"Mah-meee!!" a long-time-ago drawing, by Yours Truly.

Sometimes the idea that people look down on children's authors & artists scares me. As artists & writers, there's often a stigma that says you'll be taken less seriously if you "deign" to venture writing, drawing, or creating for childrens' works.  That you're less intelligent, less creative, and personally more juvenile yourself...

Then, I remember people like Shel Silverstein and Jim Henson, and think of how different, less magical, less imaginative, and more grey a world this would be w/o the likes of them. They both worked on projects for kids as well as adults, and they both made HUGE impacts on people of all ages- during the times where they were active as well as after they passed on. Because of their brilliance, their passion, their heart and their originality.. their.. sparks, they have impacted countless lives and made an imprint on inumerable psyches around the world. As an artist as well as a fan of both mens' work, I just wanted to express how grateful I am that they (and others like them) have graced this world, even for a time, w/their presence, and benefited so many lives with their amazing, incomparable Art. 'Cause to me, there is no truer or higher art than inspiring minds, impacting lives, or igniting others' spirits to climb to greater heights, and continue the message of loving and giving to others in their own time, in turn.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Mr. Ankers was married to a close friend of the family and thus became a good friend to us as well over time. He died last week at age 92, and in celebration of his life, here's one of the spots that he and Jim Henson worked on a ways back for one of the many companies that Henson and his Muppets advertized in their earlier years. He lived a good, long life, and made lots of people happy in his work and home lives. The Hensons couldn't come to his memorial services, but I know they'll think of him fondly, too. :):)

If you want more, (and to see Dell in his younger years) check out YouTube for "Wilson's Meats." Or, just watch this and follow the many related videos. ^_^ This clip cracks me up, and I hope it puts a smile on your face, too. ^_^



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