So, I GOT MY FIRST SALE ON ETSY!!! ^_^   Plus, I just put up each pair of the remaining Humbug Horns for sale there, too. :)  One girl from a faerie LJ community bought a pair already right off my LJ post, and the rest are sitting on Etsy, waiting to be purchased. :)  

Secondly, due to these purchases, I sent off my 2 sales from Etsy & LJ tonight. :)  I walked a ways to a local bus stop, then ended up getting driven to the Post Office (which stays open till ten tonight- how cool is that??), by some good citizen who saw me standing by the road and freaked out 'cause a snow plow passed too close to me for her comfort.  I was fine, but seeing that apparently really freaked her out, so she drove me to the PO out of the kindness of her heart. :)

I took a bus to the Metro back, planning to Metro from East Falls to Dunn Lorring and then walk home from there.   However, unfortunately I also slipped into a snow-covered drainage ditch while avoiding a large snow-hill in the walkway on the way to the PO.  It didn't hurt much to begin with, but through the night it's just gotten worse and worse- and now.. uhm.. OW!!   I rode the train back and forth for a while beyond my stop to hopefully give my ankle a rest before I tried walking home, but in transferring directions to head back home I discovered I could barely walk on the thing.   The pain just kept gettin' worse & worse as I sat, and I ended up literally kneeing my way (i.e. crawling w/o the aid of my hands) w/my blindo cane through the Dunn Lorring station and out to wait for a taxi to take me home.  (I am SO glad I brought that thing to help bus drivers see me!  How could I have known it was actually gonna help me get off the train & down the main railway like a walking cane tonight? ;P)  I think it's just a strain, but I can't help but wonder 'what the hell did I do?" ;P

I've since taken a nice long bath & shower to hopefully ease things, but I sure wish I had some big-time drogas to help w/the pain.   Still, it kinda feels like a much worse version of what happens when I strain things standing too long- so I'm hoping if I just stay off it for a while, it'll get better.   (When my foot slipped into the ditch, it pointed severely and something popped in the back of my ankle between my heel & my leg.  I can still move my foot, but certain positions really make me grit my teeth.)  I so hope it's just something mildly pulled!  Otherwise, what a sucky way to begin the New Year, and start the holiday??? :P  

Anyway, I just thought I'd say "yay, I'm done w/shipping my two first online sales!! ^_^", and wish you all a

Happy Yule! ^_^
Love Love Love,
 I just found out about this, and for what it's worth I'm dropping my plans for the night and going to this last Open House that the WMATA is hosting.  I entreat all of you who live in the area & who ride Metro (or know someone who does) to come out and make your voices & opinion(s) heard.  (Even if you disagree w/my personal POV. :))  

The situation is this:
It seems that Metro is having trouble meeting its 2010 fiscal year budget, so they're trying to decide whether or not to cut their bus & train services in PG County & DC, or raise their overall fare prices in general.  The resulting decision would take effect in June, and TONIGHT is the last time they're having a town-hall-style meeting, open to the public, on this issue.

That's right- they're -actually asking- for the public's opinion.  So if you (or someone you know/love) depends on Metro like I do, think about what you wanna say on your way over & go on up to 'em tonight make a difference. :))))  Even if you have something to say that might not necessarily be about the main issue at hand, their ears (as well as their hearts & minds- hopefully ) will be OPEN tonight..!
It's a GREAT opportunity to get Metro to actually HEAR you.  ^_^  

If enough of us show up, bring our A-games, arm ourselves w /intelligence, smiling faces, & a little patience, I bet we can get some real good done. :):)

For more information, here's the WMATA page on the subject:

Here's hopin' all goes well, and that I might see one or two of you out there w/me tonight. ;D


I've had this idea in my head for sometime for a piece of art I've been wanting to do.  It's been itching at my brain a lot lately, and since I can't exactly get the piece done at the moment as I'd like, I thought I'd come up with a little piece of writing to describe him instead... 

King of the UnderWorld

And there he sits,
an Elven king,
perched high
atop his throne,
mighty lord,
surveying all he sees-
regent of the subway lines...
The UnderGround, his home.

Lord of rats and skittering things,
a vagabond or two,
a homeless woman in a blackened cart,
and while you're there, he lords o'er you.

Metal cars go streaming past
like screeching bean-sidhes in the night,
while passersby linger & move ever on,
oblivious of his Majesty's sight.

Upon a stairwell never used,
for what reason none quite knows why,
His Lordship makes his humble roost,
Sheltered from rain, and sun and sky.

For he is the Lord of the UnderGround,
the Master of all he sees,
and he owns all the tunnelways, rail stations and tube-cars,
We all merely come and go by his leave.

Yes every vagrant and traveller, socialite & tramp,
Every businessman, fop, boy and girl,
Passes through the railways as His Lordship allows it,
For we are only sojourning subjects within His World.

This his crown of found objects,
That sits atop his high, chiseled brow,
Encircling tendrils of light, flowing locks,
And his frowning, eloquent mouth.

He sits in the center of the stairwell,
Long white hands gripping the rails of his throne,
As the escalators move people unseeing,
And his lordship reigns, all alone.

His clothes are rugged & care-worn,
With torn blue-jeans and strapped leather boots,
While on his arms rest long metal gauntlets,
His chest bare but for ancient tattoos.

And there he is, and always will be,
The Lord of the great UnderGround,
Reigning over his Kingdom, unheard and unseen,
All alone..  Well- at least, until now...

OH yeah, I look like one <i>HELL</i> of a biiig, scary-dangerous criminal.. don't I??? )

I hope everyone else has a great Easter, and that no matter what, how, or whether or not you celebrate, that your weekends are safe and happy ones. :):):)

Love and Light Always,



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