Or B?

(There are subtle differences, such as contrast, areas of different shading, etc.)


I've been thinking about a few things regarding my art bizniss, Alternate Visions.  First off, a name change!  What do you think of "Ethereal Arts?" The ".com" is available, and it will easily encompass my crafting, vocal and acting work. :)  Plus it illustrates the mystical bent most of my work takes (light as well as dark) and doesn't just allude to visual art.   (At this point in my life, I'm okay w/it not alluding to the visual impairment.  That's part of what I am, not all of who I am. :))

Next up, I'm thinking of dropping Etsy entirely as a marketplace for my work.  ArtFire's cheaper (it asks a low monthly fee, instead of charging per listing and taking a cut from each sale), it's more complete, more customizable, and seems to be working harder to get creators' works seen.  It's still not as well-known as Etsy, but I'm hoping that that'll soon change, given all the lengths AF is going to to support their artists & promote their work. :)  Again, thoughts?

Also, because of the bus system newly operational in this area, I'm eager to get more active in the local bellydance community. (I might finally be able to get to Blacksburg classes & haflas! :D)  Inspired by the prospect, I put a little AF collection together.  :)
Whatcha think?

Lastly, things are finally starting to calm down here a bit, so I'm excited to get my house back together and back into creating more- and more often. ^_^ (Now that I know that I'm staying here for a bit, and can pull my stuff back out of boxes. ;))  -And I mean that where singing and crafting is involved. ^_^  Let me know if you want to see/hear anything specific, and.. thanks for readin'.  It's hard to express, but I really appreciate it. :)  I'll be stoppin' over to many others' journals more often now too, since I'm no longer using my computer on top of a pile of bins n' can sit at it for more than a few minutes at a time. ;)

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( Jan. 6th, 2011 03:11 am)
Bellydancers: If you could be any of these archetypes, which would you choose? Do you happen to already have a costume and/or a routine in your repertoire (or in your mind) of one or more of these..?

The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

Also, do you have a favorite suit? Cups/Chalices, Swords, Staves or Pentacles/Coins? Do you find you gravitate toward one or more of these? (If so, feel free to choose more than one option. That way no matter what, you're more likely to get a suit or archetype you're happy with. :))

I'm thinking that coins (from costumes, bras, jewelry, hipscarves & the like) will be used for the Coins suit. Scimitars and dance swords will be used for Swords (a' korse), The Cups suit will represented using balancing chalices and tankards, and the Staves will either be cane assayas or stick tahtibs. (Though I'm leaning more toward sticks, as A; they simply look more like trad. staves, B; because they lend a slightly more masculine feel- not to mention a more tribal vibe, and c; I don't really get the association w/Saidi dancing and little shepherd sticks. On the other hand, they -are- more widely known as being pretty representative of the Dance.. so.. that's something to ponder. :) (..Hmmm.. maybe for the ill-omened swords or staves cards I should use red light sabers, in a nod to DDP..? ;D)

As for suit numbers (3 of cups, or 6 of swords for instance), we'll simply feature the objects themselves, in whatever formations best represent the meaning of the card. (Though another idea might also be to feature "action shots" of the correct number of items from the suit, actively being used as part of a performance. (Say.. 4 coins on a hip scarf, or a group of dancers' hands holding the correct number of sticks, for example.) But I'm not quiiite sure how I wanna handle that aspect of it yet.

If you have any thoughts, requests, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to shoot 'em my way. I may be the creative-y type doing these, but I'm only a beginner in the Dance, so I'm open to anything you guys might have to offer. :)

Vielen Dank!
Yours Always in Song,
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( Jan. 2nd, 2011 03:17 am)
 Bellydancers: I'm beginning to make work for vending at "ART OF THE BELLY" Belly Dance Festival in March. What would you like me to create for you?? I don't do clothes or sell fabrics, but I can make art, poly-clay doodads, some basic beaded jewelry.. ooh! And I just bought a few chargers to decorate- what do you need in the way of balancing trays?  Hmm... maybe I could also do henna/body drawings..?

