Hey all. I just wanted to share something with you, as I know we all have our own moments at times of "I wish." ;)

Yesterday I took my second stab at heading our university bellydance club practice, and thinking on a moment from last night, I just had to laugh. (We're all beginners there ftmp, but some are MUCH newer than others. So the Pres. and I kind of head things up, as we have no real dance teacher to speak of. :)):

We were doing seated squats (just sittin' in the middle of the air squatted, as if on a very icky, invisible thundermug), and lots of the girls were having real trouble w/posture, staying down far enough, balance, stamina & the like. (I was trying to show them how immobilizing the legs might help w/isolating the upper body, and how eventually you could turn a squat into a variety of cool moves.) But for some reason they kept balking so laughingly I teased "c'mon ladies, if a big fluffy girl like me can do it, all you skinny wimmins have GOT this!" (All the girls in my club but me are very, very little- which can be kind of hard on the confidence levels at times.) So a few tried briefly again, but everyone just kept breaking out of it and getting frustrated, distracted, etc.

So I just sat in the squat, let 'em go on w/their conversations for a bit, and while waiting for them to finish, put my hands down on my legs, just chillin' out. That's when I realized it. "C'mon girls! This works your upper thighs like crazy!" A few people looked around, chuckled for a sec, but didn't do much. So I went on. "Some of you may not believe it, but I've actually got a bit a' muscle up under alla this fluff!" -to which we all laughed, buuut they all still kept standing around; so I tried again. "No really! Come feel!" And that's when I totally invited them to come take a poke at the fronts of my thighs, while I still just sat in the squatting pose.

Nervously, a few of them walked over, poked, and the looks on their faces were so hysterically shocked, I just couldn't help but laugh. :) Here I was, the biggest girl of all of them by a mile, and in this pose my legs were all muscle, and for once I wasn't having any trouble w/stamina or needing to modify a move. You couldn't feel hardly any fluff at all on that top thigh muscle, and a couple of girls even said "oh my god!! She really IS all muscle under there!!" *lol*

I'm not saying anyone should ever compare themselves to others (although I know it still happens), or that one should belittle others for something that one can or cannot do. (I dearly hope this is not coming off that way.) My goal was to inspire these awesome ladies to keep trying, and I -think- in some, it might have actually worked. :) But also, as one who's always worried about "being The Big Girl.." the undesirable that everyone just puts up with, (in class as well as in life), not to mention as someone w/a disability, it was great to have a "yes I can!!" moment. ^_^

I guess it's just that the look on these girls' faces, when they realized that I actually -could- be strong, and somehow withstand something they in their younger, tinier physiques could not (YET) really helped me remember: Although I wish I were littler and more fit, I've also got my OWN strengths & assets too. :) That doesn't mean I'm gonna stop striving to be mre healthy, but it does remind me that I am not JUST weakness.

And that, no matter who you are or what you struggle with, is a really, really nice thing to be reminded of. *beams*

Anyway.. I hope you all have lots of similarly great moments soon to come, and always. ^_^ ♥

Love and Light,
Bellydance and Confidence Starters

What is bellydance?

Gothic Bellydance (Not included in the above)

"Fat Rant" Videos by Joy Nash
(Helpful for people of size as well as everyone who feels they might have issues that could be holding them back from living life to the fullest.)

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUTJQIBI1oA&feature=relmfu
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8dm5VpYGH4&feature=relmfu
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyQ_IKkAM9I&feature=youtu.be

Places to Shop







A Little Bit of Video:


Nisha of Las Vegas


Pavlov's Hips


Rachel and Badra Du Noir

Male Bellydancers

Online Resources for Plus-Sized Dancers

Am I Too Fat to Bellydance?

HUGE compendium of bellydance related links on Hub, by the author of "too fat" and

"disabled bellydance"

Bellydance for people with disabilities and special needs:


Bellydancing for Men and Beyond
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( Jan. 13th, 2011 03:13 pm)
I just came across a great celebrity blog entry.  Normally I'm not into these things, but for one it happens to answer a question I've been wondering about her for the past few years.  And most importantly, for another.. well, if you've ever wondered why I'm so into bellydance, Ms. Margaret Cho illustrates the reason(s) beautifully- and very, very poignantly. :)


Baila mis amigas.  It's good for your soul. ^_^
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( Jan. 6th, 2011 03:11 am)
Bellydancers: If you could be any of these archetypes, which would you choose? Do you happen to already have a costume and/or a routine in your repertoire (or in your mind) of one or more of these..?

