"Zombieland's" new, FINAL date for the screening in DC is SEPTEMBER 29th! 
The theatre has been solidified & the event is essentially thus::
  1. Meet behind the PNC Bank @ 1201 Wisconsin Ave NW DC @ 6pm,
  2. Walk just under half a mile.
  3. Meet up again @ the Georgetown 14 Theatre @ 3111 K Street, NW DC 20007.
  4. See a FREE SCREENING of "ZOMBIELAND" before it officially breaks in theatres!
Zombies get in free, so be there, or be dinner! ^_^
E-mail zombieland@gmail.com w/your full name, and those of all additional guests attending. :)
For zombie-related tips and more info, check out their official Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137164922182&ref=ss
And find other "Zombieland" walks around the country at: http://machineshopmarketing.com/zombieland/
Hope to see you all there!
*Much Zombie Love*
 Hey everybody!  I've gotten the official go-ahead from the Sony people to advertise this event, and this is what they've put out for me to release.. Read on for details!:


ATTENTION WASHINGTON DC ZOMBIES!! Join your fellow DC Zombies at an advanced screening ofColumbia Pictures' ZOMBIELAND (Rated R) on Thursday, October 1 at a local movie theater to be announced soon! Admission is FREE but you must dress like a Zombie. To reserve your seats, RSVP by sending an email to zombielanddc@gmail.com with the full name of each guest. You will receive a confirmation email with event details. After the screening, the undead will walk the streets of DC! Stay tuned for news about an accompanying ZOMBIELAND Zombiewalk to be announced VERY SOON! Check out the Zombieland trailer at http://bit.ly/NpLh9.


If you'd like to come, check out the Official Facebook Invite:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137164922182 and RSVP a.s.a.p. if you can, please.  The more people we get for this the better, and I'm hoping that the super-short notice won't ruin this area's chances for getting a really sweet turnout. :)

I'll put the stats of the zombie walk portion together as soon as I get their notice of which theatre we'll be ending at for the screening, and get back to you as soon as that comes to me. :)

Have a good one, all!

Nae (TLM)
[livejournal.com profile] amethystjade reminded me of a commercial that I wanted to find on YouTube and share w/you all, via w/one of her super posts. Thank you Miss AmmeyJay, and mehopes you like the commercial below (which is the same one I replied to you with in your comments section). :)

♥ ♥ ♥

And although I have various comments to make about the movie, I only have one, main thing to say:  

Prince Nuada.  *swoons, falls over, becomes pile o' goo*

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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm)
Good Stuff:  I wore a brown-based outfit today (like the only one I have) and am geting TONS of complements on it.  (It's a swank animal-patterned shirt Mark's mom gave me, and a sueded long skirt.)  I may not be a fan of brown, but it's nice to have all these people gushin' all over me about how nice, fancy, swanky, professional, etc. I look today. ^_^

Plus Sat. night I had two guys bein' all affectionate and com-on-y.  Wow.. duude.. how.. not usual. ...  It was FUN. ^_^

Gourmet Thanksgiving leftovers RULE. :D

Hack and Slash are teaching at a very cool Sword Fighting workshop.  There will be LOTS of big movie fight choreographers there. ^_^  All you fanboys and girls out there; YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO GO. ;D

I just sent this as a test to a coworker's e-mail, to make sure my server was working.  It's a silly li'l poem I thought up on the spot just for message filler.  And makes me think I should write children's books. ;D

"Ibbledy Bibbledy
I like silly nonsense,
Do you like it too?" ;D

I put up a video about my two li'l rat-boys on YouTube last night. :)  If you wanna see it, (or any of my other bizarro, trivial stuff), you can go to www.youtube.com/renaessance. :):)  (BellyHorror, FaerieCon and other vids there, too.)

My friend Ryan is donig a reshoot of a movie he's been working on for EONS now.  The new script and storyline is MUCH better than the first, and he's gonna have me in it for a bit! :D:D  Plus, he's casting right now for all but one main role, and for extras n' supporting roles.  If you're a LARPer, vampire-fan, or just acting fan who's local, gimme a holler and I'll pass on your info to him. :)  (It's a non-paying, low-budget gig, but it'll be goin up on MDB< and potentially be seen by.. very influential eyes. :):))

As I'm quitting my job, and my last day is on Friday, Dec. 5th, would anyone like to go out and celebrate w/me, either on Friday or Sat?  I'm goin' to Midnight Sat. to whoop it up.  ^_^  MIght dye my hair blue... dunno... :D:D
*wants to be the very antithesis of straight-laced, business-appropriate decorum*

And dassit!
How was everyone's weekend??

..Nearly 3 Days and Counting...
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 05:55 pm)
Manyof you know I've been working on a low-budg. film the last six months. Well Sat. night I got the chance to snap a photo of some of my work w/my wee cell phone, and today after work I decided to play w/it a little. Ladies and gentleman, enter Durias. ;D

Hope ya like!
(ooh, and let me know if this comes out looking strange or anything- the settings on this monitor are weird, & we're not allowed to change 'em.)

