Okay, don't get me wrong- I like the IDEA of Jenny- a short, smart, spunky and gojuss writer who moves to a new city to make her dreams come true, figgers herself out, and who actually has her career get off the ground. That ROCKS. Plus I love Mia. HOWEVER, that being said; I have hated that beeyotch since she started INTENTIONALLY screwing Tim over in Season 1, and more and more, with every episode, I think that girl just needs to get hit by a bus. I admit it, I wanna see Jenny go down, and I wanna see her go down HARD. I want her to fall and splatter...

But since it doesn't look like that'll be happening for a while, I wrote my first fan-fic ever. It's kind of a fan-fic/screenplay, n' I thought it might be fun to share w/folks. I also put this up on the lword community... *crosses fingers* Hope I don't get flamed to death... ;D As I've never actually seen a screenplay however, I'm just shooting from the hip in that respect- so please be gentle. ;) It's the intro scene to a full fanisode I'm writing, actually.. and yes, some of which features the downfall of Miss Jenny S... ^_^

I don't know how many of y'all actually WATCH the show, but I thought this might be fun for those who do. :):)

Hope ya like!

Life's Little Lessons- Intro: )



Location: The Center of Rodeo Dr , outside the Café-Front of a Posh Boutique.

Amidst the bustling public, we see Jenny from across the street, but cannot hear the exchange as she’s seen vehemently chastising her assistant. The girl is frozen to her spot, motionless, jaw agape. (She’s wearing large aviator shades, which hide her eyes’ expression.) Jenny makes her final point with one last poke at the girl’s breastbone, then picks up a huge mass of shopping bags from the street and yanks her little dog to attention as she turns briskly on her heel, flinging her hair and tilting her chin haughtily upward in typical Jenny manner. She pulls the pup behind her at break-neck speed, yanking on it again to hurry up, then struts indignantly into the street, eyes still up, chin still aloft, not hearing or seeing anything around her.

From somewhere off in the distance we hear the blat of a honking horn, the squealing of brakes and the insistent cry of a low male voice. Out of nowhere a city bus comes from camera right and with alarming speed simply plows into Jenny Schechter.

When the bus blurs past, the blacktop stands empty. Nothing of Jenny is left but a few dropped parcels, one Monolo Blahnik shoe, and the dog on its now-empty, jeweled leash. Zoom in on the dog. Unphased and unharmed, the dog sits calmly in the same spot he’d been in when Jenny was hit. He lets out two small whines briefly, looks camera-right, then camera-left. His tongue lolls out, then, and he begins to wag his little tail as he stands (we begin to zoom out) & trots merrily over to something lying on the street. Cut to various shots of startled onlookers standing about, looking around, and beginning to mill about, trading baffled exclamations and talking with mounting shock at the scene which just transpired. Cut back to the small pooch, who’s now gleefully nibbling at the remnants of a gourmet meat product lying half-eaten on the ground. “Sounder II” is completely oblivious to his master’s fate, and we fade to black for the show’s theme as he nibbles on his treat, perfectly content to be left to his own devices with his newest, yummy prize.

thewaterling: (Zombie Kitty)
( Jan. 7th, 2008 01:21 pm)
Yeah.. that kitty pretty well describes me right about now... ;)  
I am feeling SO broken today. ;\
Plus I was a dork and forgot to reserve MA, so I got to walk to the bus, take regular PT to work, and get to do the same all over again to get home. :P:P (I know, I'm a dork. S'all my own fault. I know. ;))

I had a BREAT weekend, though. ^_^ I got to spend time w/[profile] flameofsilver , I saw Jen and Chris Thursday night, signed my lease on Sat., went to do a quick camera thing on a li'l movie I'm helping out with, had dinner at the yumtastic Bennigans, (MMMM, GUINESS SAUCE!!! ;D) and Sunday I got to give gifts out to friends at my D&D game, (they all seemed to dig their gifts, too! :D:D), and followed that up with going to the L-Word 5th season premiere at Town DanceBoutique. (Which is a -kickass- club in DC that all folks in the area should TOTALLY visit. ;D:D)

So why do I hurt, then..?? Well first off I had a BUSY weekend w/-very- little sleep included. Then I stood in a line for an hour+ that wrapped around the block, danced a TON and stood --all night,-- then stood more for another hour or so waiting for MA after the event. All told it was a BLAST. I danced first as usual- embarrassing the crap out of myself amidst a HUGE crowd (couldn't resist the music), boogied w/some strangers @ the end of the night, got some cool free bits upon leaving, and had an all-around good time. ^_^ Problem is- I got home LATE, hadn't eaten all day so I stayed up a while longer to scavenge for food & eat, and then I ---crashed.--- Now I'm -completely- sacked out, (haven't slept more than four hours a night in the past week), I have no food w/me 'cause I didn't have time to snag anything, (NEEDED to shower after last night), and as for my feet... Well... Ow.

