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( Dec. 15th, 2008 08:45 pm)

I bought stuff from this seller a few years back for my folks, and they just -adored- their gifts.  (I got my courmet, grilling stepdad "mm, that's good gopher!" and my mom, who gets delightfully laughy and happy when tipsy "Just Drunk Enough-" which actually has a chick on there that reminds me of her. ;D  Now, I came back to find my gramma a fruitcake apron, and discovered this:  *beams* 



Wouldn't this be great as an understated BOS or a witch's cookbook?? :D:D  Or even just a fun notepad to have around.. and have people gawk at when you wrote in it in public. *lol*

Addendum:  Ya know, that book would go great in the same household/kitchen as this: ^_^

This has been on my Kaboodle list for eons, but just finding the former item tonight made me think; they would go great together! :D:D

This day has ROCKED!!
From quiet, "coincidental" little blessings all througbout the day, to big sweet things done like getting cake and card at my work, to going out to a wonderful sushi lunch w/my mom & getting usper presents there, this birthday has been SUPER so far. ^_^ (Well, WELL beyond my hopes & expectations... ^_^ ..Maybe that's because I didn't have any... ;) -Seriously, I honestly didn't think I'd celebrate my b-day this year... So everything's been pretty much gravy. ^_^)

My mom gave me a ROCKIN' spiked wristband, a cross necklace w/a teeny heart in it (which, admittedly isn't my style, but it's perty, so I'll wear it for her at church or Easter or something anyway :)), and this GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS diamond tennis bracelet!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D *sheer, unmittigated glee*

(Sorry for the shoddy image quality, but it's hard to take a picture of your own wrist w/a long-range camera phone. ;))
PLus my  co-worker even gave me a loverly Halloween-ish style bracelet that her daughter made, and my Gramma Maynard sent me $30!. ^_^  (Which will go to food and entrance fee into the MD Renn Faire that w'ere hitting this weekend. :D:D)

Which brings me to my second reason for posting:  On Sunday, September 7th, my family friends and I will be joyfully celebrating my birthday AT THE MARYLAND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. ^_^  Anyone and everyone who'd like to come is most cordially welcome, and I hope to see lots of y'all there.  :D:D  There will be much music, mayhem & merriment, & I know we're all gonna have one helk of a seriously awesome time. ^_^

Hope ya'll can join us!!
Gleefully Yours in Love and Hugs,

Oh yeah- and this is from my mom to me, and from me to you.  Have some laffs. ;D :

(IThe funny thing to me is, I'm wearing a pink pair of those RIGHT NOW.  *lol*  -They're just so comfy!! ;D)

For more of these, go to:
(Or, of course. ;D)
Hope you enjoy! ^_^
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( Jan. 7th, 2008 01:21 pm)
Yeah.. that kitty pretty well describes me right about now... ;)  
I am feeling SO broken today. ;\
Plus I was a dork and forgot to reserve MA, so I got to walk to the bus, take regular PT to work, and get to do the same all over again to get home. :P:P (I know, I'm a dork. S'all my own fault. I know. ;))

I had a BREAT weekend, though. ^_^ I got to spend time w/[profile] flameofsilver , I saw Jen and Chris Thursday night, signed my lease on Sat., went to do a quick camera thing on a li'l movie I'm helping out with, had dinner at the yumtastic Bennigans, (MMMM, GUINESS SAUCE!!! ;D) and Sunday I got to give gifts out to friends at my D&D game, (they all seemed to dig their gifts, too! :D:D), and followed that up with going to the L-Word 5th season premiere at Town DanceBoutique. (Which is a -kickass- club in DC that all folks in the area should TOTALLY visit. ;D:D)

So why do I hurt, then..?? Well first off I had a BUSY weekend w/-very- little sleep included. Then I stood in a line for an hour+ that wrapped around the block, danced a TON and stood --all night,-- then stood more for another hour or so waiting for MA after the event. All told it was a BLAST. I danced first as usual- embarrassing the crap out of myself amidst a HUGE crowd (couldn't resist the music), boogied w/some strangers @ the end of the night, got some cool free bits upon leaving, and had an all-around good time. ^_^ Problem is- I got home LATE, hadn't eaten all day so I stayed up a while longer to scavenge for food & eat, and then I ---crashed.--- Now I'm -completely- sacked out, (haven't slept more than four hours a night in the past week), I have no food w/me 'cause I didn't have time to snag anything, (NEEDED to shower after last night), and as for my feet... Well... Ow.

I repeat: Ow.  ...  ;)

I hope everyone else had a rockin' weekend, and that soon I can tell folks I got my new place all squared away, give everyone my new address, and have my kitties and my ratties all back together in one nice, big, fuzzy family. ^_^ I move in this weekend, and frankly, it can't come soon enough. ^_^

Love Love Love Love Love to All,
I dunno what peoples' plans are for the Holidays, but I thought I'd send this out for a general assist. :)  It's not a hint or anything.  I'm just tryin' ta help, since I know -I- love lists of others, and thought I should put this out there just in case, since I'm always asking for lists from my lovedones. :):)

If you’re inclined to get me something for the holidays and want some ideas, or need some inspiration.. a jumping off point etc, I pulled this together to hopefully help ye and thy kind heart. ^_^  I hope it helps, and if you are so inclined, thank you so much for thinking of me. ^_^


