I do have a whole other show planned out for more holiday musical goodness, but for now, if you're looking for (actually GOOD) podsafe music that's fitting (and different from everything you're already heard a hundred-zillion times) for the season, I humbly entreat you to visit my podcast's little station, and listen. ^_^  (Both streaming & download available. :))  There's silly, quirky stuff here, traditional-ish sounding pieces, orchestral pieces, choral works, a kid-friendly piece or two, Celtic-y bits, archaic bits, and swing here n' there, too. :)  (The next ep'll have Dar Williams, some rock-ish stuff, and lots more too. *beams*)

Merry Christmas & Happy Yule Everyone!!!

For a full show inspired by the fae, w/fae-centric music of all kinds, you're most humbly invited to visit eclecticanetradio.blogspot.com. :) The show includes bands such as: Faun, Omnia, The Gypsy Nomads, Meg Davis, Caprice and many more. :) It was just put up Wednesday to be ready and available for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I really hope those of you who're fans of different types of music, as well as those who dig mythology, folklore & the fae, will like it! ^_^ (And hopefully, there'll be a few more faerie-inspired shows coming up soon! Including one general faerie-ep, as well as one all about merfolk & other aquatic creatures. ^_^)

Many Thanks and Much Love,

"DJ Selchie" :)
Here's Eclectica's newest, V-Day-oriented episode. :)
(Plus, if you go to the site and scroll down here or on the main site, you'll find a blooper from this episode. ;))


1. Amy Speace - Two
2. The Shanghai Restoration Project -Miss Shanghai Revealed (SOO
3. Tori Lewis feat. Talent - Where I Wanna Be
4. The Latin Soul Syndicate - El Gitano del Amor
5. Donna Lewis - Shout
6. Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin
7. The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending
8. Deirdre Flint - I'm Single
9. Enigma - The Principles of Lust (The Everlasting Lust Remix)
10. Lothlorien - Willie and Mary
11. Andy Davis - Earth and Venus
12. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
13. Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix)
14. The New World Renaissance Band - Where Beauty Moves & Wit Delights
15. Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable
(Note to those who care: I'd thought Enigma was surely French, but it seems they are, in fact, German. :) Sorry for the goof!)

And lastly; Eclectica's first-ever blooper reel: 
(If t'were put in the papers, its headline might read "Podcaster Cracks, Swallowing Microphone Whole." ;)) 

(Note- turn your volume down..! ;))

Now I go lie down for a min... I'm having.. issues. 
Hope y'all like!

I just put up a Twitter account for my podcast, Eclectica.  This way I can keep track of what's happening in that realm & post info about it for people who want to know, and for the rest of you who're like "oh dear God PLEASE let her shaddap about that damned thing!" you don't have to read about it anymore. :)  (As I'll keep all updates n' posts there, unless so outlandishly phenominal that it effects the rest of my life- thus warranting a space here.  For example, if a new artist offers me some music to put on my show, I'll put that up on Twitter- both for informational as well as record-keeping purposes.  But if someone big wants to MEET me 'cause of the show- say for a collabo or an interview, oh you can BET I'm SO gonna post it here- 'cause it could affect the rest of my career and life! ^_^)  I'll be puttin' up news about site features, artist acquisitions, show status and the like, as well as requests & suggestion call-outs for people who listen.  If you're interested, you can find the show on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/eclecticanradio.

And just in case you're new to the blog and haven't seen it before, you can find the show's main page here.  (Or at the left sidebar of this page. ;))  E's also got a MySpace page, a MyPodcast.com presence, as well as available feeds on lots of the podcasting sites out there (like podpickle.com, podcastalley.com, etc.)  You can also find the show (w/a quick search for Eclectica) at iTunes. :D

That THAT is all you shall hear about that, my lovelies. ;D

Is there a particular podcast length you folks tend to prefer?  I've got a super-sized Harvest podcast, (it's being converted to .mp3 format as we "speak"), and I'm wondering if I should break it up into small "pods."  (Is that where "podcast" comes from, or is it just in direct reference to the iPod?  Hmmm...)  Anyhoo, I feel like it's cheating to make "shows" of just a few songs apiece, so any help y'all might provide would be much appersheeyated.

Many Thanks! ^_^

I just happened upon an old-timey radio station while here at work- like just a little bit ago today.  That got me thinking of how much I love old-timey music, & reminded me of the fact that I'd like to put some swing & old-time music on my podcast.  So I went onto the internet just moments ago, looking for licensing info.  Then I started thinking about Bing Crosby- did a search on him, and as I'm searching through files of his on a Creative Commons archive site, looking for one specific song- ("Counting Your Blessings") he comes on the radio...  O.O  
And -all- of this has happened within the span of about half an hour.  I tuned in while working, got the idea for licensing about five minutes ago, and -boom.- 

Yeah.. see?  Moments like -these- are the times where I'm like "yeah.. somebody's GOT to be looking down on me..."

