I just updated my Voki that was once on Eclectica's MySpace page, with the new audio intro I just made tonight for sites like the Podsafe Music Network, Podcast Alley, MyPodcast.com, and so on. :)

So, whatcha think..?

 I do have a whole other show planned out for more holiday musical goodness, but for now, if you're looking for (actually GOOD) podsafe music that's fitting (and different from everything you're already heard a hundred-zillion times) for the season, I humbly entreat you to visit my podcast's little station, and listen. ^_^  (Both streaming & download available. :))  There's silly, quirky stuff here, traditional-ish sounding pieces, orchestral pieces, choral works, a kid-friendly piece or two, Celtic-y bits, archaic bits, and swing here n' there, too. :)  (The next ep'll have Dar Williams, some rock-ish stuff, and lots more too. *beams*)

Merry Christmas & Happy Yule Everyone!!!

For a full show inspired by the fae, w/fae-centric music of all kinds, you're most humbly invited to visit eclecticanetradio.blogspot.com. :) The show includes bands such as: Faun, Omnia, The Gypsy Nomads, Meg Davis, Caprice and many more. :) It was just put up Wednesday to be ready and available for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I really hope those of you who're fans of different types of music, as well as those who dig mythology, folklore & the fae, will like it! ^_^ (And hopefully, there'll be a few more faerie-inspired shows coming up soon! Including one general faerie-ep, as well as one all about merfolk & other aquatic creatures. ^_^)

Many Thanks and Much Love,

"DJ Selchie" :)
Here's Eclectica's newest, V-Day-oriented episode. :)
(Plus, if you go to the site and scroll down here or on the main site, you'll find a blooper from this episode. ;))


1. Amy Speace - Two
2. The Shanghai Restoration Project -Miss Shanghai Revealed (SOO
3. Tori Lewis feat. Talent - Where I Wanna Be
4. The Latin Soul Syndicate - El Gitano del Amor
5. Donna Lewis - Shout
6. Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin
7. The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending
8. Deirdre Flint - I'm Single
9. Enigma - The Principles of Lust (The Everlasting Lust Remix)
10. Lothlorien - Willie and Mary
11. Andy Davis - Earth and Venus
12. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
13. Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix)
14. The New World Renaissance Band - Where Beauty Moves & Wit Delights
15. Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable
(Note to those who care: I'd thought Enigma was surely French, but it seems they are, in fact, German. :) Sorry for the goof!)

And lastly; Eclectica's first-ever blooper reel: 
(If t'were put in the papers, its headline might read "Podcaster Cracks, Swallowing Microphone Whole." ;)) 

(Note- turn your volume down..! ;))

Now I go lie down for a min... I'm having.. issues. 
Hope y'all like!

I just put up a Twitter account for my podcast, Eclectica.  This way I can keep track of what's happening in that realm & post info about it for people who want to know, and for the rest of you who're like "oh dear God PLEASE let her shaddap about that damned thing!" you don't have to read about it anymore. :)  (As I'll keep all updates n' posts there, unless so outlandishly phenominal that it effects the rest of my life- thus warranting a space here.  For example, if a new artist offers me some music to put on my show, I'll put that up on Twitter- both for informational as well as record-keeping purposes.  But if someone big wants to MEET me 'cause of the show- say for a collabo or an interview, oh you can BET I'm SO gonna post it here- 'cause it could affect the rest of my career and life! ^_^)  I'll be puttin' up news about site features, artist acquisitions, show status and the like, as well as requests & suggestion call-outs for people who listen.  If you're interested, you can find the show on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/eclecticanradio.

And just in case you're new to the blog and haven't seen it before, you can find the show's main page here.  (Or at the left sidebar of this page. ;))  E's also got a MySpace page, a MyPodcast.com presence, as well as available feeds on lots of the podcasting sites out there (like podpickle.com, podcastalley.com, etc.)  You can also find the show (w/a quick search for Eclectica) at iTunes. :D

That THAT is all you shall hear about that, my lovelies. ;D

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( Feb. 8th, 2009 08:46 pm)
I've been trying to acquire a streaming, single episode player for my podcast (like the ones they have on Podcastle.org and MyPodcast.com) for some time now- but to no avail. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I could put the same kind of player I have up on my Lurch site in as my streaming player for my podcast, and all I could say was "D'oh!" and "YAY!!" ;D
So now you can hear my podcasts w/o having to DL them, which I hope will really increase prospective listenership. ^_^

"What the hell are you TALKING about woman?!" you say? Well, here's an example- used w/Eclectica's Episode 4: (Which was VERY bellydance-friendly. ^_^)

Hope you Like!

Dammit- I just had this whole entry nearly done, and like a dumbass I navigated away from the page an' it didn't have a save/default/draft yet.  Piss.  Well, since I gotta write the thing again, here goes...  I hope I get it all right:

This episode is also dedicated to all of you who might be dealing with the loss of a loved-one, too.

I spent a long time working with incarnation upon incarnation of this episode- trying again and again to put a proper tribute together for my friend, Jeff.  But for some reason nothing really turned out right:  No podcast ever really fit, and no playlist ever felt truly Right...  So in short, his tribute show kept eluding my grasp, and I was afraid that it would never really coalesce. 
But for some reason I got inspired to tackle this project again last week, and have since been working on it diligently- no more avoidance, frustration, or procrastination.  Everything seemed to fit or flow, and when it didn't, I was able to work through things until they did. ^_^  It's finally finished and feels Truly Right, and I am so grateful. ^_^  ..I guess it just wasn't time.. or I just wasn't ready.