Oh yeah, and my mom forwarded this to me ages ago, and I just now got a chance to look at it. Issprittycoo. ;D (Okay, even with the weird guy at the end. ;))

Check eet out!  ;D


I put notices up in my zombie pages, asked various friends, inquired around, but no one I know is going up to Hagerstown this weekend to be part of the zombie movie I advertsed not long ago.  And of course, it turns out that MA doesn't go there.  So is anyone out there going to the Hagerstown zombie movie filming this weekend who's willing to cart me along?  I -really- want to go, as it's the last filming op.   I'll pay gas n' errehthang. ;D

For complete info, click here.

And if you're up for letting me ride along, please eitehr reply here, e-mail me, or gimme a call if ya have mah numbah. :):)

Thank you SO much!

It's all good stuff, though. ^_^
First off, (yes, I know it's not the weekend tonight, but I still gotta post about it, ^_^) I GET TO SEE JEN AND CHRIST ODAY!!!! *glee glee glee glee glee*
We're meeting up after work, I get to give them their prezzies, and who knows what else afterward? :D:D:D:D I can't wait, and hope that Jen and Chris are lookin' forward to it, too. ^_^

Second, my ACTUAL weekend agenda:
Friday: Root canal at four, meeting about a makeup artist job I'm doing at seven till ten thirty. Metro Access transport all between.
Saturday, finish up the few things I have to do for gifts on Suday. Then:
Get MA to pick me up at 2, so I can be in MD by my appointment at 3 TO SIGN MY LEASE!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ I don't wanna jinx it or anything, but I'm looking forward to the plan, and hope that everything goes through okay. ^_^ (Memo to me; remember to look thoroughly over pet policy- of which they have NO PET RENT OR PET DEPOSIT!!! ^_^)
From there at four fifteen I'm heading over to another film meeting, which will be held at five, and presumable go till.. sevenish.? Maybe??
Sunday from noon to five I'll be at game. Normally I'm gaming till six, but this weekend IS THE L WORD PREMIER!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Amupme who wants to come w/me still totally can. ^_^ They suggest being there by six 'cause they'll be full, and I've seen long lines at these things, so it's not surprising. That goes till ten or eleven or so, and then... Snooooore..!!! Time to crash and get ready for work agian on Monday. ^_^

If all goes well on Saturday, w/Heritage Square, I get to MOVE IN ON THURSDAY!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ (Which means I'll ask for my keys on Sat., and end up there Thursday night after work, bringing me, my ratties, and anything else I can carry to the place so I can start sleeping there and coming to work from there from then on. ^_^

Busy busy busy!!, no? O.O Wish me luck all, and hopefully soon I'll be having the housewarming before too long. ;D:D:D (I wanna get the place ready and nice before people show up, so it'll likely not happen for a few weeks after I move all my shite...) The weekend after this one I'l be able to go to H-burg, pick up my kitties & snag my stuff outta storage so I can move in en-true. Wish me luck all, and I hope you have a great weekend, too! ^_^

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( Dec. 10th, 2007 12:44 pm)
Flirting is fun. ^_^ I have someone at game to flirt with, and it's really kinda noice. :):)

Also, GO SEE "THE MIST!!!" If you're into Stephen King, good horror/thriller flicks, C'Thulhian mythos stuff, or if ya just like a good, unexpected twist on an ending, I repeat, GO SEE "THE MIST!!!" ;D:D I'm a big fan of the story, (for the same reasons I like zombie flicks-aside from King's own awesome writing of course- the survival/sociological/psychological aspects... :):)), and I think they stuck to the script pretty well. They changed a few things of course, but they even had a bunch of lines straight out of the audio-drama I'm most familiar with, and they COMPLETELY ran w/the ending. Very nicely done. ^_^
Ahh, good stuff... :):) Plus finally getting to see a movie in the theatre rocked, too. ^_^

Hope all's well w/everybody!

I just saw "Accepted" and it's a really KICKASS movie!!! It makes me wanna paint all over the walls, scream out loud, do my hair n' clothes all funky (n' creative), and go out there and expand my mind, and GET WHAT I WANT! :D:D:D SO COOL!! *grins* Plus it's funny as hell, and has Lewis Black in it- in a fantastic role for him. ^_^ I highly recommend it to anyone, and now I'm gonna go invision painting my room (and myself) in a million bright, rainbow colors. *beams* Night, y'all!! ^_^
Cross-posted from my zombie-centric community, dczombielurch. Check it out! You might get PAID to show up at a zombie walk!! :D:D:D:D:D

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( May. 18th, 2007 07:06 pm)
DUDE!!! 28 Weeks Later was scary and GOOD!!

I highly recommend action, zombie, horror and thriller fans go see it. *gory glee* Goo dstuff man.. good stuff. ^_^


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