This guy will definitely be for sale. :)

I'm currently working on his tribemate now; whom I think I'll call "Gunther." :D

(And as before, if you'd like to see more views of 'im, you can find 'em on my FB page for Alternate Visions. :))
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you like!
 I do have a whole other show planned out for more holiday musical goodness, but for now, if you're looking for (actually GOOD) podsafe music that's fitting (and different from everything you're already heard a hundred-zillion times) for the season, I humbly entreat you to visit my podcast's little station, and listen. ^_^  (Both streaming & download available. :))  There's silly, quirky stuff here, traditional-ish sounding pieces, orchestral pieces, choral works, a kid-friendly piece or two, Celtic-y bits, archaic bits, and swing here n' there, too. :)  (The next ep'll have Dar Williams, some rock-ish stuff, and lots more too. *beams*)

Merry Christmas & Happy Yule Everyone!!!

With all of the curmudgeonly crud concerning the holidays floating about me lately, I thought I'd make something for the fashionable Scrooge & so-done Santa hat-wearing public. :) Enter "Humbug Horns!" :D

(Horns are $10, and can come in any color. The ones above however are in: [Top] Trad. Candy Cane (white & red), Anit-Cane (black & red), [Above] Candy Swirl (light pink marbled w/black), Trad. Candy Cane, Killer Kandy Kane (white, black & red), and Coal (black).
Any ribbon can be changed out for these lovelies. I've just used matching holiday ribbon to add a bit of coordinated fun. :)

For those merry mischief-makers, for those who wanna wear something unusual & original outside of the classic, traditional Santa hat fare, or for those who just wanna express how much they are "un-pleased" with this time of year, I've made these little holiday-themed, tie-on horns. :)

They'll be on sale @ Bound where I'll be vending tomorrow night, and might also go up in my etsy store. :) (They'd need better pics of them to go up at my shop, of course.)

Hope you like!


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( Dec. 10th, 2009 02:32 am)
Me from Bryce and Lyssa's SteamPunk-themed holiday cookie party. ^_^
..I'm thinking about putting a picture frame border around it...  What do you think?

Oh yes, and this- this is FREAKING COOL!! (And adorable to boot! ^_^) Many of us have heard about the study of rats and ratty laughter. Welll....

Too cute, huh?? ^_^
I dunno what peoples' plans are for the Holidays, but I thought I'd send this out for a general assist. :)  It's not a hint or anything.  I'm just tryin' ta help, since I know -I- love lists of others, and thought I should put this out there just in case, since I'm always asking for lists from my lovedones. :):)

If you’re inclined to get me something for the holidays and want some ideas, or need some inspiration.. a jumping off point etc, I pulled this together to hopefully help ye and thy kind heart. ^_^  I hope it helps, and if you are so inclined, thank you so much for thinking of me. ^_^


(I’m SO excited, ‘cause this year -–I can actually afford to buy people stuff!!!-- :D:D  I even could afford to buy folks in my office each a little something, and can't wait to give out my goodies. ^_^  (And boy, is office-gifting hard!!! O.O ;))
I got to buy the large majority of my gifts online, ('cause when/how am I gonna do any real, good classic Christmas shopping???), and I’m pretty much done- but if you have something n mind that YOU want, please don’t hesitate to speak up and let me know! :D  I’d love to hear what your druthers are, too! :D:D)


