Aw hell.. Anne McCaffrey just died. :(((

Rest well, lady.  Thank you so much for all your many brilliant gifts.  Your work has inspired countless people, and THAT is magic.  Through the courage you had in pursuing your work and doing what you loved, the tenacity you exhibited in sharing your imagination & the joy you shared in opening up your spirit to us, you made the world a brighter, more interesting & far more beautiful place.  ♥♥♥   

Love & Light,

As well as for fantasy fans, audiobook enthusiasts, & just good-story-lovers: ;)

The Illuminated Dragon

This was the first story I encountered at, (thanks to [info]2eclipse ), and I think it will always be my favorite… (Although I may have many stories to listen to yet.. still, it’s rather serendipitous that this was the first story an artist and fellow fantasy-fan happened to hear. ;))

Hope y’all like!

You know, it's times like these when I can understand why some people want to live in a fantasy world. ..Why some people "run away with the faeries..." Days like this I wish I lived in a mythical land with magic, unicorns and faeries apparent, too. Where I could affect things w/the power of my will and the strength of my heart, with the speed of my thoughts... Where the Gods made more of a visible appearance/impact on everyday life, and where even though the bad guys might be bigger and badder, you always had some Gift that would ensure the vitory of Good over Evil... Where there was wonder abounding everywhere, there was something concrete to strive & hope for- (as well as fight for), and odd as things may be, some things made sense.. even if it was on a fantastical level.

We may have science abounding here, but that doesn't mean it makes anything really make any more sense.. you know? I know that religion exists to guide us through this world and things like these, that there IS Someone Out There, and that there are real problems that can be solved & affected by real people. There may be fantastical things beyond the naked eye, (in fact I think/believe there are), and various things we have yet to discover yet as a race... But it'd be nice if things outside of the mundane were more.. apparent.. and if Things could be more easily Explained. ..Let alone people and their reasoning...

So saying- and in that vein, our Music Theme for Today methinks will be:
Faeries and the Fantastic! 

Think of elves, fae, merfolk and creatures Beyond the Veil. Not necessarily magic in itself, but more the denizens that populate the unseen realms, and people the worlds of myth & imagination. :):) This Mortal Coil's "Song to the Siren" would work great here, or "Selkie Song;" a Traditional Scottish piece. Perhaps Loreena's "Human Child," Madonna's "Dear Jesse," or Kiva's "The Basin," would fit. Or Elven Drums' fae-centric work? Know any pieces about bean sidhes or daoin sidhe? America's stuff from "The Last Unicorn" would be great here, too. :):)

Let your spirits soar.. and your imagination with them, and put away your troubles of the day... :):):) 


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