(I’m SO excited, ‘cause this year -–I can actually afford to buy people stuff!!!-- :D:D  I even could afford to buy folks in my office each a little something, and can't wait to give out my goodies. ^_^  (And boy, is office-gifting hard!!! O.O ;))
I got to buy the large majority of my gifts online, ('cause when/how am I gonna do any real, good classic Christmas shopping???), and I’m pretty much done- but if you have something n mind that YOU want, please don’t hesitate to speak up and let me know! :D  I’d love to hear what your druthers are, too! :D:D)


Thanks and Love,



This Year’s Christmas Wish List

  • Blue crackle dinnerware w/black metallic glaze outside
  • Matching Sushi Set, (matching the dinnerware, which is also blue crackle inside, black matallic outside).
  • Anything Indian/Middle eastern as far as jewelry or bellydancing clothes/scarves/skirts/music, /cholis, etc.
  • Karaoke Revolution American Idol Version, (and anything other than KR Party- which I already have. ;))
  • Katamari Damacy (PS2)
  • Kimono
  • Talking Gir Slippers
  • Anything off of my Amazon or Kaboodle, Target or Hot Topic wish lists. :):)
  • Also a gift cert to any of these places would rock, too. (Well, besides Kaboodle, that is. ;))
  • Brian Froud’s “World of the Dark Crystal” would rock, too.  (Also on my Amazon List.) J
  • Plus there’re lots of neat signs on that are spiff, as well as a bunch of their other stuff, too. ^_^
  • OOH, and I just found a NEAT place call the Victorian Trading Co.  It is AWESOME, and there’s a TON of stuff on there I totally drool over. ^_^
  • Another fun place is Uncommon Goods.  They have silver and gold mistletoe (ACTUAL mistletoe coated in metal!! O.O), wobbly wine glasses & wobbly tumblers! :D:D
  • I’m also a big fan of Chivalry Sports - (and any other store that sells renn garb, for that matter! ;D:D).  Love me some garb, circlets, girdles (chain belts), belts, feast gear, tapestries, other home-goods, and bodices!!! :D:D 
  • World Market also rocks my sock. ^_^
  • I’ve been wishing for a corset from Alter Ego Erotics for like.. eons now. ;)))
  • A tat would be amazing! :D:D  (If anyone knows a good, reputable artist.) J
    LTD has a ton of stuff I dig, too. ^_^
  • Crystal chandellier or candellier
  • Water droplets shower curtain  (The clear kind that look like they have either prisms or water drapped inside.)
  • Clear, beaded curtain(s), that look like either water droplets or rain. ^_^
  • The L-Word DVDs and/or soundtracks- (any/all seasons), as well as any Shane-relaterd stuff. ;D
  • Kingdom Hospital series collection on DVD
  • Outlanders DVD
  • Stainless steel chopsticks! :D:D
  • And lastly (but most definitely not least) you can ALWAYS find stuff I’ll love at The Pyramid Collection if you’re truly stumped.. JJ  (Think hippie stuff like crystals, faeries, elves, and swirly dresses. ;)) 

Plus I’m taking a small break from my diet over Christmas, so if you are so inclined, you could get me any one (or a grouping ;)) of these things I’ve been hankering for:

How cool, no?? ^_^

As for “Big Stuff:”  (Yes, I know I'm dreaming. ;))

And that’s pretty much everything I could possibly think of..! :D  
There’s lotsa room in there for creativity, and BY NO MEANS am I –requiring-- ANYTHING off this list.  I’d love anything from it, but if your heart leads you elsewhere, I’m most about the thoughts and feelings behind a gift, not just its price tag. ^_^  (After all, I acknowledge I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.. but I also dig handmade stuff, and gestures/events/outings as well! :D:D

Gracias para todo, all! :D:D 
*love and hugs* 

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( Dec. 7th, 2007 11:47 am)
I'm giving some of these out as presents.. AGAIN!! Know why?
These were a HIT the year I passed them out for holiday prezzies, and this year I'm hoping for more laughs. Now the only question is.. which Microbe for which recipient??? O.O
I'm giving my rats Rabies and The Black Death each for their presents, and would love to give a few out to people at my D&D game.. but ya know how it is... If I give Herpes to a guy who just talked about having cold sores.. could that be funny, (I think it is, as he was trying to figure out who had passed them on to him after drinking from folks' bottles last week), or would he get insulted..? What about Malaria or Typhoid Fever..? I mean, they're pretty commentary-less, aren't they? Or Mad Cow?? And Clamydia is just so CUTE!!! I'd love to give her or Sea Sparkle to a friend's baby, but.. again.. "you're giving maladies to my KID???" ... And should I give Scum and and Dust Mites perhaps, to people w/ a REALLY dirty house as a subtle hint..? *cracks a smile* And here, I wanna get Sea Sparkle and Algae for myself... Plus they have Krill and other oceanics like Red Tide!

..What -is- Red Tide, anyway?

Anyway.. go check 'em out!! ^_^

Teehee..! Did I mention I -love- shopping online?? ;D:D I don't have to ask ANYONE for a ride, and I can get all my shopping done in DAYS, not weeks and weeks, w/tons of frustration. This rocks!! :D:D

Ciao for now, kids! I gotsta go apartment search! :D:D


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