I didn't make the wings, but the tutu's alllll mine. :)  (It was SUPER easy:  Just tie strips of tulle around a length of elastic!)
Can't wait to see my little girl as a Hallowe'en fairy, and my boy as Count Dracul!  *giggles fiendishly, plotting w/sandpapery glee*

Happy Hallowe'en/Samhain, Everyone!! ^_^
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( Oct. 15th, 2010 01:28 am)
So, you know those tutorials I've been working on?  Well, I chose to one how-to about creating those safe, fun, truly inexpensive and super-easy costumes for the furry members of our families. :) 

Now, I'm well on the way to being done (or, at least half way finished) w/my items for the felt pet costume tutorial. I've written a TON of wordy stuff that'll probably never actually make it to the how-to itself, but at least now I can say I do have one decent portion of the required work done- my boycat Skye's vampire/Dracula costume! ^_^


If you'd like to see a few more views (or other arts & crafts projects of mine). you can visit my FB page here. :)

All this took was a little time, some scissors, 3 pieces of 37-cent felt from a neighborhood superstore, some Fabric Tac, a few super-inexpensive faux jewels (they come in a bag for like $2.99 for a whole mish-mosh of fake "stones"), some cording, a few quick dashes of Night Star glitter fabric paint, and a teeny bit of sparkle on the cape for flavor. (I know, I know- "vampires don't sparkle!" But when you've got a black cat, it's good to help your black fabric stand out, so you can see it and not just black, glossy fur. :))

Now the decision is; what to do next?  Write on the tutorial, or start on my girly-cat Ouna's faerie costume..?  
Anyhoo, hope you guys like, and Happy Halloween! ♥

(x-posted in a few craft & Halloween communities)
Bloody pillows, sheets, lampshades, floor mats, & curtains, w/toxic matter candles, syringe decor, blade clocks, and all KINDS of other cool horror-inspired decor. ^_^ (I published this a long time ago, and wanted to both remind myself & friends of this again, as well as share it w/the new friends I've made since. :))


Useful Household Decor


Fun bits! (One even for the winter holidays! :D:D)

Ooh, and in a similar *coughs* vein, here's some cool stuff that they have @ Perpetual Kid. *beams* Read more... )

If you have more items you'd like to add here, please feel free to pop me some linkage. :D  I'd love to see what other people have found to creepily, eerily decorate the gothy, horror-centric, or just generally gory home! :D

Hope you guys liked!

Messy, Sloppy, Splattery Love,
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 10:52 pm)
Especially when she forwards me funny crap like this. ^_^

"When Pumpkins Drink."  A set of pumpkins scattered on cement stairs amidst a bunch of beer bottles and cans, w/one at the bottom making a "bleacgh!" face as it "pukes" pumkin innards, seeds, etc. ;D

[Error: unknown template qotd]Ooh, I looove ghost stories!!  I think the two scariest I've ever heard (and then of course retold) were a strange version of Taily-Po, and another about the ghost of a kid who got tortured to death by these thugs n' who eventually tracked them each down one by one as adults.  He'd had the leg of somebody's corpse nailed to him and of course died, so when he came for his middle-aged murderors later on, he made this strange drag-kerthump noise as he shambled for them that was reeeeally creepy.  I guess you could say it's noises that get me worst in scary stories.  The version of Taily-Po I know had weird noises too- as the monster in it was a bizarre amalgum of animal and twisted human-thing.  It made this high-pitched, loud keening cry that- if done right- just raised the hackles of the back of your neck right off your skin. ^_^   Good stuff man.. good stuff!! 