The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

Also, do you have a favorite suit? Cups/Chalices, Swords, Staves or Pentacles/Coins? Do you find you gravitate toward one or more of these? (If so, feel free to choose more than one option. That way no matter what, you're more likely to get a suit or archetype you're happy with. :))

I'm thinking that coins (from costumes, bras, jewelry, hipscarves & the like) will be used for the Coins suit. Scimitars and dance swords will be used for Swords (a' korse), The Cups suit will represented using balancing chalices and tankards, and the Staves will either be cane assayas or stick tahtibs. (Though I'm leaning more toward sticks, as A; they simply look more like trad. staves, B; because they lend a slightly more masculine feel- not to mention a more tribal vibe, and c; I don't really get the association w/Saidi dancing and little shepherd sticks. On the other hand, they -are- more widely known as being pretty representative of the Dance.. so.. that's something to ponder. :) (..Hmmm.. maybe for the ill-omened swords or staves cards I should use red light sabers, in a nod to DDP..? ;D)

As for suit numbers (3 of cups, or 6 of swords for instance), we'll simply feature the objects themselves, in whatever formations best represent the meaning of the card. (Though another idea might also be to feature "action shots" of the correct number of items from the suit, actively being used as part of a performance. (Say.. 4 coins on a hip scarf, or a group of dancers' hands holding the correct number of sticks, for example.) But I'm not quiiite sure how I wanna handle that aspect of it yet.

If you have any thoughts, requests, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to shoot 'em my way. I may be the creative-y type doing these, but I'm only a beginner in the Dance, so I'm open to anything you guys might have to offer. :)

Vielen Dank!
Yours Always in Song,

I'm sorting through a bunch of videos on my YouTube pages, and have finally decided to put all my dellybancing bits in one place. :)  So trying to find the SteamPunk vids I aired here eons ago, I came across this. :)  Hope those of you who dance, (including men & women alike) will like! :D

Oooh!  Plus, BELLYHORROR is coming up this weekend!!  Friday night is the BH show AT THE BIRCHMERE, (O.O) and then the rest of the weekend they're going to be having workshops & other BH-related events- including a horrrrific Tribal Cafe, where more All Hallows belly-fun can be had! :D  

Also, Galena (or as many of us know her, Kelly or Caitilin), will be hosting one HELL of an All Hallows Hafla this weekend, on Saturday night!  There will be TONS of bellydance there, a costume contest, prizes, food & drink (both adult & otherwise), and even a babysitter for those of you who have wee small kiddies. :)  (The early half of the night is PG, and the rest will be darker, scarier, and a little more PG-13.)  I'm going to be missing out on BellyHorror's after-party to be there, and I -know- it's gonna be great!  So join all the folks w/Sestraluna and many of us from Galena's dance classes out in Glen Burnie Saturday night for one amazing, spooky party! :D:D
Check out her page @ www.galenadance.com for further details. :)

It's shapin' up to be one fun, busy All Hallows Eve week! :D:D

Love and Grins,

P.S.  Vending last Saturday night @ Midnight went pretty okay.  Scott bought one piece, then bought another for a girl who really wanted one of my works, and all the rest was raw customer-age. ;D  My white, indoor-painted cat w/the "Welcome" sign on him even got sold- even though he hadn't been lacquered yet!  (This of course I told him, and gave him a lower price on it for.  It doesn't hurt the product, you just can't put it out in the rain/weather because of it.)  So all in all I made about $150, and it seems I'll be vending again next Thursday, @ Tronik's redux of "Spooky." :)  Wish me luck there, and at Kelly's Halloween Hafla, where I'll be going as.. something... (I don't yet know what), and hopefully vending a few of my wares. ^_^

♥♥♥ to All!
 Just did a bit of research to help out a friend, (as well as his b-dance teacher, who also happens to be my friend and teacher as well :D), stumbled upon a few really neato links.  Check it out!