This list was given for those who might like to find my work in its various forms, as well as to serve as a repository for links so I don't always have to run around the 'Net and find them individually each n' every time I need them. ;)

Many Thanks and Love to All,
Inspired by friends like [livejournal.com profile] orthaevelve and [livejournal.com profile] jarandhel, I have now resumed selling stuff (or, at least trying to sell stuff) on Etsy. :) You can find my store here; http://www.etsy.com/shop/alternatevisions and if you have any ideas, requests, comments or suggestions, I'm totally game. :)

I've tried selling stuff on Etsy before but nothing sold- so I'm starting out small with just a few pieces to begin with, and then might expand the store further if it looks like my works are selling. :) So I've put what I hope is a nice, even, wide selection of the kinds of styles of art I do in the form of ten pieces up right now, and I'm totally hopin' for the best. :) If you'd like to spread the word, tell your friends or family about my artistic weirdness, I sure won't argue. ;D

I'm also always up for commissions and new stuffs, so drop on by, see what you think, and maybe I'll hear from you sometime on what you might like to buy, see in my store there, or what you think would make it a better shop. :)

And that's all for me for tonight, kids..! I are exhausted. T'is sleepytime.
Beeeeg, long heart of love to yous!:

♥ ♥
♥♥ ♥♥
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Da Nae

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( Nov. 19th, 2009 07:50 am)

I can has a new work, pre-colour. :)

There will be a fanciful clock-face imprint on the upper-right-hand corner amidst the background soon. :) This was inspired by my love of Knocker fae (and the men in my life who remind me of them), as well as Midnight's upcoming theme on Saturday night (where I'll be vending); which centers around Frankenstein/the commemoration of Boris Karloff's birthday. :)

-And the title of course was inspired by The Dresden Dolls' song "Coin Operated Boy-" as I love the whimsy it inspires, as well as the idea that perhaps it might refer to either the knocker himself or his creation. ^_^ (Or both!.;D)

Hope you like!
A knocker, constructing an autometon from a Louisville slugger, collanders, and other sundary parts. :)
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( Mar. 9th, 2009 12:57 pm)
I have a friend who does both Tribal and Cabaret bellydance, who has asked me to do a drawing of a lass who's in both styles of dress.  Here is my solution to that inquiry. :)

For some reason a few of my gallery thumbnail pics have blue outlines around them, while others don't. 
-Even though they both have links...  Anyone know wussup w/that?  An' how should one fix it?

Por ejemplo:  http://renaessance.com/Slivers/2-d

(What I'd really like to do is have a large selection of small thumbnails around or beside a central image that shifts as you rollover, but I have NO idea how to do that.)


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( Dec. 13th, 2008 03:17 pm)

Since PhotoDraw has recently died and I can't find my MS Office software, I've been trying to use GIMP and just about anything I could to put this little baby together.  (W/no visual software anymore, that's been TOUGH!  But I found a benner maker online that had the capabilities to make one the size I needed, and eventually found an old trail version of Jasc. Paint Shop Pro. that helped me put the finishing touches down.  It would have been SO much easier and faster in PDv2, but eh, ya use whatcha got, right? ;D  So at last I've been able to finish my Etsy store banner, and here t'is!

So.. whatcha guys think?
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 08:21 pm)
I finally have stuff on Etsy! :D:D 
Plus I'm already "hearted-" and my shop's only been up for like, two seconds! :D:D

Got ooooone piece up there now, and hopefully before the night is through I'll have many, many others. ^_^
Wish me luck! 

