I submitted this to a website called Lavendise eons and eons ago, when the site was still new.  (When I think Charlie & I lived together in Annandale! o.O)  If I recall rightly, the poem was old even then- having been written during one of my education camps for the blind during my middle high school days.)  It may be ancient, but I keep finding it on different faerie-related sites since, so I thought I'd bring it back to where it belonged. :)  (Especially since I have no hard copy or original file of it on disk anywhere.)  Plus, given the upcoming holiday (Samhain/Halloween), I wanted to share this little tidbit of my history. :)  

I hope you enjoy it, and that no matter how old you are, you can still hear the faeries singing.  *beams*

...   ...   ...


Once, twice, step softly, child.
Step softly into the green!
If they hear you, they will surely run,
and you will never see them, ever again….

Well, perhaps not until next year,
but then you might be too old….
You might not believe.

What's that? You say you won't ever forget?
That you will hold them in your heart forever?
I believe you think you will,
But if you make too much noise,
the energy dies…

And true, you might know of them always,
You may wish for them to be…
But your eyes and ears,
they will be tainted.
Unable, and perhaps unwilling…

I used to believe in them too,
Knowing they sang,
& danced behind the green,
hearing them talk in my mind and my dreams,
calling to me….

But once I came,
and made too much noise,
and even though I almost heard them,
and almost knew that they were there,
I never saw them again.

And now their joyous songs
are only faint whispers
in my desperately clinging thoughts.
I wish to bring them back child,
to Believe, But it is too late….

So walk softly child.
Don't make too much noise!
I want you to see them,
Now, and always….

...   ...   ...

For another taste of my fae-inspired poetry (from a much more modern time in my life), you can also find my poem "King of the UnderWorld" below.   Read more... )

And that be it for me for now, kids! I hope you liked!
Love, Light and Lusciousness,
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( Apr. 14th, 2010 11:07 am)

Recently I had this idea of combining two topics that're close to my heart; audio drama & the Fair Folk. :)  I figgered I'd try to gather all the (good) fae-related audio drama out there, and put together one little online compendium of all the stuff that I found.  That way those interested in Faerie would get exposed to modern audio dramas (and their companies, who put out a ton of other great work), and audio drama people get to share in the spirit and magick that is Faerie.  (And hopefully become inspired to create more fae-related work ta boot! ;D)

At present I don't have too much so far, but I hope to have a TON here eventually, and hope you like what you hear!
Thanks to those of you who make this stuff, and to the rest of you for visiting their sites, and listening!  (Perhaps you'll even hear me on one of these creations someday! :))

Your Friendly Neighborhood Waterling

Fae-Related Audio Dramas:

"The Bewitched Court" - VINCENT PRICE reading for Hornbrook After Midnight  (From VincentPrice.org- which is CHOCK FULL of fabulous, downloadable and FREE Vinny P. audio!!!)

Gypsy Audio - Twisted Tales of Faerie

19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Fairy King

BrokenSea's "Maudelayne," Episode 5 "Leaf & Bough"

PseudoPod - Little Boy Leg Bone  (This may not outwardly state that this is strictly about Faerie or the Fae, but this SCREAMS faerie to me, just like Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco and Allegria did. ;)

Podcastle The Illuminated Dragon  Some may say dragons are part of Faerie, others may not.  But this is an incredibly good story about a dragon in a world of waning magic, so I counted it. :)

Chasing the Bard (Where the above image comes from.)


For a full show inspired by the fae, w/fae-centric music of all kinds, you're most humbly invited to visit eclecticanetradio.blogspot.com. :) The show includes bands such as: Faun, Omnia, The Gypsy Nomads, Meg Davis, Caprice and many more. :) It was just put up Wednesday to be ready and available for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I really hope those of you who're fans of different types of music, as well as those who dig mythology, folklore & the fae, will like it! ^_^ (And hopefully, there'll be a few more faerie-inspired shows coming up soon! Including one general faerie-ep, as well as one all about merfolk & other aquatic creatures. ^_^)

Many Thanks and Much Love,

"DJ Selchie" :)
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( Nov. 19th, 2009 07:50 am)

I can has a new work, pre-colour. :)

There will be a fanciful clock-face imprint on the upper-right-hand corner amidst the background soon. :) This was inspired by my love of Knocker fae (and the men in my life who remind me of them), as well as Midnight's upcoming theme on Saturday night (where I'll be vending); which centers around Frankenstein/the commemoration of Boris Karloff's birthday. :)

-And the title of course was inspired by The Dresden Dolls' song "Coin Operated Boy-" as I love the whimsy it inspires, as well as the idea that perhaps it might refer to either the knocker himself or his creation. ^_^ (Or both!.;D)

Hope you like!
A knocker, constructing an autometon from a Louisville slugger, collanders, and other sundary parts. :)

I did this for a co-worker, whose 13 year-old daughter has just been very sick.  

I gotta get my scanner working.... :)

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( Jun. 10th, 2008 08:24 am)
The Faerie Festival was pretty good. Good musicians, fun performers, decent vendors.. some scheduling snaffoos, artists that didn't show up for the two classes I -really- wanted to take, a general lack of centralized knowledge for lost/confused guests, and stuff they should've announced being switched around performance-wise, but all in all t'was a good time. I met a lot of kindred spirits. ^_^ ..And I also fried. No shade there aside from one li'l pavillion, at all. So Sat from nine-thirty to six thirty the palor I was so proud to've gained gave way to burning brown, and Sunday I was more prepared with a 'brella, sunsreen and repellant fer da buggies.  I got some trĂ©s cool stuffs, and can't wait till FaerieCon, now! :D:D

My apt. AND my office have been having A/C problems all lasst week and still are this week.

But over that time period I've also found a lot of groovy things:

http://www.zilonsonic.com/  AWESOME music-inspired art that totally rocks!! 
http://www.thegypsynomads.com/  A cool new band I encountered over the weekend. ^_^
www.ravenstory.com  A storyteller named Joshua Safford whom I saw at a renn faire -eons- ago, who happened to be at the Faerie Festival. ^_^
www.capitalpride.org/  Who wants to join me Weds for Bi night, or Sat. or Sun. for the parade or festival? :D:D
(Here's the schedule.)


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