Okie, first we'll start w/some pretty rockin' fun video: *beams*

Next, another guy who's decent, but whose costume I think (on the top half, at least) looks a lit-tle silly... Not much masculinity to this one.. but hey- whatever creams yer twinkie. ;D:
And lastly, the whole reason I ever even knew that male bellydancers existed to begin with: The rather fun, very silly "fans only" video for Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." :D:D
(To the pros in my 'audience' as well as the newbies, beware: There is some -very- bad dancing in this, but also some pretty okay wiggling as well. ^_^)
In reference to the decent wiggling and the male bellydancing alike, I'm referring directly to the tall, lanky lad w/the markings down the middle and the shiny pants- who's outside. :D:D
And for those of you who're into it enough to "read all about it;" here are some wordstuffs on male bellydance in general:

Some fun bits concerning the topic:

And dassit!
Hope you like, and that I'm not pointing folks in some wrong, wonky direction! *lol*
:D Nae
Went to Kelly's today for her and her troupe's Tiki Hafla.  It was a GREAT time!
..The MARC not being operational however made things very, very difficult.  I had to walk to the Metro, ride to Greenbelt, take the B30 bus to BWI, then catch the light rail to one place and transfer to get to another, and then take a cab from that final light rail station to my destination.  Whew!  On the way home, it was too late to catch the B30 from BWI, so I had to take the Amtrak.  Went there to New Carrollton, and just rode the rest of the way home to Dunn Loring, so I didn't have to make any more transfers.  
GAWD I'm glad to be home!! ^_^  Interested in the day's tweets?  See as follows:

 On my way to Kelly's, @ BWI & just tried Funyuns for the 1st time. They're not bad!
 What the HELL?? They don't tell you that you hafta time it right to open the LR doors- or you just MISS YOUR STOP???
 I'm here!  Whee!!  Le woot- I live!!
 Tired, sweaty, have to potty, but happy. T'was a good night. Now let's see if I can get home!
 And hell, even if I have to stay @ BWI 'til Monday, I have 4lbs of potato salad! *lol*
 Holy crap! The people who just got off the train were in Philip's @ the harbor when somebofy started firing a gun!!
 What. The. FUCK??? I've got a monocular around my neck & a CANE IN MY HAND.
 Yet TWO people've said they didn't know I'm visually impaired!?!?
 Stranded, @ BWI, w/no way to get home... FABULOUS!!
 I just want back to my little quazi-home. Now it's Amtrak to metro, metro to vienna. & a good long walk home.
 Hallelujah, I'm on my way home!!! ^_^ ..And now I'm being hit on by a homeless guy.
 (And apparently I'm "Distinctive," "Beautiful," "Curious," "So Sweet," and ..also "Wife Material....")
 And now I am back, home at last. Huzzah!!

N' that about wraps it up.  Which brings me right off.. to bed. :)  Good night all, and congratulations to all of the lovely and talented dancers I saw as well as met tonight. ^_^  T'was beautiful!
(Ooh OOH, plus I learned a thing or two about spinning fire staves and hoola hoops! :D:D  T'was beaucoups de cool!! :D:D)

Ok, I are really off to bed now...
G'night, all!!

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( Mar. 9th, 2009 12:57 pm)
I have a friend who does both Tribal and Cabaret bellydance, who has asked me to do a drawing of a lass who's in both styles of dress.  Here is my solution to that inquiry. :)

I'm working on the last group of photos I took at the DC Tribal Cafe, and I'd like to choose the best of the best before I present it to the dancer for her okay.  So, which do you guys like?  Compositionally speaking; more negative space or less?

  Yo taaaahbal dancah, and.. well- you get the idea. ;D
Decision Made. :) Thanks to those who helped! )
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( Jan. 26th, 2009 08:23 am)
I may not have much money, but it only cost a little to go out to the DC Tribal Café, have a nummy li'l cheeseburger n' sit and kibbitz with a good, old friend that I haven't seen in many, many ages.  (It's been FOUR YEARS, can you believe it??)  It was great to see her, and although it was a teensy bit awkward at first, we soon quicky warmed right back up to each other, and it was like hardly any time had passed by at all. :):)  [personal profile] galena , if you're reading this, it was a pleasure to see you last night. ^_^

I had fun seeing her and meeting most of her dance troupe-mates (from a group called "Sestraluna"), and encountered Joe H. again; a man who (very artfully and beautifully) photographs many bellydancing events in the area- among other things. :)  You can find his wicked work here.

