1.  I just got my package from perpetualkid.com, n' foolishly opened it up in my bed.  As soon as I got hold of my "IncrediBubbles KittyBubbles" toy (bubbles that're FAR more durable than regular bubbles, so your cats have time to git 'em! :D) I tried 'em out.  Well whaddayouknow!?  They actually work!  They're a little drippy, but  I nearly fainted from laughter when I got the hang of it, blew two big draughts of  bubbles, and watched the whole room fill w/cinema-like shininess as first the bubbles went up, and then they all changed direction n' scattered thanks to my forced-air heat coming on. *lol*  It was like "whoop!  There they go!" and suddenly about halfway through their normal up-n-out trajectory I was like "whuh?  They're comin' back!!" ^_^  The next thing I knew my room was awash with tiny bubbles going in every direction, and it felt like a romantic sparkle-shower, child-like movie moment, all right there in my BR. :)  Too bad I was all alone! ;D  (I was so delighted n' amused, I couldn't help from laughing- meanwhile the cats where like "holy- whuthuhfuhh??"  It was so COO'! :D:D)

2.  I gossme a neat li'l 4-port USB hub, also from PK.  It looks like those classical wooden blocks w/the ribbon around them, that make it look as if one block's falling all the way down to the bottom.   -Wuhl this one doesn't to that, but it is flexy, looks neat, and allows me to have my printer, my camera, my speakers AND my webcam allllll be plugged in, all at once! ^_^  *does a happy dance*  (For those who have nice, new compoopers this may be no big thing to you, but for me w/a comp. from 1998 w/a 156mgb RAM & only 2 USB ports, this ROCKS. ^_^)  Now my mouse n' keyboard take up one slot, n' my hub the other, & all I have to change out now is my Queue Cat for my webcam. *glee*  I can finally have my speakers working at the same time as my pinter, camera & webcam are.  Woot! :D:D

Peoples' Exhibit A:
A wine label snagged for a prop le keeshehn. :)
(Snagged from the kitchen fer a prop:
I found my Moscato at the Giant in Arlington- do you believe it?  It's like NOWHERE else! :D:D)

And on a much more important note, my little Houdini seems to be improving slowly but steadily.  *knocks wood*  Thank you all for your kind words, warm wishes & good vibes.

♥ ♥ ♥

PS  Also, thank you to the fine lady who recommended PK to me. ^_^  They rock!  They even put a neat li'l rubber finger-puppet in the top of my package for free! :D  -It's purple, has wiggly-wiggly hands, a long Gonzo-like trunk, and an exposed brain. ^_^  *glee* 

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( Aug. 10th, 2008 07:56 pm)


Well, I've been paying for internet service for over six months now, and it's only gotten one night's use.  :P 
It seems Will's comp has officially kicked the bucket, and as my other comp died long ago and was to be combined w/his/my new one, I'm SOL.  The Staples' EasyTech people say the motherboard is fried, and that to replace it I might as well just buy a whole new computer, w/how much a new MB would cost me.  :(
So now I'm goin' shopping for a new computer.  I can't really afford one right now, but I really need to get a bunch of stuff online done OUTSIDE of work, so I'm hoping for some type of payment plan availability.   I want as good a system I can get, w/a NON widescreen monitor- so hopefully that'll cost me a little less. :)   Wish me luck, n' if you guys have any recommendations (for max storage, graphics and a sytem that's good for both art AND music (yay music storage, creation & podcasts!!), peez, lemme know. :):)

Yay, new tech!
Boo, new expenses. ;\

I used my computer one night, and last night when I got home (after a HUGELY long, arduous evening of walking through the industrial parks of Landover MD to retrieve my journal), I discovered my comp won't turn on.  It was having hard times shutting down last I used it and I manually powered it down.  Last night at first it did register power going to the CPU, but its fans, motors and such didn't turn on.  Then it just wouldn't power up at all.  I tried rebooting the pwer strip, unplugging and re-plugging the power chord, and that's a no-go, too.
..Anyone got any ideas of what could be wrong w/my compu-baby?


PS:  The thing was in storage for a good while.  Other than a little slowness it didn't seem to be having any problems though when I used it the other night.  I'm querying the GS soon.
And to commemorate the event, I hereby give you a few pics I've been wanting to see and share for.. what seems eons. :):) (At this point I've had photos waiting since AUGUST to come out n' see the light of day. ;D)

My boys, Shadow & Houdini THE concert of.. a loooong while. ^_^ My mom, gramma & I at The Pink Bicycle- w/silly hats! ^_^

Yameena from Mortifera (formerly of Martiya Possession.) Doug and Tenoya, at their lovely wedding. And last but far from least, my cousin Matty's wedding, w/my aunt Denise officiating- the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to!

Hope you likr everyone!  And if you'd like links to the full albums, (which of course have many less-than-ideal photos.. ;)) I'll give you the links to their albums at photobucket. :):)

Just God, I guess.

IIIII'm so done. I'm such a mixed bag of feelings right now; I can't even express. I'm so tired.. in more ways than I can say, too. Glad, happy, eager, excited, terrified, apprehensive, sad, hurt, upset, regretful, angry, hopeful, tense, nervous.............

My computer connection is so down it's been off since last night, so I'm scrapping the whole thing and have resolved to just take care of it when I pull it out of boxes the next time I go wherever I gotta go. ..Hopefully I'll have a hard-wired net connection then, and it'll make things a little easier.

During the times while I was waiting for my connections to see if they would repair, I started making a kitty web page. I'll upload that as soonas my comp is out of the box elsewhere, too. For now the computer is going to be boxed up and put in storage, until which time it is that I can actually have space to use it. If anyone wants to reach me, call the house (till tomorrow afternoon) or my cell.

Finishing the last of everything tonight. GAWDS I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!!!

PLus I'm going to be both glad and still very sad that I'm leaving here. I'm going to miss a lot of folks, be sad about leaving others the way thigns are behind, and still be glad in other ways that I'm gettin' the hell outta here. There was a lot of good things about living in Winchester, but there was also a lot of bad, and I'm hoping things will get better for all of us as I move along. Maybe I'll get shed of some of this depression, I'll take hold of the better aspects of myself, and I'll actually become someone whom I like agian. Hey, we're hopin'.

Cheers to all and everyone I've known around here. Love ya, and thanks for all the fish. ;)

Putting Everything Away For Now...
..Or at Least Down.


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