I SO miss telling (and being told) good, old, creeeeepy ghost stories!!
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 05:16 pm)

This year for All Hallow’s Eve, I’d –really- like to have a bunch of “my girls” get together for a High Witches Potluck and Tea! ^_^

(I know it seems a bit early to be thinking about such things, but a co-worker just brought me a book with this  “The Witch is In” sign that she wants to do for a cross-stitch project, & that got the ball rolling. ;))

 I thought up this idea last year, but with everything going on (w/my Lurch and that whole “Thrill the World” thing), the event never quite got off the ground.. so to speak.  
So this year I’m thinkin’, "now’s the time!!" ^_^


“What the hezmata is she ON about???” you may be thinking..?  Well, the idea is this:

A bunch of gals get together first, sometime prior to Hallowe’en/i.e. The Main Event”.  (-As the day doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be All Hallows, but sometime close would truly rule.  Yay, Samhain!! ;D)


At this first gathering of our little "coven," everyone will bring some sort of pointy, traditional or semi-traditional-looking witchy hat.  It can be any color, any size, with or without any bit of flounce or fluff, or be completely absent of any decoration at all.  But the main idea is for each hat to at least be some semblance of the classic, brimmed, pointed piece of headwear so many of us know and love. ^_^  At this first get-together, our aim is to lavishly decorate said hats! ^_^   I will of course provide things like ribbons, glues, strings of pearls, buttons, jewels and such, but you may feel free to bring whatever materials you choose as well.  (Such as bows, specific bawbles, personal hot glue guns, etc.)  This whole meeting is about gathering, sharing in one anothers’ company, and making –FABULOUSLY- wild, outlandish, creatively decorative, and (dare I say it?- YES) silly witches' hats. ^_^  
If you wanna bring a finished hat and just kibbitz, that’s fine too! :D:D


The next step is, of course, TEA!!  Convening on a spot yet to be determined, the idea here is to attend in full, witchy regalia, to take part in a day of silliness, camaraderie, fanciful food & drink, and of course- outright joyous lunacy! :D:D  As for dress:  You can come in full Victorian garb, your favorite crazy mu-mu, or anything up to superbly black and strappy goth garb- the dress is up to you!   It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as your adorable witchy hat is in attendance.  ^_^  As for the place:  I am indeed open to going to some fancy place and having a proper, tended High English Tea, so that’s not out…  But as many of us are on budgets or are just plain, outright po’, I thought it might be fun to make the Tea something of a potluck, with the theme of course being traditional English Tea munchies, as well as Halloween-y goodness and general witchiness! ^_^  


“So, what’s THAT supposed to mean..?” you ask?  Well, easy!  That includes all types of traditional tea foods like cucumber sandwiches, other finger sammiches & delicate delights, as well as scones, cookies, teacakes, crumpets (as I've never seen a crumpet I'd like that very much ;)) etc.  But as it’s Hallowe’en and our event has a decidedly witchy bent, other, more.. rare edibles and libations are welcome too!  (Such as Finger Sandwiches (made with hot dogs/Vienna sausages and the like), cookies w/spooky, themed decorations and of course, good ol’ fashioned Witches Brew!!  (The recipe for which we can decide on later if we like- or for which we can have multiple versions. ;D)  The only limitations here are one’s imagination, and I can’t WAIT to see what people come up with. ^_^


And that’s it!!  It’s that simple- and I hope it’s something lots of you will find interesting, inspiring and fun. ^_^


Of course I’d love any feedback or ideas people might have (for things such as locations, munchies and the like), as well as a general idea of who might wanna come as time goes on.  True, we have a good deal of time before the actual event occurs, but by October Onest I’d like to at least have a general idea of who might want to join in, so I can get a key on how much craft stuff to buy & how much space our Tea Meeting Place will need. ^_^


Thanks so much guys, and I hope to see you there!!!


(Note:  This idea was originally engineered w/the lady-folk in mind.  But if any of you chaps are inclined to join in on the fun, please let me know.  I don’t wanna exclude any blokes, if their heart’s in the right place and their aims are in the spirit of the shindig. ^_-


Cheers and Grins!


PS  As I understand some of us aren't entirely into the whole "crafty thing," I will also have some loaner hats available at the second/Main event- to share with a few non-crafty folks.   If others wish to bring loaners to the second event, that's okay too, but thsoe who wear loaners should be warned that they, A; are responsible for returning their loaner hats- and in good condition, and B; that these loaners shall, in no way, be as fantabulous as the ones we'll be making at the first event- and thus wearing at the second... ;)  ..Just so ya know. ;D



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