Hi guys!  I've a little mermaid-related contest going on, and wanted to invite y'all to come participate!  
Alternate Visions is looking for a mermaid-themed poem, elucidating the differences between a plus-size mermaid and a manatee.  This is meant to be a kind-spirited, fun challenge, and there will be TWO prizes for the winner, as well as a prize for the second place entry. ^_^   The winner will receive a new, original piece of mermaid art, in addition to a new mermaid-themed necklace.  And the runner up will receive a brand new mermaid-themed bracelet! :D  

More details can be found here or at the links below, and mehopes that y'all take part!  I know there are a TON of creative peoples out there, n' I can't wait to see what folks come up with!  ^_^

Contest Description:  http://alternate-visions.blogspot.com/2013/02/arright-since-it-seems-snow-daze-image.html
Example Poem (Written by Yours Truly):  http://alternate-visions.blogspot.com/2013/02/arright-since-it-seems-snow-daze-image.html
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( Oct. 21st, 2008 01:47 pm)

Dancing, dancing round and round,

Escalating ever Higher,

Feel your pulse pound in your ears,

Dance with with the heat

of the pulsating Fire.

You are the Storm Front,

You are the Seas,

The torrents of winds whipping higher,

Your pulse becomes Quick like molten lava,

As you dance with the pulsating Fire.

You are the Sun beam,

You are hot Flesh,

You are the Pulse of Desire,

You are the Breath that quickens the World,

You are the Breath of the Fire.

Keep your distance.

Keep your head.

Remember temperance as you turn.

For even one who's One with Fire,

Still has flesh to burn.

(Edited from a poem I did many, many years ago- in honour of the firedancing troupe that's gonna come dance for us at the DC Zombie Lurch. :):)
I am drunk on coffe and lack of sleep, good music (the new Wolgamut CD I bought at Faire), and funny stuff that happens in the office.

Plus, here’s a quick bit I wrote this morning..:

Have a great day, y’all!


The sky is so dark,
and I'm so cold here,
lying alone in my big bed and blankets,
wishing I had yourr strength
one all over caress,
inside and out
beside me.. around me.
enveloped by your kisses,
the rush of you,
and your embrace.

I wish I had your arms around me now,
I wish I could feel your warmth,
the press of you against me,
tender, protective, embracing me
and all that I am..
who I was, and who I will be,
celebrating the fervor of our unity
in te quietest, calmest of touches,
My hands clasped about your flesh,
My heart sheltering beneath yours
Like a small child beneath
an abundant tree
During a torrenting storm.
Or the hottest of withering African droughts.

But I am here, alone,
Imagingin that you are with me,
As I curl up, content,
under the sheltering grace
of your love,
that I return in every way,
in more ways than you could know...
But hopefully Someday, you will.
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( Oct. 9th, 2007 01:41 pm)
First weird thing: My cab driver hit on me this morning... Repeatedly... He was very polite about it, but also very.. forward for my taste.. and he was like, at least 45... o.o ... I politely declined repeatedly throughout the drive for a date, and got out quickly as I could, just after he tried to get my fphone number, and give me his... ...

Second: I didn't sleep a -wink- last night. I was literally tucking my feet into bed when my blooming alarm went off. So what could I do? I just shrugged, was like, "okay, what can I do?" and drudgingly got ready for work. :P I need to resent my sleep schedule... Badly.

The Lurch thing seems to be going well. :):) I don't know how many people are actually gonna come yet, but I remain hopeful.

This morning's taxi interlude reminded me of how gushy and sappy I've been feeling lately. So I wrote a lot of swoony poetry.
One of my favorite lines?

"I want to fall HARD,
and know I have someone's hand to hold
on the way down."

Sounds like something from a song, doesn't it?
..Who knows? Perhaps it might end up being in one. ;)

I gotta go guzzle more coffee an' eventually snag some lunch so I'm not just running on caffeine and raw glucose. -No breakfast.

Hope all's well w/everybody!


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