For all of my lovely kindred spirits out there, I thought I'd put together a little something on Etsy-- just in time for faire season. ^_^  I've been racking up Favorites over there for ages, n' could have sworn I'd already made one of these long ago- but low and behold, no!  So here's a bunch of great items (nearly all of which are plus-size friendly) to help you celebrate yourself and your love of dance!  (Great for pro. dancers and non-dancers alike- whether you rock a full Tribal look, or just want one piece to adorn your faire costume. :))  Plus, lots of these shops have variations on stuff which suit faerie tastes, so go get 'em, girls! :D


 As Pride is happening all around us now and throughout the month of June, I thought I'd share a few links with folks that I just found; which might be of interest to some. :)  (Ones which I wish I'd found eeeeeons ago- as a little bi blind girl. ;))  

For many, it's hard enough to find decent disability resources- if any at all; depending on where one lives.  For many others, the same goes for GLBT-Q-related resources.  But put those two together, and most might think that finding any assistance w/pertinent issues would be a virtual impossibility.  I know I sure did- up until last night. :)  So for those who might be in a similar situation, that's why I'm sharing this with you.  If you or someone you know could use this info, pass it on! :D

For those who are blind or visually impaired and part of the GLBT-Q community, there's, a division of the ACB.
For folks with all types of disabilities in the UK and beyond, there's, They offer free membership for disabled folks in the GLBT-Q community.  
Plus there's a great, GLBT-Q inclusive online magazine, full of info for people of all kinds of abilities.  It offers stuff about everything from entertainment to finding work. :) -f

Annnd that's all I have for now, but if I find more, you can bet they'll be posted here as well. :)
Hope you are all well, and Happy Pride, y'all!

This list was given for those who might like to find my work in its various forms, as well as to serve as a repository for links so I don't always have to run around the 'Net and find them individually each n' every time I need them. ;)

Many Thanks and Love to All,
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( Jul. 3rd, 2008 04:25 pm)
As I'm FINALLY seeing a doctor tonight about this owie, swelly throat issue I've been dealing w/since Sat., I don't quite know what my plans will be for the weekend. Either I'll be fine and get to go to [ profile] flameofsilver's house tomorrow night to celebrate the evening w/him, or I'll be contageous (having already given my entire office whatever I've got), and I'll e at home, likely getting schnockered and celebrating the right to do so while watching cheesy melodrama courtesy of "Dante's Cove." ;D

I'm swimmin' and doin' laundry this weekend regardless, and unless I'm really bad-off sicky-wise, I'll be making people up for THE LAST DAY OF FILMING on the movie project I've been working on since JANUARY!!! :D:D:D ^_^ :D:D:D Yep! That's right! Done! Finished! Kaput! Finite! Terminado!! :D:D:D:D
My weekends are therefore MINE again, *glee* and so I might be doing a lot of things w/my time.. from finishing my place to taking bellydancing classes and a ton of stuff in between, yay yay yay YAY!! :D:D

And lastly, I've found some nifto links through my lunch-hours lately, & thought that if YOU didn't have much to do this weekend, ya might have some fun checkin' these babies out. :D:D

First off, there's Darker They do a ton of fun radio dramas/audio plays for folks who dig.. the darker side of fiction. ;)  These guys have stories featuring everything from zombies to elves, faeries to vampires, C'Thulhu and beyond. ^_^ (And for you fan-folks out there, they even have series' based on stuff like "Dr. Who" and "Star Trek." :D:D) Yay!   My faves?  "The Byron Chronicles," "Alive Inside" and "Gothik." ;)

Next, NIYAZ. If you like Arabic/ME music, CHECK THIS BAND OUT!!! They are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, and I was lucky enough to find them on Ioda- so they'll be featuring in my upcoming podshow. :D:D (Prob'ly a lot. ;D)

Next we have Louisa John-Krol. Shis does -amazing- mythology/fantasy/faerie world-based stuff, n' I'm rather shocked n' appalled at myself that I hadn't heard of/discovered her a LOOOONG time ago. If you like good lyrics, a lovely voice and great instrumentation & production (unlike a bunch of the other stuff one tends to find in that musical genre on the internet) you'll LOVE her. I encountered her work on YouTube via a vid about/by Brian Froud called "Muse," and it was all over from there. ;D Check out her new album entitled "Apple Pentacle-" where the "Muse" track came from. ;D

And lastly, athough it's not a link, it never occurred to me to look for things like events and people I was interested in on YouTube. It is AMAZING the kind of stuff that place has to offer... (Good as well as bad. ;))

'N that's it for me for this weekend, kitties! I hope soon I'll be able to tell you I just got a new comp., and that I'll be putting my podshow together soon soon soon soon. ^_^

Take care everyone!
Love Always,

I'm trying to renovate the gallery page on my web site pre-big art show coming up, and both Word and Publisher are driving me crazy!!  My computer's still down, so my only recourse is to work on my page at work, w/their comp. and using their pre-existing programs on off-work hours.  They have Word which'll edit web pages, but I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to insert pics from the WEB and make them still work once you upload your finished web page back up.  In other words, I have all the files I need online already, and I just want to associate the pics in the document with the right paths to the right URLs so they'll show up on my web page.   All Word seems to want to do is download the whole pic all over again and use the file off my comp- which as you know won't work for -anyone else- on the net.  So.. anyone got any advice or suggestions so I can actually have files people will SEE?  
I have no problems inserting and editing links, but the actual -source- file is proving to be a real booger.   
I've looked it up on my Help Topics/Agent and, but neither seems to have the answer.  How do I use my own web images w/o Word trying to associate every file to my current computer??  
Anyone have any advice, tools, tips or tricks??

Thanks SOOOO much!!



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