..This is gonna have to go as a gift to my mom for Christmas... It's her favorite piece of my art lately, and as I know she looooves her canvas totes, this is pretty much a ringer. :)

A Trick or Treat back for the whole year 'round! :D
-And yes, those are indeed little eyeballs sitting atop the letters. :)

I've also made a tote, a mug, and a shirt for my gamers. :)

I asked [livejournal.com profile] orthaevelve the other day if it was a good or bad sign that I'd totally buy most of the stuff that I'd been making on Zazzle, and she said it was good. I think so too- it shows that I'm making stuff that I can be proud of as an artist, and which as a consumer, my tastes hopefully represent a market for these things. :) -We can only hope..! :D

Now, for some more sleepses!
Night y'all!

I'm sorting through a bunch of videos on my YouTube pages, and have finally decided to put all my dellybancing bits in one place. :)  So trying to find the SteamPunk vids I aired here eons ago, I came across this. :)  Hope those of you who dance, (including men & women alike) will like! :D

Oooh!  Plus, BELLYHORROR is coming up this weekend!!  Friday night is the BH show AT THE BIRCHMERE, (O.O) and then the rest of the weekend they're going to be having workshops & other BH-related events- including a horrrrific Tribal Cafe, where more All Hallows belly-fun can be had! :D  

Also, Galena (or as many of us know her, Kelly or Caitilin), will be hosting one HELL of an All Hallows Hafla this weekend, on Saturday night!  There will be TONS of bellydance there, a costume contest, prizes, food & drink (both adult & otherwise), and even a babysitter for those of you who have wee small kiddies. :)  (The early half of the night is PG, and the rest will be darker, scarier, and a little more PG-13.)  I'm going to be missing out on BellyHorror's after-party to be there, and I -know- it's gonna be great!  So join all the folks w/Sestraluna and many of us from Galena's dance classes out in Glen Burnie Saturday night for one amazing, spooky party! :D:D
Check out her page @ www.galenadance.com for further details. :)

It's shapin' up to be one fun, busy All Hallows Eve week! :D:D

Love and Grins,

P.S.  Vending last Saturday night @ Midnight went pretty okay.  Scott bought one piece, then bought another for a girl who really wanted one of my works, and all the rest was raw customer-age. ;D  My white, indoor-painted cat w/the "Welcome" sign on him even got sold- even though he hadn't been lacquered yet!  (This of course I told him, and gave him a lower price on it for.  It doesn't hurt the product, you just can't put it out in the rain/weather because of it.)  So all in all I made about $150, and it seems I'll be vending again next Thursday, @ Tronik's redux of "Spooky." :)  Wish me luck there, and at Kelly's Halloween Hafla, where I'll be going as.. something... (I don't yet know what), and hopefully vending a few of my wares. ^_^

♥♥♥ to All!
Is there a particular podcast length you folks tend to prefer?  I've got a super-sized Harvest podcast, (it's being converted to .mp3 format as we "speak"), and I'm wondering if I should break it up into small "pods."  (Is that where "podcast" comes from, or is it just in direct reference to the iPod?  Hmmm...)  Anyhoo, I feel like it's cheating to make "shows" of just a few songs apiece, so any help y'all might provide would be much appersheeyated.

Many Thanks! ^_^
Here's a cool link to a place I found that talks about all sorts of holidays and traditions that take place in Novemeber. :)  (Including All Souls Night, Guy Fawkes' Day and more.)   They also have pages for the other months of the year. ^_^  

Yay, learnin'! :D:D

thewaterling: (Ahhhndrae!!!)
( Nov. 3rd, 2008 10:52 pm)
Especially when she forwards me funny crap like this. ^_^

"When Pumpkins Drink."  A set of pumpkins scattered on cement stairs amidst a bunch of beer bottles and cans, w/one at the bottom making a "bleacgh!" face as it "pukes" pumkin innards, seeds, etc. ;D

There is a certain ecstasy about crawling into a bed when your house is chilly and cuddling up into big, fluffy, cosy blankies.

This crisp, cool autumn air is perfectly HEAVEN!!! Gawwwd it feels so goooood... even when I'm feeling crappy on the inside that lovely air and its smell n' feel make me feel good on the outside. ^_^


I'm home from work due to sever.. uhm.. owage.

My house is a disaster area.  And I still have to pack/make ready for Philadelphia, and get the fuzzies all set, too.  ...  Oy.   (Plus I had this great idea for presenting an art piece of mine to Brian Froud.. that I gotta make...)

My Lurch is ALL SET UP!! (Does anybody wanna come? We're workin' on having fire dancers, a bellydancer, n' lots more cool stuff! ^_^)


And someone just sent this to me on Facebook. Now, I'm not bashing anyone- but even his supporters have to admit this is.. disturbing...
I wanna say forget work for the next day or so and go to Philly, and then come back and clean house, decorate for Hallowe'en, and carve pumpkins!! ^_^

*Autumnal Glee*

thewaterling: (Hallowe'enMeez)
( Aug. 7th, 2008 05:16 pm)

This year for All Hallow’s Eve, I’d –really- like to have a bunch of “my girls” get together for a High Witches Potluck and Tea! ^_^

(I know it seems a bit early to be thinking about such things, but a co-worker just brought me a book with this  “The Witch is In” sign that she wants to do for a cross-stitch project, & that got the ball rolling. ;))

 I thought up this idea last year, but with everything going on (w/my Lurch and that whole “Thrill the World” thing), the event never quite got off the ground.. so to speak.  
So this year I’m thinkin’, "now’s the time!!" ^_^


