and almost knew that they were there,
I never saw them again.

And now their joyous songs
are only faint whispers
in my desperately clinging thoughts.
I wish to bring them back child,
to Believe, But it is too late….

So walk softly child.
Don't make too much noise!
I want you to see them,
Now, and always….

...   ...   ...

For another taste of my fae-inspired poetry (from a much more modern time in my life), you can also find my poem "King of the UnderWorld" below.   Read more... )

And that be it for me for now, kids! I hope you liked!
Love, Light and Lusciousness,
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( Oct. 15th, 2010 01:28 am)
So, you know those tutorials I've been working on?  Well, I chose to one how-to about creating those safe, fun, truly inexpensive and super-easy costumes for the furry members of our families. :) 

Now, I'm well on the way to being done (or, at least half way finished) w/my items for the felt pet costume tutorial. I've written a TON of wordy stuff that'll probably never actually make it to the how-to itself, but at least now I can say I do have one decent portion of the required work done- my boycat Skye's vampire/Dracula costume! ^_^


If you'd like to see a few more views (or other arts & crafts projects of mine). you can visit my FB page here. :)

All this took was a little time, some scissors, 3 pieces of 37-cent felt from a neighborhood superstore, some Fabric Tac, a few super-inexpensive faux jewels (they come in a bag for like $2.99 for a whole mish-mosh of fake "stones"), some cording, a few quick dashes of Night Star glitter fabric paint, and a teeny bit of sparkle on the cape for flavor. (I know, I know- "vampires don't sparkle!" But when you've got a black cat, it's good to help your black fabric stand out, so you can see it and not just black, glossy fur. :))

Now the decision is; what to do next?  Write on the tutorial, or start on my girly-cat Ouna's faerie costume..?  
Anyhoo, hope you guys like, and Happy Halloween! ♥

(x-posted in a few craft & Halloween communities)
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( Oct. 8th, 2010 10:20 am)
Wahoo!  AV just got put into Etsy Dark Team's featured October Exhibition!

\Picture of Edgar Allan Poe cabouchon pendant, and link to Etsy's Oct. Exhibition.

The theme is "Restless Spirits." 
Can you guess which pieces got entered into the show? ;D


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