*Etsy, money-making potential glee*

I just wrote something to a friend on DeviantArt who's got a visual impairment and who's had some people really being shitty to them about their work. Well as I retaliated for my friend- sending them a message of solidarity & support, I wrote some stuff that -I- sure as hell needed reminding of, myself. And subsequently (while in the process of recording it so I could keep it for future perusal) I realized that many of you who make things in the spirit of creation might need to hear this once in a while, too. ^_^
So saying:

Something supportive to those of you who make stuff out there. )
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( Jul. 25th, 2008 04:48 pm)
Crafty Bastars DC didn't accept me- AGAIN.
I didn't get through the first round of judging at the American Idol thing, and frankly at this point I'm like "hmm, my life is ALL ABOUT singing and art.  If I can't really do either terribly well, what the hell's the point..???"  Frankly I'm going to keep going with them because I have to- not because I'm that "strong," but at the moment I admit I'm feeling relatively despondent about making a living at-let alone successfully distributing and/or getting acceptance for-either.

I know the "biz" of both of these arenas are supposed to be chock-full of rejection and hurdles, but frell...  When ya don't have -that- many opportunities coming at you in the first place, the rejections feel a little more personal, and frankly somewhat markedly more daunting.  

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( Jun. 24th, 2008 01:47 pm)

Holy shit.. my boss just came in, didn't gripe at me about my work/workload, and even COMPLEMENTED ME on my little wooden kitty sillhouette that I've got sitting up on my desk in here!!  O.O  (She gushed over it for a bit.. and even said repeatedly that it was "neat." O.O!)  I figgered since he didn't get sold at the craft fair, I oughtta bring him to work and see if he could possibly sit on my door or desk here. ^_^  .He doesn't fit between the moulding and the wall's outcropping, :(  but I've got him on my desk sitting beside the fax machine, so.. coo. ^_^

And speaking of the craft/arts fair, it went pretty well!  I met lots of cool people, got passed by by a TON of others, but I had a good time all-in-all, 'n I made $110!  Enough to cover either the cost of the gridwall I bought for the occassion (and others in future), OR the entry fee into the fair twice over- but not both.  ;)  Regardless, I'm tickled I made that much (as some people didn't make hardly -any- sales), n' can't wait to hear back from some of the people I met, spoke to, & gave cards out to there. ^_^  I met a few people all excited about getting some commissions done, one crazy person who talked to me about aliens and government conspiracies, some wicked-cool fellow crafters, and even a writer who's got stuff on Amazon- who does horror and fantasy novels. :D:D  (Her name was Something "Ward," but I can't remember quite what her full name was...  I'll have to go to Amazon.com sometime and try to look her up.  :)  She bought THREE of my pieces, all unframed prints, n' secretly I'm kind of hoping she might turn one of them into a book cover, or call/write and ask me to do one for her. ^_^)

Mom helped me out a TON settnig up & tearing down, n' I dunno what I would've done w/o her.  She helped me get to and from, set up my tent, as well as my gridwall while I set up the rest of my display.  We didn't get fully set up until like eleven though- since even though the fair started at nine, they let us know AS WE ARRIVED that the county wouldn't let us have the tent where we were.  So like every other artist in that area, we pitched a fit and got moved into a place where we COULD have shade.   So moving and waiting to work out the movind delayed us, but once we got set up at last, all went just fine. ^_^  Mom had to go during the breadth of the day because of previous engagements, so I manned the booth solely throughout the day.  The tent was SUCH a blessing as it was hot as HECK, & even with those few snaffoos, we kept cool (for the msot part) & had a great, great  time, to boot.   I got some cool ideas/contacts/links for future, too. ^_^ 

Wanna see my boof?  I was SO happy w/my display!!  (It looks MUCH more profesional now that I've got the gridwall & velvet jewelry displays. ^_^)  Whadda you think? :D:D


Plus my Red Hat Ladies print was the first thing to go. ^_^  So I snagged another print and reframed it by replacing it with another, less-noticed piece.  Otherwise I'd have a big hole in my display...  So this is what the replacement looked like- after I side-barred it with some Red-Hat-inspired jewelry to go alongside it. ^_^

(Plus now that this is done, n' I cleaned my rat cage Sunday night, I don't have anything To Do after I get home at night.. whish is a good thing, too!  ;D)

Yay selling art!! :D:D

Cheers & Hugs,


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( Jun. 19th, 2008 04:36 pm)