But now it's done, and I invite all of you to listen, if you wish. :) 

You can either download it directly here, visit the Eclectica home page @ blogspot.com (where you can find all the song info & artist links), check out a streaming AND downloadable version of it at my MyPodcast page, or you can also find it at iTunes for free download & subscription there. :)  (But I have like nooo tags on the thing there- 'cause I still have yet to figure that trick out.)

I hope you enjoy it, and that.. if those whom we miss are still with us in some way, that they enjoy it too. :)


I am SO proud of this one! :D

  • I figured a few tricks out w/Audacity, and this ep. doesn't have any major flubs or big issues like other previous ones have.  I worked on it all night & into today (as I totally got inspired n' it lit a major fire under my butt- you fellow artists know what that's like), and I'm so glad I did. :D:D
  • My mic still sucks, but I found a new way to lessen the multi-track-garbling issue, and I'm really, really pleased w/Eclectica's latest episode. ^_^
  • The credits are still forth-coming (another detail oriented, time-consuming thing I need to do when I wake back up), but they will indeed be there- so you can find all of the artists' awesome music. :)
  • I hope all of you out there in Listener Land like it too; and like I say on the end of each ep- if you have any ideas, comments, questions, concerns etc. for Eclectica or its content, I'd love to hear from you. ^_^   (You can either go to the e-mail address mentioned in the show, or just ping me here. :))

And now I'm off to go write something about this in my Tribe blog real quick; since there're so many bellydancers there, n' this ep. has a lot of ME influence. *glee* 
(But to those of you who're not into that sort of thing, don't overlook this ep. because of that!  It's got Renny stuff in it, all sorts of silliness, and some generally neat songs in there, too! ;D) 

Oh yes, and for those of you who're into it, my wee li'l show can also be found on iTunes. :)
And dassit!

Cheers for now, y'all!  *waves n' dances off- only to then pass right out*

The theatre that was supposed to've shown the movie I'd been hoping to see was being used for something else, so no movie for meem. :( But dassotay! 'Cause I did fun stuffs anyhoo. ^_^ )
They have some -lovely- shops there, n' after a meal and some shoppin', today was a really relaxing, unexpectedly fun treat. ^_^  See?  Sometimes it's a little clearer that God watches over us.. no?  My afternoon wasn't wasted, I got to treat myself to a little villainously ghetto Micky D's (which I never have), and found some gifties for friends, even. :D:D  OOH!  Plus -just- before I got the call from MA that my ride was outside, I was able to pop over by B. Dalton's, and got some BOOKS! :D:D  I snagged the "Zombie Survival Guide" (and I bet you thought I'd already have that, didn't you? ;D) and the first book from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. ^_^  (If you're not already familiar, it's the books which inspired HBO's "True Blood" series- that I also enjoy as well. :))  

So all in all, today was a good day. :D 

Plus it's raining- which always smells and feels so crisp n' good, I got to sleep in 'till waaaaay too late, and now I'm gonna stay up and finish my most recent episode of Eclectica. :D:D

Yep, t'is a good day. *beams*
Hope it's a good one for all of you out there, too! ^_^

 Gawd, do you know how ODD it is to hear yourself not only "on the radio," but on a big, public forum..?  A published, like.. PRODUCED thing...??  And know not only that it's you, but that you did it???  Gawwwd.. it is bizarre...! :D:D  

Good.. but BIZARRE!! :D:D

I'm working on getting my podshow up on iTunes, and a bevy of other podcast feed sites, and listening to my podcast in full for the first time over mypodcast .com is SURREAL. 

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( Aug. 21st, 2008 05:24 pm)
If you're so inclined, I humbly invite you to go check it out, and join up as a "fan." :):) 


And secondly:  If thou ckickest yon image above, thou shalt be redirected to mine podcast's yon MySpace page. ;)

Both The Cliks and Yoav have said it's okay to play their music on my dinky, wee, not-even-finished-yet podcast!!
How cool is that??? :D:D


1. I saw a guy when I was coming home who had super-long dreads down to his WAIST. This image shall eventually find itself in one of my art pieces. ^_^

2. MY PODCAST HAS AN INTRO!!! ^_^ It ain't perfect by any means, (I have no fancy mic or other recording equipment), but thanks to Audacity Eclectica's first intro is ALIVE, BAYBEE!! ^_^
I'm in the process of putting the full p-cast together nights, and hopefully within a short time I'll have my first podcast up & running! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
(..Can ya tell I'm excited..? ;D)

If you're inclined to take a listen, you can find my first two attempts at putting Eclectica together below. :D:D

First Evah Intro.  (I doubt I'll actually use this rough cut ON the show, but methinks it's an okay start.. no? :))
First Evah Disclaimah. ;)  (Which will at some point be followed in print and in audio by a citation of who the background music is from- which happens to be The Crime Syndicate; the recording being "Middle Eastern.")  Methinks I'll get a few more background pieces to boot, so I can switch it up a bit at times. ;D:D

Hope ya like, and thanks so much for listening! *glee*
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( Jun. 26th, 2008 05:37 pm)
Voltaire just gave me permission to use some of his songs on my podcast! ^_^


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