Thanks and Love,



This Year’s Christmas Wish List

  • Blue crackle dinnerware w/black metallic glaze outside
  • Matching Sushi Set, (matching the dinnerware, which is also blue crackle inside, black matallic outside).
  • Anything Indian/Middle eastern as far as jewelry or bellydancing clothes/scarves/skirts/music, /cholis, etc.
  • Karaoke Revolution American Idol Version, (and anything other than KR Party- which I already have. ;))
  • Katamari Damacy (PS2)
  • Kimono
  • Talking Gir Slippers
  • Anything off of my Amazon or Kaboodle, Target or Hot Topic wish lists. :):)
  • Also a gift cert to any of these places would rock, too. (Well, besides Kaboodle, that is. ;))
  • Brian Froud’s “World of the Dark Crystal” would rock, too.  (Also on my Amazon List.) J
  • Plus there’re lots of neat signs on that are spiff, as well as a bunch of their other stuff, too. ^_^
  • OOH, and I just found a NEAT place call the Victorian Trading Co.  It is AWESOME, and there’s a TON of stuff on there I totally drool over. ^_^
  • Another fun place is Uncommon Goods.  They have silver and gold mistletoe (ACTUAL mistletoe coated in metal!! O.O), wobbly wine glasses & wobbly tumblers! :D:D
  • I’m also a big fan of Chivalry Sports - (and any other store that sells renn garb, for that matter! ;D:D).  Love me some garb, circlets, girdles (chain belts), belts, feast gear, tapestries, other home-goods, and bodices!!! :D:D 
  • World Market also rocks my sock. ^_^
  • I’ve been wishing for a corset from Alter Ego Erotics for like.. eons now. ;)))
  • A tat would be amazing! :D:D  (If anyone knows a good, reputable artist.) J
    LTD has a ton of stuff I dig, too. ^_^
  • Crystal chandellier or candellier
  • Water droplets shower curtain  (The clear kind that look like they have either prisms or water drapped inside.)
  • Clear, beaded curtain(s), that look like either water droplets or rain. ^_^
  • The L-Word DVDs and/or soundtracks- (any/all seasons), as well as any Shane-relaterd stuff. ;D
  • Kingdom Hospital series collection on DVD
  • Outlanders DVD
  • Stainless steel chopsticks! :D:D
  • And lastly (but most definitely not least) you can ALWAYS find stuff I’ll love at The Pyramid Collection if you’re truly stumped.. JJ  (Think hippie stuff like crystals, faeries, elves, and swirly dresses. ;)) 

Plus I’m taking a small break from my diet over Christmas, so if you are so inclined, you could get me any one (or a grouping ;)) of these things I’ve been hankering for:

How cool, no?? ^_^

As for “Big Stuff:”  (Yes, I know I'm dreaming. ;))

And that’s pretty much everything I could possibly think of..! :D  
There’s lotsa room in there for creativity, and BY NO MEANS am I –requiring-- ANYTHING off this list.  I’d love anything from it, but if your heart leads you elsewhere, I’m most about the thoughts and feelings behind a gift, not just its price tag. ^_^  (After all, I acknowledge I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.. but I also dig handmade stuff, and gestures/events/outings as well! :D:D

Gracias para todo, all! :D:D 
*love and hugs* 

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( Dec. 7th, 2007 11:47 am)
I'm giving some of these out as presents.. AGAIN!! Know why?
These were a HIT the year I passed them out for holiday prezzies, and this year I'm hoping for more laughs. Now the only question is.. which Microbe for which recipient??? O.O
I'm giving my rats Rabies and The Black Death each for their presents, and would love to give a few out to people at my D&D game.. but ya know how it is... If I give Herpes to a guy who just talked about having cold sores.. could that be funny, (I think it is, as he was trying to figure out who had passed them on to him after drinking from folks' bottles last week), or would he get insulted..? What about Malaria or Typhoid Fever..? I mean, they're pretty commentary-less, aren't they? Or Mad Cow?? And Clamydia is just so CUTE!!! I'd love to give her or Sea Sparkle to a friend's baby, but.. again.. "you're giving maladies to my KID???" ... And should I give Scum and and Dust Mites perhaps, to people w/ a REALLY dirty house as a subtle hint..? *cracks a smile* And here, I wanna get Sea Sparkle and Algae for myself... Plus they have Krill and other oceanics like Red Tide!

..What -is- Red Tide, anyway?

Anyway.. go check 'em out!! ^_^

Teehee..! Did I mention I -love- shopping online?? ;D:D I don't have to ask ANYONE for a ride, and I can get all my shopping done in DAYS, not weeks and weeks, w/tons of frustration. This rocks!! :D:D

Ciao for now, kids! I gotsta go apartment search! :D:D


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