As Pride is happening all around us now and throughout the month of June, I thought I'd share a few links with folks that I just found; which might be of interest to some. :)  (Ones which I wish I'd found eeeeeons ago- as a little bi blind girl. ;))  

For many, it's hard enough to find decent disability resources- if any at all; depending on where one lives.  For many others, the same goes for GLBT-Q-related resources.  But put those two together, and most might think that finding any assistance w/pertinent issues would be a virtual impossibility.  I know I sure did- up until last night. :)  So for those who might be in a similar situation, that's why I'm sharing this with you.  If you or someone you know could use this info, pass it on! :D

For those who are blind or visually impaired and part of the GLBT-Q community, there's, a division of the ACB.
For folks with all types of disabilities in the UK and beyond, there's, They offer free membership for disabled folks in the GLBT-Q community.  
Plus there's a great, GLBT-Q inclusive online magazine, full of info for people of all kinds of abilities.  It offers stuff about everything from entertainment to finding work. :) -f

Annnd that's all I have for now, but if I find more, you can bet they'll be posted here as well. :)
Hope you are all well, and Happy Pride, y'all!
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( Mar. 25th, 2008 05:24 pm)
My boss just gave me a Talking To about how my filing isn't getting done as quickly as it should be.  :(   It kind of sucked, but she was much nicer about it than she was the first time she totally REAMED me over the coals about it when I first got here.   Problem is, there's NO WAY it CAN get done as fast as she -wants- it done, and I -keep getting dumped w/litterally FEET of papers on a regular basis- so this job ain't easy to do, let alone fun.  Plus there's no way to show her that it's -being done..- ya know?  'Cause there's always TONS of paper here.  :PPPP  I file and file, and more comes in.  I file some more, and just as I think I'm getting done, more comes in.  ARGH!!!!   
For the record, I have been -truly Done- ONCE, just during the Christmas holiday.  That rocked, and I assure you, I enjoyed it.  ^_^   But essentially my job is nothing but an endless, frustrating, unrewarding, mind-numbing wash of stress and paperwork...  But it pays the bills... so I deal w/it.  

What REALLY sucks is that she, during her Talk To Me, did the same damned mimicking bit she did last time when she gave me a Talking To.   Yep, I got to see my boss's impression of me "putting my face to the paper with my nose practically on it," AGAIN.  :PPPPPP   ???  See, bizarrely, even though this position is ENTIRELY staffed by people w/visual impairments, SOMEHOW  "I am the only one she's ever seen like this [at which point she puts a piece of peper -up to her face and molds it around her face!!!] w/her nose an inch away from the paper or who's all up on the computer screen."  

!!!  Wait.. excuse me???  Say what???  
Yep.  According to her, of allllll the people who've worked in this position in the last SIX YEARS that she's been here, using the Columbia Lighthouse for position candidates, -I- AM THE ONLY ONE WHO'S ---EVER--- LOOKED CLOSELY AT THE PAPER OR COMPUTER SCREEN...

???  ???  ???

I'm sorry, but I find that HARD to believe.   I've met folks in the VI community w/better vision than I, sure.  But w/o any bragging on my part ('cause like vision's an achievement to brag about since we have SO much control over it... :PPP) I can solidly say I happen to be blessed w/vision that's --not so bad,-- in the general VI scope of things.  
In fact, it's even LESS bad than I'd been thinking it was MY ENTiRE LIFE.  (I found this out thanks to an exam I recently got at tCLftB.)   Hell, my vision's even better than some folks'  w/glasses/contacts!!  It just so happens that they have correctible vision and I don't.  It's no big issue for me, and I'm okay w/ what I've got, frankly.  I think in the grand scheme of things I lucked out- considering.  Plus, I'd LIKE to think that w/what vision I have I function pretty highly.   (I've been told so by authorities and lay-folk alike.)  I also do a lot of things some totally blind people do, too.  Again, nothing to brag or get upset about. :)  To be sure, I sho' nuff got my bproblems...   
But still,  I say again... WHAT????

Either I don't think she gets how insulting that whole mimicking the blind girl bit can be.. or she just doesn't give a flying shit.  ...  (GOD I so want to take her to task for just being so.. bloody, frustratingly CALLOUS and IGNORANT!!!  Mrrrrg....)   But regardless, I've been looking for other work as of late.. and this just solidifies my desire to get out of here, as well as cements my wish to just TELL HER OFF someday, when I walk out that door.    ...

Keep yer fingers crossed, kids... \

Holy shit.. I have a visually impaired rat!!! O.O It turns out Houdini, my little escape artist, is almost entirely blind. After noticing various behaviours I'd started to come to that conclusion, but after talking to some people, it's pretty well clinched. My wittle Houdini can pretty much only see light and shadow... Wow.. now I gotta think back to my mobility days, thinof my blind friends, myself and my visual impairment, and apply it to a tiny, month and a half old baby rat... Damn.. no wonder the thing panicked when picked up, and why he's so timid. Poor little guy... Makes me wanna hug 'im all the more. ..Funny how Fate works out like that sometimes, huh?

Oh, and I found my keyes. ^_^ ..Paid $13 for 'em, but I found 'em. :):)
Now off to a bit of Christmas shopping online before workies...


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