The Elven Dance

O you who dance among the trees
With endless grace and tireless ease
Would it disrupt your song to speak
Of who you are and what you seek?

We circle through the forest green
In patterns left to you unseen
And when the sunlight lights the sky
To other places we must fly.

O you who fly into the night
With eyes that shine like stars and light,
Please tell me now where do you run
When you depart from day and sun?

With light that you will never see
We travel over rock and tree
Yet in the blazing glare of dawn
Our own devices must be gone.

O you who flee from sun and day
With strange enigmas you must play
To be so wary not to tell
Of who you are and where you dwell.

We would inform you of our thought
Yet even willing we could not
Albeit you will wonder why
We must instruct you not to pry.

O you who live behind fair guise
With masks complex and hidden eyes
Your will I do not understand
To cast aside a searching hand.

We know not how to make you see
Our use of words is not so free
The only thing that we can say
Is not to look for us this way.

O you who walk the other side
With ways you are compelled to hide
Though I would gladly know your lore
I will depart and ask no more.

We beg you not to leave our sight
And ride to long-forgotten light
Your presence cannot be so wrong
We bid you stay and hear our song.

O you who beckon with your smile
With beauty somehow filled with guile
Though you may change your mind and heart
With thought of danger I depart.

Alas! another one is lost
We cannot bear the heavy cost
Of longing to reveal our ways
Yet cursed until the end of days
To never let another know
Of why we wander to and fro
And of our dreams and of our thought
And of the closeness we have sought.
So on we dance among the trees
And wait until another sees
And maybe this time he will find
The center of our tangled mind.

- Amanda Baggs -
I just had a visit to me mum's house & had the presence of mind to snap pics of these, during a moment of free time. :)  I made them on a potter's wheel in my pottery/ceramic arts class in college, and I -really- miss 'em, n' totally wish I could make more. ^_^ 
(Or, finding ones like them to buy would rule, too. :))

The tankard was inspired by the wee thimbles the Gump used for elderberry wine in "Legend," and the bowl was just miniature-making fun. :)  They're both round-bottomed, wobbly stoneware, made w/foodsafe-glaze, and the little wide bowl accommodates a tea light as if it were made for it- which it wasn't. ;)

Faerie bowl and tankard.
And for size comparison:
Wow.. ya know.. now that I look at it, the little bowl kind of looks like an overturned toadstool- duddn't it..?  ..Or like it was made from the impression of an overturned one...

Hoe you guys dig!

Folks can find my FaerieCon photos here.
I've still yet to download, fix n' re-upload the pics from my phone, but they'll be up there eventually. :)

I got a few good ones. ^_^ For example:

And a few more behind the cut: )


Cheers Y'all!
thewaterling: (LilySpooky)
( Mar. 19th, 2008 01:28 pm)
Heya all! I hope everyone had a fantabulous St. Patty's Day!! ^_^
As usual mine was rather.. luck-challenged, but the day ended w/a very uplifting and enlightening train ride, an unexpectedly long trip to the supermarket, and some lovely green champagne and chocolate, so I have no complaints. :D:D What did everybody else do??

My cousin got married last weekend, (he's 24 and makes me feel SO old) and we all (meaning my family and I, as well as his new bride's side) had a great time at his shindig last Sat.. :):) Now that's got weddings on my brain again, (though yes, I know, I am NOWHERE even CLOSE to having that sort of event...) and I've ben thinking about the kind of music I'd like to have at my Someday Event. They had a GOREGEOUS Irish piece playing for the Father/Bride dance which I MUST find, and I've been thinking of songs that might be fun for various parts of my wedding someday.

I'd really like to have a faerie-centric/Enchantment-themed wedding, (I know, big surprise, huh? ;)) and so I've been coming up w/modern songs I'd love to have there, as well as stuff that really evoke the whole Fae feeling of what I'd like to have at the reception. (I've got some fun ones like the Ewok celebration bit from Return of the Jedi as what plays as my guests leave the ceremony, and some mushy ones like "Love Came for Me" by Rita Coolidge as a First Dance. *glee*) At the moment though I'm scoping out music that evokes that rather archaic, wild and raucus feeling- like many pieces often used in medieval or fantasy moves during feast or celebration scenes. :):) (Like the Podling's celebration in the Dark Crystal, "Strange Snow" from the most recent movie of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Madison Greene's "Hobbit Song," and "The Kitchen/The Orgy" piece from Poledouris' soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian. ^_^ Certain pieces from Cirque could work well for this too, but I haven't really sorted through their stuff yet to eek any specific tracks out...

I've got ideas of all kinds about things all throughout this hypothetical wedding, but I would love to know.. anyone else got any suggestions for music that evokes a sort of Fae/Celebratory feel?


OH, and that reminds me!! Today's Music Theme of the Day is: Big Girls!!! I was playing an old MP3 CD of mine and got reminded of Freddy Mercury's admiration of curvy ladies, so I thought I'd post this theme forth. :D Know of anything that puts curvy, voluptuous, Rubinesque women in a positive light? Maybe "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen, that song about the Butterly club by Mika, or something by Candye Kane perhaps? (Like "200lbs of Fun?") Do you know a song that glorifies big girls? If so, hit me widdem, homies! :D:D

And have a great day!!! :D:D
You know, it's times like these when I can understand why some people want to live in a fantasy world. ..Why some people "run away with the faeries..." Days like this I wish I lived in a mythical land with magic, unicorns and faeries apparent, too. Where I could affect things w/the power of my will and the strength of my heart, with the speed of my thoughts... Where the Gods made more of a visible appearance/impact on everyday life, and where even though the bad guys might be bigger and badder, you always had some Gift that would ensure the vitory of Good over Evil... Where there was wonder abounding everywhere, there was something concrete to strive & hope for- (as well as fight for), and odd as things may be, some things made sense.. even if it was on a fantastical level.

We may have science abounding here, but that doesn't mean it makes anything really make any more sense.. you know? I know that religion exists to guide us through this world and things like these, that there IS Someone Out There, and that there are real problems that can be solved & affected by real people. There may be fantastical things beyond the naked eye, (in fact I think/believe there are), and various things we have yet to discover yet as a race... But it'd be nice if things outside of the mundane were more.. apparent.. and if Things could be more easily Explained. ..Let alone people and their reasoning...

So saying- and in that vein, our Music Theme for Today methinks will be:
Faeries and the Fantastic! 

Think of elves, fae, merfolk and creatures Beyond the Veil. Not necessarily magic in itself, but more the denizens that populate the unseen realms, and people the worlds of myth & imagination. :):) This Mortal Coil's "Song to the Siren" would work great here, or "Selkie Song;" a Traditional Scottish piece. Perhaps Loreena's "Human Child," Madonna's "Dear Jesse," or Kiva's "The Basin," would fit. Or Elven Drums' fae-centric work? Know any pieces about bean sidhes or daoin sidhe? America's stuff from "The Last Unicorn" would be great here, too. :):)

Let your spirits soar.. and your imagination with them, and put away your troubles of the day... :):):) 


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