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( Feb. 12th, 2010 09:54 am)

If all goes as planned, my mom should be here any minute to cart my tuchus off to H-burg.   So saying, I just wanted to say;

Goodbye to those I've come to know in No. Va., and hello to those I've yet to meet in H-burg and Radford.  

I'll not be web-accessible for a few weeks, but if y'all need me, feel free to give me a call. :)

Much Love and Safe Travels,
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( Jan. 13th, 2010 12:40 am)
Skye, sitting in my pulled-out dresser drawer, while I sorted socks. :)

Leather-clad glass bottle full of rose petals...

Skye, sitting in my dresser drawer, helping me sort socks.  (The drawer had just fallen off the bed- cracking the whole thing apart. :()
And a beautiful little bottle I got at an anime convention, filled w/dried rose petals.  Three whole blooms, then 3 petals from each of the 3 remaining flowers I had been given.  For Remembrance.

Plus, I just got ANOTHER cold.  Fun!!  Super timing.. no?? ;P
Anyway, be well y'all.  
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( May. 26th, 2009 03:57 pm)
On Sunday, May 31st, might anyone be available to help me move, in exchange for reasonable reimbursement + foodses?

I have FAR less than I did moving in & everything's broken up into small boxes (so everything is rather managable), but it's gonna suck being just me and my mom.  Because my formerly-upcoming landlord has renegged, I tried extending my lease here as I've nowhere else to go yet, but it's a no-go.  Therefore as it stands I have no idea exactly where it's all going to be put, but storage seems the most likely option.  

Any help would be -greatly- appreciated, & payment (as well as food options) are open to discussion.

Thank you SO much if you can help and are available. *cyberhugs*

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( Mar. 9th, 2009 10:00 am)
I'm moving and would really like to sell a few pieces of furniture and miscellany. :)  I've got a listing up on CL, but in case any of my friends would like to partake, I thought I'd put up a notice here, too.  Items up for sale are
  • A worn but very sturdy med. brown bookshelf / bookcase. (Purchased already w/wear a few years back.) $15
  • A sleek, black coffee table w/3 super-large drawers underneath. (That pull out from both sides of the unit- GREAT storage!) $115 (Could easily be renoed in look w/a simple exchange of drawer knobs! ;D)
  • A cute wood & tile portable kitchen island.  (Small but w/great storage for pots, pans and/or dry goods, modeled here by Miss Black n' Fuzzy USA, 2009.) $55
  • An HP DeskJet 970 cxi Printer. (Perfect working order, just needs ink. Open to show inner workings in photo. All cords included.) $25
  • A versatile boom box / portable stereo, w/CD player, AM/FM radio & cassette player. (Broken antenna, but it still picks up radio beautifully, & the rest works like new. Pictured on the bookshelf noted above.) $15
  • A good-sized, wood-framed Asian-style mirror. (Not pictured.)  $55
  • A Buxton Organizer purse / handbag, still in its shipping bag, brand new.  $25
  • Plus other stuff likely as I filter all all my crud. ;).

Bookshelf & Stereo  Mini Kitchen Island
Black Coffee Table

HP 970 cxi Printer

(Please ignore yon janky floors!)

All any of these might need is a good whipe-off and they'll be just lovely. :)

Also available (of course) is my original art, crafts & jewelry, if desired- as I'd love to get as much of it off my hands as possible so I've more money to move with and less Stuff to move. ;). If it's on my web site or in my Etsy shop, I've likely got it "in stock."

All prices are up for reasonable negotiation, & feel free to drop me a line via e-mail or comment here if you're interested in anything. :)

Hope all y'all are doing well!


Just God, I guess.

IIIII'm so done. I'm such a mixed bag of feelings right now; I can't even express. I'm so tired.. in more ways than I can say, too. Glad, happy, eager, excited, terrified, apprehensive, sad, hurt, upset, regretful, angry, hopeful, tense, nervous.............

My computer connection is so down it's been off since last night, so I'm scrapping the whole thing and have resolved to just take care of it when I pull it out of boxes the next time I go wherever I gotta go. ..Hopefully I'll have a hard-wired net connection then, and it'll make things a little easier.

During the times while I was waiting for my connections to see if they would repair, I started making a kitty web page. I'll upload that as soonas my comp is out of the box elsewhere, too. For now the computer is going to be boxed up and put in storage, until which time it is that I can actually have space to use it. If anyone wants to reach me, call the house (till tomorrow afternoon) or my cell.

Finishing the last of everything tonight. GAWDS I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!!!

PLus I'm going to be both glad and still very sad that I'm leaving here. I'm going to miss a lot of folks, be sad about leaving others the way thigns are behind, and still be glad in other ways that I'm gettin' the hell outta here. There was a lot of good things about living in Winchester, but there was also a lot of bad, and I'm hoping things will get better for all of us as I move along. Maybe I'll get shed of some of this depression, I'll take hold of the better aspects of myself, and I'll actually become someone whom I like agian. Hey, we're hopin'.

Cheers to all and everyone I've known around here. Love ya, and thanks for all the fish. ;)

Putting Everything Away For Now...
..Or at Least Down.


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