Is there a particular podcast length you folks tend to prefer?  I've got a super-sized Harvest podcast, (it's being converted to .mp3 format as we "speak"), and I'm wondering if I should break it up into small "pods."  (Is that where "podcast" comes from, or is it just in direct reference to the iPod?  Hmmm...)  Anyhoo, I feel like it's cheating to make "shows" of just a few songs apiece, so any help y'all might provide would be much appersheeyated.

Many Thanks! ^_^
There are not caps large enough, nor print exuberant enough, nor any type of word out there which could adequately express how truly happy I am at this present moment. ^_^  My show SHO'-nuff ain't perfect- but it's FINISHED, and I am SO excited that it is!!! *wheee!!!!!!!*  It's been a hell of a lot more work than I'd imagined, but it's also been a ton of fun every step of the way (even when I was screwing up), and I've learned a LOT.  

If you folks are inclined, I invite you to take a listen to my first podshow; Eclectica- and I really hope you enjoy it!! ^_^ 

The Very First Episode of ECLECTICA!! ^_^

And that's all, folks! 
..Until next time, that is. ;) 
Thanks for visiting, and for looking up these great artists! ^_^ 

All the Best, 
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( Aug. 18th, 2008 05:02 am)

I just wrote a letter to CYNDI LAUPER...!!!

It was a music request, to ask permission to play some of her stuff on my little podshow.

Holy crap...

1. I saw a guy when I was coming home who had super-long dreads down to his WAIST. This image shall eventually find itself in one of my art pieces. ^_^

2. MY PODCAST HAS AN INTRO!!! ^_^ It ain't perfect by any means, (I have no fancy mic or other recording equipment), but thanks to Audacity Eclectica's first intro is ALIVE, BAYBEE!! ^_^
I'm in the process of putting the full p-cast together nights, and hopefully within a short time I'll have my first podcast up & running! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
(..Can ya tell I'm excited..? ;D)

If you're inclined to take a listen, you can find my first two attempts at putting Eclectica together below. :D:D

First Evah Intro.  (I doubt I'll actually use this rough cut ON the show, but methinks it's an okay start.. no? :))
First Evah Disclaimah. ;)  (Which will at some point be followed in print and in audio by a citation of who the background music is from- which happens to be The Crime Syndicate; the recording being "Middle Eastern.")  Methinks I'll get a few more background pieces to boot, so I can switch it up a bit at times. ;D:D

Hope ya like, and thanks so much for listening! *glee*
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 06:31 pm)

1.  My co-worker Carole has continued in her bitchy, ultra-catty, Harrass-the-Nae streak.

*glee glee glee*




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