Along with that, I got to see some fantastic bellydancing.  A lovely swirling maiden with skirts to die for, an elegant, smiling beauty who entranced us all by her renditions of an ancient, Indian style of dance, and always lovely Mavi, whose sweet off-stage demeanor is matched only in beauty by the grace, personality and artfulness with which she dances. ^_^  There was a LOT of great music spun through the night too- both on-stage and off- by the talented DJ Melly-Mel.  (I kept finding myself doing the same thing I tend to do whenever DJ Solaries plays- saying "oh geez, I LOVE this song!!" ;D)  

Great fun was had by all, and in the bargain I got some pretty neat photographs to boot. 
Peoples' Exhibit A:

A veiled dancer whose routines were taken from the ancient, Northern Indian  mujra style- where most of Bollywood gets its styles from today..

I'm thinking of editing this by doing the normal clarifying and brightness/contrast adjustments, but I'm reticent to.  I think I like it just the way it is. :)  (Although, I'll have to see this on a monitor that's not dark and on it's last legs to make the final judgement for sure.)  I really hope that those of you who like bellydance will like it, and that perhaps w/getting to know more of the members in our surprisingly active & thriving bellydancing community in DC, I'll have the chance to get active not only in the dance arena, but also in the vocal performance, photography & podcasting realms as well. ^_^

Anyway, that's it for me.  I hope you all have a tremendous day/evening, and that no matter what you're doing, you're smiling about it. :)

♥ Always,

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( Jan. 16th, 2009 10:47 pm)
I madesded zem. ^_^

If you would like to snatcho these (-the wee icons I mean- please don't snatcho el biggin]!) which I invite- feel free!  Just please make sure to let me know, and properly credit if/when ya do. :) 

Has anybody else heard about this??  Have you,
[livejournal.com profile] caitilin[livejournal.com profile] belladonnas_web[livejournal.com profile] amethystjade?  I just did a random search after seeing something about steampunkiness online, and combining w/something else I love, and whoa!  I got a ho-ton of links!!  Plus thanks to this, I just discovered a few nifty bands to boot!  "Such as," you say?  Well, there's The Circus Contraption Band (who remind me very much of Tom Waits at times), Abney Park (who actually do cool, somewhat dark n' gothy Steampunk-themed music w/a LOT of ME music influences infuzed into it!), Pentaphobe, Claire Fader, the Beat Circus, and Vermillion Lies.  (The latter few of whom do mostly old fashioned-style stuff w/a modern twist, and make me think of the Dresden Dolls, the Ditty Bops, and Ghost Bees to a point.) 

There are tutorials online about how to make SP bellydancing gear, Etsy stores w/such stuff, and YouTube vids that feature SP-themed bellydancing routines.  Who knew??  I feel SO behind the times!!  (But I am LOVING catching up! :D:D)

Does anyone have any inkling to go out to Centreville this Sunday to learn some Tribal Combos or get an Intro to Fire Dancing??   
They both sound cool, but I'm really intrigued about the Fire Dancing. ^_^
I would SO love to go- and I've a mind to- but I'd also love to have some company. ^_^

Class descriptions, times & locations link aqui. :)

So, anyone want to come with?


Me wants to take aaaaaaallll da classes..!!!

(..Too bad I's brok'ded..... ;-\)

Yay, bellydancing! ^_^
(Edit:)  Looks like I won't be gonig to BP after all.  The VRE doesn't run during weekends. :((((((((  
Ah well, looks like I get to do what I was -supposed- to do last weekend.. which is swim and clean/finish decorating. ^_^  But if any of you are floating out my way who're going, would you drop me a line on my cell?  I'd happily pay gas dinero for accompany-age privaledges. :)))   ..And hey, my apt. is so close to being done I can smell it- so that'll be fun and okie, too. ^_^)

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( May. 15th, 2008 05:13 pm)

I'm thinking of asking Yameena if I can use this as an actual piece of art. :)  

Another slightly different version under here. )



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