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( Jan. 13th, 2011 03:13 pm)
I just came across a great celebrity blog entry.  Normally I'm not into these things, but for one it happens to answer a question I've been wondering about her for the past few years.  And most importantly, for another.. well, if you've ever wondered why I'm so into bellydance, Ms. Margaret Cho illustrates the reason(s) beautifully- and very, very poignantly. :)

Baila mis amigas.  It's good for your soul. ^_^

We'll see how getting paid for it and getting it out of my house goes... ;)

Went to Karma last night at Lotus and had a decent time- (although I missed the free sushi n' champagne.. :IIII).  It's a SUPERPOSH club, and I'm ticked they're having Karma there from now on. ^_^   (..I dressed up in 80's goth gear w/makeup and all last night, 'cause they said that was the vibe on the flyer, but I guess they just meant the MUSIC, 'cause like NO ONE was in similar getups.. so..   yeaahh.. I was kind of embarrassed... O.O  I looked cute though.. so it was n't all that bad... ;D  Check out the new icon above for the pic of me I took last night/this morning after coming home at oh-god-thirty in the morning... ;):))   

I've been asked so sing at my cousin's wedding on the 19th. ^_^ O.O  *EEK!  Got to prepare!!!  -Clothes as well as repertoire! :-\)  Yaaay Matty, my favorite male cousin! :D:D;D  (His fiancĂ© Amber is a honey, too. :):))

And I'm going to Margaret tomorrow night. ^_^   Again, anyone wanna come with?  I think they still have tickets. :):)
Ooh, and speaking of my cousin's wedding, I can bring a guest.  Anyone wanna accompany me?

Anyhoo, I gotsta run.  End of my lunch break and all... :(((  
I am DEAD tired from just staying up the few hours left in the a.m. last night, for fear I wouldn't wake up in time for work.  So..  trudge trudge..  Mmm.. Zombie Nae...!! ;D:D

Hope all's well w/everybody!!

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( Apr. 7th, 2008 01:18 pm)


Anyone wanna come w/me??  they've stiiiill got tickeeettttsss..... ;D:D:D:D
I'm gonna hit the 10:00 show, Friday night. ^_^

So, who's in? :D:D




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