Aw hell.. Anne McCaffrey just died. :(((

Rest well, lady.  Thank you so much for all your many brilliant gifts.  Your work has inspired countless people, and THAT is magic.  Through the courage you had in pursuing your work and doing what you loved, the tenacity you exhibited in sharing your imagination & the joy you shared in opening up your spirit to us, you made the world a brighter, more interesting & far more beautiful place.  ♥♥♥   

Love & Light,
 Recently a friend put up a link on Facebook that got my thoughts flowing; on what might be built upon the site where the Twin Towers fell.  

For what it's worth, here're my 2 cents:  

I think they should build a universal worshiping space there.  Something grandiose, majestic and lovely, w/the names of the people who died there subtly engraved in a central point somewhere, w/a tribute message encouraging people to -come together,- so nothing like 9/11 ever happens again (in this country, and everywhere)...  It could be a big, glorious glass dome, the inside of which would be bathed in light and naturally lit from overhead- like a circular or ovular version of the pyramids @ the Louvre...  Someplace where people of all religions could find peace, seek contact w/their faith(s), and worship in freedom.  Someplace all in white marble and twining, spiral columns.. so that it identifies w/all religions, and none specifically at all...  

I keep picturing a huuuuuuge place, with groupings of seats here and there, and marvelous, light tilework decorating the floor; with a pagan circle happening in one section, a group of Muslims answering the adhan (a call to prayer) in another, while still separate group- perhaps a full Catholic congregation holding Mass- continues their practice in yet another area.  ..And all would be united by this brilliant dome of light overhead, and perhaps one grand, curving wall...  All respectful of one another, all following their practices in reverence and peace.  

The space could even house secular events at certain times, with respect to differing cultures' spiritual cores...  Like cultural festivals w/folk-dance ceremonies- whirling Dervishes and massive pow-wows, Hindu, Buddhist & Taoist festivals, teachings of sacred arts (like Muslims teaching prayer-rug weaving, Hindus teaching the rituals of mhendi, etc), and quiet prayers being whispered in serene, light-hewn pews....  No doubt to some this sounds insanely idyllic and wildly improbable.  But hey, this is -my- ideal of what should be there.. ya know?  Personally, I think anything that goes there should be universal in its appeal/draw, a synthesis of both the old and the new,  and should offer something folks could learn from.  It should be something more than just a remembrance for the dead- but a celebration of life as well.  Someplace where all people could come together in the search for faith, personal (as well as cultural) growth, harmony, and understanding.  :)

Okay, I'm done now. ;D

Yours Forever in Song,
The Waterling

Dammit- I just had this whole entry nearly done, and like a dumbass I navigated away from the page an' it didn't have a save/default/draft yet.  Piss.  Well, since I gotta write the thing again, here goes...  I hope I get it all right:

This episode is also dedicated to all of you who might be dealing with the loss of a loved-one, too.

I spent a long time working with incarnation upon incarnation of this episode- trying again and again to put a proper tribute together for my friend, Jeff.  But for some reason nothing really turned out right:  No podcast ever really fit, and no playlist ever felt truly Right...  So in short, his tribute show kept eluding my grasp, and I was afraid that it would never really coalesce. 
But for some reason I got inspired to tackle this project again last week, and have since been working on it diligently- no more avoidance, frustration, or procrastination.  Everything seemed to fit or flow, and when it didn't, I was able to work through things until they did. ^_^  It's finally finished and feels Truly Right, and I am so grateful. ^_^  ..I guess it just wasn't time.. or I just wasn't ready.

But now it's done, and I invite all of you to listen, if you wish. :) 

You can either download it directly here, visit the Eclectica home page @ (where you can find all the song info & artist links), check out a streaming AND downloadable version of it at my MyPodcast page, or you can also find it at iTunes for free download & subscription there. :)  (But I have like nooo tags on the thing there- 'cause I still have yet to figure that trick out.)

I hope you enjoy it, and that.. if those whom we miss are still with us in some way, that they enjoy it too. :)


An old friend of mine has passed away suddenly, and I just wanted to say "goodbye, I wish I'd known you better, and that I wish so much that I'd kept closer with you over the years.  You are a remarkable person, and I'm sorry for not talking to you more.  Thank you for your many gifts- most of all being just your friendship." 

I've known Jeff since I was about five, and my mom loves telling people how I always used to call him "my first boyfriend" when I was little.  I went to school w/him as a little kid, played "Beep Ball" w/him as I was growing up; and was always amazed at fucking funny he could be, and how truly frigging SMART the man was.   As the years went by (and I tried harder and harder to be "cool") though, I didn't keep in very good contact with him.  And I should have.  He came to a few of my birthday parties over the years, but I never really talked to him beyond those events we were together much, & my mom kept in touch w/him every six months or so-. which si more than I ever did.  Well this morning I got the word that Jeff had suddenly passed away, and after a time of total shock, it's been like a bomb hit me.  Fortunately my mom & I were able to go to his funeral. & that funeral home was PACKED with about three to four hundred people.  Apparently Jeff was extremely spiritual, sang for his friends to make them happy, & served as a chairman on committees for disabled rights and advocacy.  And all of this was news to me.  I found out about many parts of his life I didn't know before, and I saw what an impact he made on others' lives, and just wanted to leet him know, here, in some way- if he can see this now- how much he touched mine.  Jeff Watkins had a lot of physical problems, but he was one of the smartest people I'll ever know, and one of the bravest and strongest as well.  He did a lot of amazing things, and I'm sorry I didn't know him better.  I'm so grateful to have known him in the ways I did.  He's blessed my life in more ways than I could possibly express.

Jeff, I'll miss you, and hope that wherever you are, you're happy, whole, and free.

Love Always,

PS, Here's a copy of Jeff's Obituary, from the Washington Post.  If you, or someone you know knew him, feel free to pass this on.  Because his death was so unexpectedly sudden, I imagine there are lots of people whose lives he touched, but who haven't yet heard the sad news about Jeff's passing.

Jeff's Obit. in the Washington Post )




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