I repeat: Ow.  ...  ;)

I hope everyone else had a rockin' weekend, and that soon I can tell folks I got my new place all squared away, give everyone my new address, and have my kitties and my ratties all back together in one nice, big, fuzzy family. ^_^ I move in this weekend, and frankly, it can't come soon enough. ^_^

Love Love Love Love Love to All,
I'm thinking of putting this on a t-shirt, along w/a few simple curves of the female body... (Suggestive but tasteful, of course:)

"I long to be moved by your beauty in the moonlight,
To be enchanted by your voice in the night,
To adore your sweet curves in our own sacred spaces,
And be warmed by your glow, no matter the light.

I yearn to be captivated by the rush of your kiss,
To be enveloped by your skin's gentle touch,
To get lost in the harmony of our mutual song,
And to find you; my heart's only love."

I'm pondering moving "moved" and "captivated" around.. but for the most part that's prettty much it.
So.. what do y'all think..??

I wanna do something expressive and very "me" for this, 'cause I'm sick of trying to go w/some sort of silly stereotype in mind. Yes, I'd like to attract ladies' eyes for all the right reasons.. but not by conforming to some someone else's preconceived notions that I don't fit into anyway.. ya know? So.. I'm thinkin' a cuttin' up a T and painting this on there.. and possibly wearing my new tight hoodie sweatery thing under it. Pants? Skirt?? I dunno. Hell.. maybe I'll just wear the same thing I wore on New Year's, w/the silver sequins and the gypsy skirt.... Hmm...

Well, any suggestions, anyone? ..I guess I'm kinda obviously stressin' here.. huh? ;)

Ciao for today, all! Thanks for the input in advance. ^_^
It's all good stuff, though. ^_^
First off, (yes, I know it's not the weekend tonight, but I still gotta post about it, ^_^) I GET TO SEE JEN AND CHRIST ODAY!!!! *glee glee glee glee glee*
We're meeting up after work, I get to give them their prezzies, and who knows what else afterward? :D:D:D:D I can't wait, and hope that Jen and Chris are lookin' forward to it, too. ^_^

Second, my ACTUAL weekend agenda:
Friday: Root canal at four, meeting about a makeup artist job I'm doing at seven till ten thirty. Metro Access transport all between.
Saturday, finish up the few things I have to do for gifts on Suday. Then:
Get MA to pick me up at 2, so I can be in MD by my appointment at 3 TO SIGN MY LEASE!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ I don't wanna jinx it or anything, but I'm looking forward to the plan, and hope that everything goes through okay. ^_^ (Memo to me; remember to look thoroughly over pet policy- of which they have NO PET RENT OR PET DEPOSIT!!! ^_^)
From there at four fifteen I'm heading over to another film meeting, which will be held at five, and presumable go till.. sevenish.? Maybe??
Sunday from noon to five I'll be at game. Normally I'm gaming till six, but this weekend IS THE L WORD PREMIER!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Amupme who wants to come w/me still totally can. ^_^ They suggest being there by six 'cause they'll be full, and I've seen long lines at these things, so it's not surprising. That goes till ten or eleven or so, and then... Snooooore..!!! Time to crash and get ready for work agian on Monday. ^_^

If all goes well on Saturday, w/Heritage Square, I get to MOVE IN ON THURSDAY!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ (Which means I'll ask for my keys on Sat., and end up there Thursday night after work, bringing me, my ratties, and anything else I can carry to the place so I can start sleeping there and coming to work from there from then on. ^_^

Busy busy busy!!, no? O.O Wish me luck all, and hopefully soon I'll be having the housewarming before too long. ;D:D:D (I wanna get the place ready and nice before people show up, so it'll likely not happen for a few weeks after I move all my shite...) The weekend after this one I'l be able to go to H-burg, pick up my kitties & snag my stuff outta storage so I can move in en-true. Wish me luck all, and I hope you have a great weekend, too! ^_^



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