Last week, wednesday brought Bi Pride at BeBar, & it was pretty kickin'! ^_^ I met a bunch of really nice people, discovered a swank new place in DC to hang out (they have drag queens & stuff every now and then! :D), I talked to a few really cool girls, and was befriended by a sweet gay chap who seemed to be helping to run the event, & who works on the Pride Committee. He's also part of the DC Radical Faeries, n' tried to recruit me for the Committee. ^_^ (As I'm just getting started in the community though, I told him I was flattered- & I was- but that I'd kind of like to take it slow at first. :)) It was a great time, I got bought a drink, plus I met a cool girl who's a longtime bellydancer, & who frequents Midnight & various other bellydancing events I've been going to lately. :D:D *glee*

The Pride Parade ROCKED, (it was my first), an' I got Mardi Gra beads, saw a few really schpeef floats, and had an absolute blast. Mirage897 met me there, and we had a great time at the parade. It was also great to catch up w/him at a local coffee bar afterwards- as it's been FOREVER since we've gotten to hang out. It was a pleasure all around, n' hopefully soon I'll be able to share the few cool pics I got of the parade with y'all- rainy drizzle and all. ^_^ (The floats not only had some seriously bumpin' music, but a few of 'em also had a gaggle of REALLY yummy folks atop them, to boot! There were some great get-ups, and I even saw faeries there! :D:D)

If you’re all not doing anything else this weekend, I happen to have a craft show coming up on the 21st- from 9am – 3pm. It’s called Art in the Park, and it’s a big ol’ outdoor space with artists & crafters of all kinds showing n’ selling their work.   If you guys can stop by, I’d love ta see ya. If not, that’s okay too- I know it’s short notice. But I’ll have my own booth, and (FINALLY) some more professional display stuffs, so I’d love to see summa mah peeps out there. ^_-

It’s supposed to be a family-friendly event, so rest easy there, too. :D 

The event info is thus:
Brenman Park Drive 9AM - 3PM,
In Cameron Station, across from Brenman Park,
Alexandria, VA 22304

If you need an exact address to map directions from, you can use:
Cameron Perks Coffeehouse
4911 Brenman Park Dr,
Alexandria, VA 22304-7746

Fortunately it should be much cooler than it was the weekend before last (you know, the one that was over 100º BOTH days, :P), but according to the weather zombies there might also be a bit of a shower in the afternoon, so bring your brellies if you’re inclined. ^_^

If you’re worried about weather, here’s a link to weather.com with their 10-day forecast for the local zipcode: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/22304?from=36hr_fcst10DayLink_undeclared 
And perchance I’ll see ya there! 

If not, mehopes you have a loverly weekend!
(And that I'll be posting Monday about the TONS of $$ I made on Sat.! ;D;D:D:D )

Thanks and Love,

I'm trying to renovate the gallery page on my web site pre-big art show coming up, and both Word and Publisher are driving me crazy!!  My computer's still down, so my only recourse is to work on my page at work, w/their comp. and using their pre-existing programs on off-work hours.  They have Word which'll edit web pages, but I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to insert pics from the WEB and make them still work once you upload your finished web page back up.  In other words, I have all the files I need online already, and I just want to associate the pics in the document with the right paths to the right URLs so they'll show up on my web page.   All Word seems to want to do is download the whole pic all over again and use the file off my comp- which as you know won't work for -anyone else- on the net.  So.. anyone got any advice or suggestions so I can actually have files people will SEE?  
I have no problems inserting and editing links, but the actual -source- file is proving to be a real booger.   
I've looked it up on my Help Topics/Agent and Microsoft.com, but neither seems to have the answer.  How do I use my own web images w/o Word trying to associate every file to my current computer??  
Anyone have any advice, tools, tips or tricks??

Thanks SOOOO much!!

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( May. 15th, 2008 05:13 pm)

I'm thinking of asking Yameena if I can use this as an actual piece of art. :)  

Another slightly different version under here. )



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