!!!  O.O ^_^ O.O ^_^  !!!

And frankly, I'm quite flabbergasted I didn't find out about this post the event..! ;D
I feel like such a heel.. such a git!!  All this time I've lived in the DC/MD/NVA area, and I've never HEARD of this apparently decades-long, WEEKLY tradition!  It's an event that's been happening (pracitcally) right under my nose!!  -In my own back yard; and I was clue free!! 
I've been hungering for drum circles since they left the Maryland Renaissance Festival, hankering for them since Starwood, and yearning for more of them since my first exposure to them yeeeeears ago as I was a child.. and they've been happening EVERY SUNDAY in DC for what I've learned to be about the last 30 years -just minutes away- and I had NO idea!!??  :(((((  ..Duuude, what a loss!!!  O.O

I wonder if my mother ever knew...  I bet not.. 'cause I imagine she'd have gone to it, or have taken me there if she knew- since I'm such a big fan...  (Just called her and checked.  Nope.  She had no clue.  She was like "why would I know about that sort of thing, Renae?" *lol*)

Man.. I have two doumbeks / darboukas which I adore, but neither of which have barely ever been played... 
But all of that stops now.  :) 

Now the only question to ask is:

Would anybody like to join me this Sunday, at the upper level of Meridian Hill Park (a.k.a. Malcolm X Park, where all the stone benches are) for a bit of drumming and dancing- in a circle? ;D  I have an extra drum I'd be happy to share- and Lord knows I'll probably do some dancing as well as drumming... ^_^

For more info, you can see the Wikipedia article on the place & the tradition here, as well as a bit more here and here

Methinks I'll be there @ about 3:30.  How 'bout you??

Love and hugs to All,
Nae  (The Soon-to-be-Weekly Drummah n' Dancah. ;D)
I'm working on the last group of photos I took at the DC Tribal Cafe, and I'd like to choose the best of the best before I present it to the dancer for her okay.  So, which do you guys like?  Compositionally speaking; more negative space or less?

  Yo taaaahbal dancah, and.. well- you get the idea. ;D
Decision Made. :) Thanks to those who helped! )
thewaterling: (Spotlight Girl!)
( Jan. 26th, 2009 08:23 am)
I may not have much money, but it only cost a little to go out to the DC Tribal Café, have a nummy li'l cheeseburger n' sit and kibbitz with a good, old friend that I haven't seen in many, many ages.  (It's been FOUR YEARS, can you believe it??)  It was great to see her, and although it was a teensy bit awkward at first, we soon quicky warmed right back up to each other, and it was like hardly any time had passed by at all. :):)  [personal profile] galena , if you're reading this, it was a pleasure to see you last night. ^_^

I had fun seeing her and meeting most of her dance troupe-mates (from a group called "Sestraluna"), and encountered Joe H. again; a man who (very artfully and beautifully) photographs many bellydancing events in the area- among other things. :)  You can find his wicked work here.

Along with that, I got to see some fantastic bellydancing.  A lovely swirling maiden with skirts to die for, an elegant, smiling beauty who entranced us all by her renditions of an ancient, Indian style of dance, and always lovely Mavi, whose sweet off-stage demeanor is matched only in beauty by the grace, personality and artfulness with which she dances. ^_^  There was a LOT of great music spun through the night too- both on-stage and off- by the talented DJ Melly-Mel.  (I kept finding myself doing the same thing I tend to do whenever DJ Solaries plays- saying "oh geez, I LOVE this song!!" ;D)  

Great fun was had by all, and in the bargain I got some pretty neat photographs to boot. 
Peoples' Exhibit A:

A veiled dancer whose routines were taken from the ancient, Northern Indian  mujra style- where most of Bollywood gets its styles from today..

I'm thinking of editing this by doing the normal clarifying and brightness/contrast adjustments, but I'm reticent to.  I think I like it just the way it is. :)  (Although, I'll have to see this on a monitor that's not dark and on it's last legs to make the final judgement for sure.)  I really hope that those of you who like bellydance will like it, and that perhaps w/getting to know more of the members in our surprisingly active & thriving bellydancing community in DC, I'll have the chance to get active not only in the dance arena, but also in the vocal performance, photography & podcasting realms as well. ^_^

Anyway, that's it for me.  I hope you all have a tremendous day/evening, and that no matter what you're doing, you're smiling about it. :)

♥ Always,

but for those who aren't:

Would anyone like to come to my Zombie Lurch?  This year it's on November 1st, we'll start @ the Washington Monument, and end at the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring.  (We're havin' a party on the Metro to pass the 20mins or so from Judiciary Square- including music n' other fun stuffs. ^_^)  There's gonna be a drawing for zombie-related goodies, I'm also workin' on performances and such, n' we're collecting donations for the ASPCA, to help abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless animals all across the US. ^_^

Here's our flier, w/nifty undead art courtesy of Count Jackula. ;) 

We have an LJ community @ dczombielurch.livejournal.com, a myspace community @ myspace.com/dzombielurch, and of course, you can always just go to our primary web site, at dczombielurch.renaessance.com. ^_^

Hope some folks can join in! ^_^
Nae (The LurchMistress/"Lurch Lady" ;))


thewaterling: (I can always dream...)
( Jul. 25th, 2008 04:48 pm)
Crafty Bastars DC didn't accept me- AGAIN.
I didn't get through the first round of judging at the American Idol thing, and frankly at this point I'm like "hmm, my life is ALL ABOUT singing and art.  If I can't really do either terribly well, what the hell's the point..???"  Frankly I'm going to keep going with them because I have to- not because I'm that "strong," but at the moment I admit I'm feeling relatively despondent about making a living at-let alone successfully distributing and/or getting acceptance for-either.

I know the "biz" of both of these arenas are supposed to be chock-full of rejection and hurdles, but frell...  When ya don't have -that- many opportunities coming at you in the first place, the rejections feel a little more personal, and frankly somewhat markedly more daunting.  

I dunno how good/bad, big/small it's gonna be, but this event sounded fun when I got the e-mail about it, so I'm headin' down tomorrow to go give it a peek. Check it:

"Saftig Follies-
zaftig-adj.- curvaceous; well-proportioned; juicy
follies-n. pl.- An elaborate theatrical revue consisting of music, dance, and skits."

Soooo, in other words an elaborate theatrical revue
with curvaceous, juicy women dancing and performing  skits. 
Sounds like a night in heaven, but instead it's just a night at the Palace of Wonders! 
Performers of the highest quality with the most
well-proportioned figured performing feats of fire,
side-show and burlesque for your enjoyment. Come out
and see the largest show in DC with Mab just Mab as
your host, Malibu burning your heart strings, and
burlesque by DC's own Botticelli Babes; Coco Monroe, Paige Terror and Bambi Galore."


Maybe I'll see some of ya there!

TUNE INTO WTOP @ 12:00 NOON TO HEAR THE PHONE INTERVIEW I JUST HAD ABOUT my LURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'll be playing it throughout the day up until 12 midnight, but CHECK IT OUT, MAN!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^!!!!!
(I'm -so- buggin'!!!) O.O I was AWEFUL.. but I'm STILL buggin'!!! O.O O.O O.O O.O
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D TWOP, man!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^


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