Pics Pics and More Pics! From Street Fairs to Spooky Bars! :D )
And more will be coming, as soon as I get my mom's photographs. ^_^  
If you'd like to see more, the full set is allll on Facebook. :)

Me, dancing @ Goth Prom, Sunday night. ^_^  I know -I'm- far from perfect as far as body and shape go, but I just love the moment she's captured here so much.. despite all my flaws... :)  I think her photo makes me seem beautiful- in the moment of the dance.  *happy grins*

Thank you, lady!  ^_^

To those of you who make the effort
to take care of this wonderfully diverse,
immensely beautiful, magical, mysterious,
often befuddling but ever-amazing &
tremendously precious planet:

thewaterling: (Autumn Elf)
( Dec. 20th, 2008 06:59 am)
  • Maaan, I just went through some ooold photos my mom left here a while back, and I've got some friends who should be afraaaaaaid. >;D
  • Wow.. MySpace sucks! They just took down my Project Playlist :( Wouldn't let me have Bing Crosby in a video of my cats, either. :P
  • Pickin' stuff up and puttin' things away.. arranging, decorating, sorting.. gah, it feels GOOD to be active and productive. ^_^

You want proof that the first one is true?  Check out this blast from the past:

Me at homecoming fresh. or soph. year.
(I still have those earrings and gloves somewhere- they rolled down like mad!)

Jack, Tina, Charlie, Anya, Kelly F., Amanda R.  Marcos R. Chris W., Jen M., David A., many peoples from my high school and gaming crew in college, if you want to walk down memory lane, just lemme know an' I'll send you a shot or to of you from the "good ol' days." ;)  It's SO WEIRD seeing how different, yet how alike so many people seem from so many years ago.  ..And then to realize -how many- bloody years ago these were taken!!  ^_o  (Oh, and Tenoya, if you're out there and reading this, I have a great pic of Dave B. at our senior prom, too. ;)

And yes, I do have a few.. "interesting" photos of some of 'yall. ;D  Nothing lewd, but hey.. we were young!  *grins*

thewaterling: (Naead)
( Aug. 27th, 2008 02:16 pm)

Teehee.. my podcast is now on iTunes. ^_^
Tom Waits is on The Podsafe Music Network. ^_^
Even if it's craaaaaaappy-slow, I have a computer. ^_^
-Which not only allows me to make my podshow, but also has allowed me to upload the photos which I've been dying to upload.  ^_^
If you want to see any of the pics I took from the MD Faerie Festival, you can clicky here; where you'll find pics GALORE. ^_^

Now, anyone want to come w/me to FaerieCon in October??  I'm goin' regardless- (I've got my ticket already- to make sur I GO instead of just wishin' 'n then missin' it), but I'd LOVE to have someone along w/me. ^_^  Anyone wanna go see Omnia, Gntal, Brian Froud, or Alan Lee??  :D:D

Gleefully Yours,

Pics will likely be coming soon, but for right now...: ^_^

Thanks to those who could come out, those who've been so cool and supportive, Jessi and Scott, Shauna, Zoe and Gelf.. Katie at Borders, the Police and.. so many more!!

And to those who couldn't come out, we missed ya, would love to see ya next year, and hope that maybe, if there ends up being something done this summer, that you can come out then. ^_^



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