There are not caps large enough, nor print exuberant enough, nor any type of word out there which could adequately express how truly happy I am at this present moment. ^_^  My show SHO'-nuff ain't perfect- but it's FINISHED, and I am SO excited that it is!!! *wheee!!!!!!!*  It's been a hell of a lot more work than I'd imagined, but it's also been a ton of fun every step of the way (even when I was screwing up), and I've learned a LOT.  

If you folks are inclined, I invite you to take a listen to my first podshow; Eclectica- and I really hope you enjoy it!! ^_^ 

The Very First Episode of ECLECTICA!! ^_^

And that's all, folks! 
..Until next time, that is. ;) 
Thanks for visiting, and for looking up these great artists! ^_^ 

All the Best, 

Both The Cliks and Yoav have said it's okay to play their music on my dinky, wee, not-even-finished-yet podcast!!
How cool is that??? :D:D


thewaterling: (Ahhhndrae!!!)
( Aug. 18th, 2008 05:02 am)

I just wrote a letter to CYNDI LAUPER...!!!

It was a music request, to ask permission to play some of her stuff on my little podshow.

Holy crap...

1. I saw a guy when I was coming home who had super-long dreads down to his WAIST. This image shall eventually find itself in one of my art pieces. ^_^

2. MY PODCAST HAS AN INTRO!!! ^_^ It ain't perfect by any means, (I have no fancy mic or other recording equipment), but thanks to Audacity Eclectica's first intro is ALIVE, BAYBEE!! ^_^
I'm in the process of putting the full p-cast together nights, and hopefully within a short time I'll have my first podcast up & running! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
(..Can ya tell I'm excited..? ;D)

If you're inclined to take a listen, you can find my first two attempts at putting Eclectica together below. :D:D

First Evah Intro.  (I doubt I'll actually use this rough cut ON the show, but methinks it's an okay start.. no? :))
First Evah Disclaimah. ;)  (Which will at some point be followed in print and in audio by a citation of who the background music is from- which happens to be The Crime Syndicate; the recording being "Middle Eastern.")  Methinks I'll get a few more background pieces to boot, so I can switch it up a bit at times. ;D:D

Hope ya like, and thanks so much for listening! *glee*
thewaterling: (Moon Goddess)
( Jul. 8th, 2008 06:31 pm)

1.  My co-worker Carole has continued in her bitchy, ultra-catty, Harrass-the-Nae streak.

*glee glee glee*


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( Jun. 26th, 2008 05:37 pm)
Voltaire just gave me permission to use some of his songs on my podcast! ^_^
If you know me, (or have visited my myspace page with my projectplaylist.com feature on it), you know my tastes in music go all over the map. Well I'm starting up a podcast to share my best finds with the world, and I'm desperately looking for some good, diverse music.

^_^ It's still in its infant stages, but I thought that while I'm shopping for a new computer I should still go about finding music for the show, no? So here goes!

Regardless of your genre, I'm looking for quality musicians in every style- Pop, Latin, Goth/Industrial, EBM, Trance, Middle Eastern, Nwe Wave, World, Celtic, Folk and more.

From Voltaire to Omnia, Gypsy Nomads to VnV Nation, Sarah MclAchlan to Loreena McKennit, Madonna to ATB, I love all genres of music and want to share my eclectic tastes with others! If you have anything on sites like Ioda, Magnatunes or Podshow. com, please let me know so I can feature you in my new podcast called "Eclectica." If you don't have anything on such a site but would like to have your music appear on the show, please send me a wire and let me know which songs you'd like to send out, where I can find them to download for the podcast, and where listeners can buy and/or download them as well. ^_^ This could be REALLY neat, so I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone who's got something niff to share! :D:D

Oh yes, and storytellers & writers are welcome too! This show will NOT be limited to vocals, instrumentals and other types of traditional music! If you have poetry you'd like to submit, or know of a storyteller who's got a track or two they can share, pony that up, too! :D:D (Oh, and if you or someone you know has a piece of written work that they want submitted but who's too afraid to record it themselves, I'll be happy to recite it instead, and credit the appropriate author, if they'd wish. :))

Thanks so Much, & Hope to Hear From You!

PS I've already heard back from one of the artists I'ce asked for permission to play his stuff. ^_^ His name is Joshua Safford, & he's a neat, diverse storyteller & performer who can be found at www.ravenstory.com. :D:D


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