For all of my lovely kindred spirits out there, I thought I'd put together a little something on Etsy-- just in time for faire season. ^_^  I've been racking up Favorites over there for ages, n' could have sworn I'd already made one of these long ago- but low and behold, no!  So here's a bunch of great items (nearly all of which are plus-size friendly) to help you celebrate yourself and your love of dance!  (Great for pro. dancers and non-dancers alike- whether you rock a full Tribal look, or just want one piece to adorn your faire costume. :))  Plus, lots of these shops have variations on stuff which suit faerie tastes, so go get 'em, girls! :D


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( Nov. 21st, 2010 02:31 pm)
I've got a Santa ornament, (and hopefully more Fimo goodies to come), these guys and all my trad. art coming out to Spellbount this Sat. night, too! Come join me and many other alternative artists & crafters for Spellbound's "Freak Bazaar," from 5-9pm Sat., Nov. 27th!  For more info, check out their page on Facebook at, or their main web site page at
Hope to see you there! ^_^
This guy will definitely be for sale. :)

I'm currently working on his tribemate now; whom I think I'll call "Gunther." :D

(And as before, if you'd like to see more views of 'im, you can find 'em on my FB page for Alternate Visions. :))
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you like!
For those who'd wish to learn, my tutorial for making polymer clay horns was put up on Etsy's Dark Side BlogSpot page!  ^_^
Hope ya like, and that it proves useful!

How to Make Your Own Polymer Clay Horns; (for Demons, Devils, Satyrs, Trolls, Goblins and Beyond)

Happy Halloween, All!
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( Oct. 8th, 2010 10:20 am)
Wahoo!  AV just got put into Etsy Dark Team's featured October Exhibition!

\Picture of Edgar Allan Poe cabouchon pendant, and link to Etsy's Oct. Exhibition.

The theme is "Restless Spirits." 
Can you guess which pieces got entered into the show? ;D
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( Oct. 5th, 2010 07:16 am)
For those of you who may not know, I got into [Poll #1627843]Thanks for your help, and maybe when my how-to is done, I can post it here!   (Under a beeeeg LJ-cut, of course. ;D)

Love to All,

P.S.  -Oh!  And I just started using ArtFire!  (Another site similar to Etsy, but w/a lot more flexibility, image storing, and promotional tools.)
If you'd like, come see my shop at  :)  Hope you like, and here's to increased sales, higher customer activity, and a flourishing arts biz! ^_^

So, I GOT MY FIRST SALE ON ETSY!!! ^_^   Plus, I just put up each pair of the remaining Humbug Horns for sale there, too. :)  One girl from a faerie LJ community bought a pair already right off my LJ post, and the rest are sitting on Etsy, waiting to be purchased. :)  

Secondly, due to these purchases, I sent off my 2 sales from Etsy & LJ tonight. :)  I walked a ways to a local bus stop, then ended up getting driven to the Post Office (which stays open till ten tonight- how cool is that??), by some good citizen who saw me standing by the road and freaked out 'cause a snow plow passed too close to me for her comfort.  I was fine, but seeing that apparently really freaked her out, so she drove me to the PO out of the kindness of her heart. :)

I took a bus to the Metro back, planning to Metro from East Falls to Dunn Lorring and then walk home from there.   However, unfortunately I also slipped into a snow-covered drainage ditch while avoiding a large snow-hill in the walkway on the way to the PO.  It didn't hurt much to begin with, but through the night it's just gotten worse and worse- and now.. uhm.. OW!!   I rode the train back and forth for a while beyond my stop to hopefully give my ankle a rest before I tried walking home, but in transferring directions to head back home I discovered I could barely walk on the thing.   The pain just kept gettin' worse & worse as I sat, and I ended up literally kneeing my way (i.e. crawling w/o the aid of my hands) w/my blindo cane through the Dunn Lorring station and out to wait for a taxi to take me home.  (I am SO glad I brought that thing to help bus drivers see me!  How could I have known it was actually gonna help me get off the train & down the main railway like a walking cane tonight? ;P)  I think it's just a strain, but I can't help but wonder 'what the hell did I do?" ;P

I've since taken a nice long bath & shower to hopefully ease things, but I sure wish I had some big-time drogas to help w/the pain.   Still, it kinda feels like a much worse version of what happens when I strain things standing too long- so I'm hoping if I just stay off it for a while, it'll get better.   (When my foot slipped into the ditch, it pointed severely and something popped in the back of my ankle between my heel & my leg.  I can still move my foot, but certain positions really make me grit my teeth.)  I so hope it's just something mildly pulled!  Otherwise, what a sucky way to begin the New Year, and start the holiday??? :P  

