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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 10:19 pm)
Zombie Voodoo Mama Me, lookin' all evil and uplit, w/blood and bone necklace, & Mortimer the skull atop a staff holding fabric, strands of earthy beads n' shrunken heads. ^_^


A pic from my cell phone on the way to the Lurch in a Metro Access van.  Not terribly fine photogrraphy work, but the atmostphere suits, no? ^_^
Boy.. I looks eeeeeevil in 'dis pic, huh? ;D:D 
..Wait, that's supposed to be Bad, right? ;D

I love Meez. ^_^  I gots two new mascots for the Lurch, now. ^_^

but for those who aren't:

Would anyone like to come to my Zombie Lurch?  This year it's on November 1st, we'll start @ the Washington Monument, and end at the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring.  (We're havin' a party on the Metro to pass the 20mins or so from Judiciary Square- including music n' other fun stuffs. ^_^)  There's gonna be a drawing for zombie-related goodies, I'm also workin' on performances and such, n' we're collecting donations for the ASPCA, to help abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless animals all across the US. ^_^

Here's our flier, w/nifty undead art courtesy of Count Jackula. ;) 

We have an LJ community @, a myspace community @, and of course, you can always just go to our primary web site, at ^_^

Hope some folks can join in! ^_^
Nae (The LurchMistress/"Lurch Lady" ;))


There is a certain ecstasy about crawling into a bed when your house is chilly and cuddling up into big, fluffy, cosy blankies.

This crisp, cool autumn air is perfectly HEAVEN!!! Gawwwd it feels so goooood... even when I'm feeling crappy on the inside that lovely air and its smell n' feel make me feel good on the outside. ^_^


I'm home from work due to sever.. uhm.. owage.

My house is a disaster area.  And I still have to pack/make ready for Philadelphia, and get the fuzzies all set, too.  ...  Oy.   (Plus I had this great idea for presenting an art piece of mine to Brian Froud.. that I gotta make...)

My Lurch is ALL SET UP!! (Does anybody wanna come? We're workin' on having fire dancers, a bellydancer, n' lots more cool stuff! ^_^)


And someone just sent this to me on Facebook. Now, I'm not bashing anyone- but even his supporters have to admit this is.. disturbing...
I wanna say forget work for the next day or so and go to Philly, and then come back and clean house, decorate for Hallowe'en, and carve pumpkins!! ^_^

*Autumnal Glee*

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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 08:35 pm)
Zachariah just let me use "We're Comin' Ta Kill Ya" for my Lurch, and my podcast! ^_^
Don't know who he is? Well, check out the movie "Dead & Breakfast." (Thanks again, Ms. J! :D:D) It's a fun zombie flick w/he and his music featured through the whole thing. ^_^

Plus, he makes silly stuff like this:
(PS- NOT WORK SAFE UNLESS YOU WEAR HEADPHONES! The visual's fine, but he says a no-no word pretty much throughout the whole thing.)

Hope you enjoy!
Pics will likely be coming soon, but for right now...: ^_^

Thanks to those who could come out, those who've been so cool and supportive, Jessi and Scott, Shauna, Zoe and Gelf.. Katie at Borders, the Police and.. so many more!!

And to those who couldn't come out, we missed ya, would love to see ya next year, and hope that maybe, if there ends up being something done this summer, that you can come out then. ^_^


The choreography's shorter, you don't have to dance to Lurch, and you don't have to be a zombie nut or horror expert, either. :(:) Come on at six on out Sat. to the Washington Monument and shake a tail feather, or lurch about DC w/the rest of us, to end up at Midnight, on L St. NW! Either way we might be getting news coverage, so you could be seen on TV, or heard on the radio!! :D:D

Be well, n' have a great weekend everyone!!

Entrenched in Madness,
TUNE INTO WTOP @ 12:00 NOON TO HEAR THE PHONE INTERVIEW I JUST HAD ABOUT my LURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'll be playing it throughout the day up until 12 midnight, but CHECK IT OUT, MAN!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^!!!!!
(I'm -so- buggin'!!!) O.O I was AWEFUL.. but I'm STILL buggin'!!! O.O O.O O.O O.O
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D TWOP, man!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
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( Oct. 11th, 2007 01:50 pm)
A rather cute, very chivalrous young man drove me home last night. ^_^

The house I'm staying at seems to now have.. MICE... One kept me up squeaking across the room last night... *shudder* Ew. But either it went away, or the cat that was up there w/me (who also kept mewing) ate it... Hmm...


Would anyone like to join up w/my Lurch? If you'd like to dance the TTW thing, lemme know- I'll send you event registration stuff. :) An' if not, but you still wanna lurch, gimme a holler so I can put ya down for one of the ranks of The Confirmed. :)

And don't worry, there's always room for oen more. ;D


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