Or B?

(There are subtle differences, such as contrast, areas of different shading, etc.)


thewaterling: (Bling!)
( Apr. 23rd, 2010 04:50 am)
As a kid my first love was gold. But then I got into gothier & more magickal circles, & friends turned me on to the virtues of silver. Plus, as a teen, I was told by a various sources NOT to wear gold, because w/my skin tone gold would simply -not- go. (Though I still don't know whether I'm actually an "Autumn" or "Winter..." :P) Spiritually, I like the purity & power of silver, & the magpie in me likes its mirror-like quality. But I still find myself liking the glow & shiny warmth of gold. (For a goth, liking gold feels kind of like a guilty pleasure. ;))[Poll #1555095]


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