Anyway, I just thought I'd say "yay, I'm done w/shipping my two first online sales!! ^_^", and wish you all a

Happy Yule! ^_^
Love Love Love,
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( Dec. 1st, 2009 07:26 am)
As I'm a relatively craftsy person, it's no surprise that I run w/a relatively craftsy crowd. :) Well it just so happens that 3 of my friends also have shops up @ Etsy, with some truly unique pieces that are totally amazing! There's Raven w/some fantabulous metal & stone jewelry, Jaran with these lovely wire-wrapped trees and buggies that are absolutely beautiful, and Jessi who has fun knitting patterns & pieces for the fantastically quirky and crafty. :) If you or someone you know is looking for a cool place to shop for potential holiday gifts, there's nowhere else you'll find more unusual, personalized pieces!
Hope these'll help you and/or people you know find cool new stuff for the holidays this year. ^_^

Shopping local is a -great- way to help the economy, stimulate your local market and give support to the "little guys" who make it all happen for themselves, as well as other businesses in the area- so support your local artizans now, and help somebody you know & love have a truly unique holiday experience. :D

..I love my talented friends! ^_^


Inspired by friends like [ profile] orthaevelve and [ profile] jarandhel, I have now resumed selling stuff (or, at least trying to sell stuff) on Etsy. :) You can find my store here; and if you have any ideas, requests, comments or suggestions, I'm totally game. :)

I've tried selling stuff on Etsy before but nothing sold- so I'm starting out small with just a few pieces to begin with, and then might expand the store further if it looks like my works are selling. :) So I've put what I hope is a nice, even, wide selection of the kinds of styles of art I do in the form of ten pieces up right now, and I'm totally hopin' for the best. :) If you'd like to spread the word, tell your friends or family about my artistic weirdness, I sure won't argue. ;D

I'm also always up for commissions and new stuffs, so drop on by, see what you think, and maybe I'll hear from you sometime on what you might like to buy, see in my store there, or what you think would make it a better shop. :)

And that's all for me for tonight, kids..! I are exhausted. T'is sleepytime.
Beeeeg, long heart of love to yous!:

♥ ♥
♥♥ ♥♥
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Da Nae

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( Dec. 13th, 2008 03:17 pm)

Since PhotoDraw has recently died and I can't find my MS Office software, I've been trying to use GIMP and just about anything I could to put this little baby together.  (W/no visual software anymore, that's been TOUGH!  But I found a benner maker online that had the capabilities to make one the size I needed, and eventually found an old trail version of Jasc. Paint Shop Pro. that helped me put the finishing touches down.  It would have been SO much easier and faster in PDv2, but eh, ya use whatcha got, right? ;D  So at last I've been able to finish my Etsy store banner, and here t'is!

So.. whatcha guys think?
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 08:21 pm)
I finally have stuff on Etsy! :D:D 
Plus I'm already "hearted-" and my shop's only been up for like, two seconds! :D:D

Got ooooone piece up there now, and hopefully before the night is through I'll have many, many others. ^_^
Wish me luck! 

*Etsy, money-making potential glee*
I listen to this podcast called Podcastle.  Well, tonight while I was wandering around looking for Harvest music, I stumbled upon a "geek" podcast.  And low-n'-behold, Mur Lafferty, the chick who hosts Podcastle, is on there, too.  So I Googled 'er, found her site, and dsicovered that not only does this awesome chick go to cons I konw of/have attended (like BaltiCon), but also must be one of the busiest women EVAR, because she's got like a thousand projects, AND SHE MAKES STUFF!! :D:D  I just happened to catch an Etsy button out of the corner of my eye on the side of her page, and LOOK AT THIS!! ^_^

If you like SteamPunk, mechanical stuffs, metal art as wearable jewelry, go there.  Go there NOW.  ;)
A very neat necklace made of clock parts and jewels inside a pocket watch that's attached to a necklace.
(Plus she has stuff w/aquatic themes and old keys n' keyholes as parts in her jewelry..!  *swoon*

I sho' as hell can't afford this puppy, but she's got a TON of very, VERY cool stuff on offer there.  I wonder if she's got a day job, or if she's found a way to do all these things and make a living at doing what she loves...  :)  Either way.. trés cool!! :D:D


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