“What the hezmata is she ON about???” you may be thinking..?  Well, the idea is this:

A bunch of gals get together first, sometime prior to Hallowe’en/i.e. The Main Event”.  (-As the day doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be All Hallows, but sometime close would truly rule.  Yay, Samhain!! ;D)


At this first gathering of our little "coven," everyone will bring some sort of pointy, traditional or semi-traditional-looking witchy hat.  It can be any color, any size, with or without any bit of flounce or fluff, or be completely absent of any decoration at all.  But the main idea is for each hat to at least be some semblance of the classic, brimmed, pointed piece of headwear so many of us know and love. ^_^  At this first get-together, our aim is to lavishly decorate said hats! ^_^   I will of course provide things like ribbons, glues, strings of pearls, buttons, jewels and such, but you may feel free to bring whatever materials you choose as well.  (Such as bows, specific bawbles, personal hot glue guns, etc.)  This whole meeting is about gathering, sharing in one anothers’ company, and making –FABULOUSLY- wild, outlandish, creatively decorative, and (dare I say it?- YES) silly witches' hats. ^_^  
If you wanna bring a finished hat and just kibbitz, that’s fine too! :D:D


The next step is, of course, TEA!!  Convening on a spot yet to be determined, the idea here is to attend in full, witchy regalia, to take part in a day of silliness, camaraderie, fanciful food & drink, and of course- outright joyous lunacy! :D:D  As for dress:  You can come in full Victorian garb, your favorite crazy mu-mu, or anything up to superbly black and strappy goth garb- the dress is up to you!   It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as your adorable witchy hat is in attendance.  ^_^  As for the place:  I am indeed open to going to some fancy place and having a proper, tended High English Tea, so that’s not out…  But as many of us are on budgets or are just plain, outright po’, I thought it might be fun to make the Tea something of a potluck, with the theme of course being traditional English Tea munchies, as well as Halloween-y goodness and general witchiness! ^_^  


“So, what’s THAT supposed to mean..?” you ask?  Well, easy!  That includes all types of traditional tea foods like cucumber sandwiches, other finger sammiches & delicate delights, as well as scones, cookies, teacakes, crumpets (as I've never seen a crumpet I'd like that very much ;)) etc.  But as it’s Hallowe’en and our event has a decidedly witchy bent, other, more.. rare edibles and libations are welcome too!  (Such as Finger Sandwiches (made with hot dogs/Vienna sausages and the like), cookies w/spooky, themed decorations and of course, good ol’ fashioned Witches Brew!!  (The recipe for which we can decide on later if we like- or for which we can have multiple versions. ;D)  The only limitations here are one’s imagination, and I can’t WAIT to see what people come up with. ^_^


And that’s it!!  It’s that simple- and I hope it’s something lots of you will find interesting, inspiring and fun. ^_^


Of course I’d love any feedback or ideas people might have (for things such as locations, munchies and the like), as well as a general idea of who might wanna come as time goes on.  True, we have a good deal of time before the actual event occurs, but by October Onest I’d like to at least have a general idea of who might want to join in, so I can get a key on how much craft stuff to buy & how much space our Tea Meeting Place will need. ^_^


Thanks so much guys, and I hope to see you there!!!


(Note:  This idea was originally engineered w/the lady-folk in mind.  But if any of you chaps are inclined to join in on the fun, please let me know.  I don’t wanna exclude any blokes, if their heart’s in the right place and their aims are in the spirit of the shindig. ^_-


Cheers and Grins!


PS  As I understand some of us aren't entirely into the whole "crafty thing," I will also have some loaner hats available at the second/Main event- to share with a few non-crafty folks.   If others wish to bring loaners to the second event, that's okay too, but thsoe who wear loaners should be warned that they, A; are responsible for returning their loaner hats- and in good condition, and B; that these loaners shall, in no way, be as fantabulous as the ones we'll be making at the first event- and thus wearing at the second... ;)  ..Just so ya know. ;D

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( Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:12 am)
Hey everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderfully spooky Hallowe'en holiday!!
Mine was actually pretty daggon good this year. ^_^ Weds. I dressed up like a witch for work, then stayed in my costume to give out candy to Suzyn & Ian's neighborhood kids. :) (They were all SO polite!! :D:D) I'd gotten to carve 2 cute little pumpkins Monday, (thanks to me mum), then ended up sitting out front of the house I'm staying at with them, while playing Hallowe'en music on my boombox and giving out candy there- 'cause I didn't want them to have to come up either scary, not-so-safe entrance of the place. ^_^ It was good. :)

Then last night I went to Alchemy's newest incarnationa "Arcadia" at Club Five, for SPooky- their big Hallowe'en thang. (Read the same space the old Roxy was in years and YEARS ago!!!;D:D It's now renovated, and looks pretty nice. :):)) I took my landlord Ian out w/me, and we had a pretty blinkin' good time. ^_^ I went as a Crazy Cat lady *pics forthcoming), and can't wait to seee pics of everyone else's costumes!! (Show show!!) A -very- cute Jack Sparrow bought me a drink, and there were some really neat people I actually had the balls to go up to and meet, and some pretty spiff 'stumes in addition. ^_^ The music was meh until about midnight, (at which point it picked up, HARD! ;D:D) and I got to dance dance dance much later than I thought, 'cause MA was, as usual, late late late. (But this time it acutally worked in my FAVOR! ;D:D) It was good, I actually got the chance to get in my groove, and the night overall was pretty danged spiff. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

I had a great time, and I hope everyone else's All Hallows Eve rocked hard, too. :D:D



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