I just buried my boys, Houdini (Aristobulous Rodentipus Shadeling the First) and my wee Shadow (Nicodemus Rodentipus Shadowling the First) out in Raven's back yard. I know that no matter what happens, they have this permanent space to rest in, where little (should) be happening to the land, and where it (should) have the same owner(s) for quite some time. I am extremely grateful for this place to house my little babies in a safe place, for good, and am also really glad to know that they're now buried in an area which is okay w/death, and which is friendly to spirits of many different types. I hope that no matter what happens with me here, they will always have a friendly place to lay (and, perchance to play), and that if they do exist somewhere near here on this plane, that they are happy, well, free of any sadness, pain, fear or discomfort. Maybe somehow they also finally understand how much they were loved and adored, and how much their rat-mommy is going to miss them....

Maybe if they're nearby somewhere in the spirit world and can make a visit, I'll have a little rattie-ghost or two sitting atop my shoulder(s), nibbling my ear(s) and letting me know they might miss me, too... (Or perchance, we might get a few visitors taunting the living kitties here, now that my boys can no longer be hurt? ;):))

I just hope that now that they've gone, they somehow know that they were loved, and that they're not afraid of me anymore... :\

* * *
Love Love Love to my two little Wee Ones:
My adventuresome, outgoing, loving & loyal li'l Shadsy-boy,
and my shy-but-always-gentle, visually impaired, darling li'l Houdey-Houds...



My last little rat Shadow has finally passed away.  I was just informed by my friend who was keeping him temporarily during this crazy moving shite.. and now he's gone...  I am so very glad I had the chance to pet him one last time before he went away.. and that- if he had to go, he was around other little rattie friends at the time- to ease his passing.  I only wish that I had been there, to tell him I love him one last time.

Hopefully I'll get his body soon, and be able to send him and his brother off in classic Viking style.. on the little lake my parents have in Front Royal.. since there no permanent place to bury them...

Fuck...!  This sucks so hard...  I feel like such a shit rat-mommy...

I love you little man.  I hope you know that- and knew that every day of your little life, throughout all the trials and troubles, all the ups and downs- and whether we were near or not.

You were so special to me...  And you always will be.

Love Love Love Love Love you Always, My Little Man,
Your Very Mournful Mommy

1.  I just got my package from perpetualkid.com, n' foolishly opened it up in my bed.  As soon as I got hold of my "IncrediBubbles KittyBubbles" toy (bubbles that're FAR more durable than regular bubbles, so your cats have time to git 'em! :D) I tried 'em out.  Well whaddayouknow!?  They actually work!  They're a little drippy, but  I nearly fainted from laughter when I got the hang of it, blew two big draughts of  bubbles, and watched the whole room fill w/cinema-like shininess as first the bubbles went up, and then they all changed direction n' scattered thanks to my forced-air heat coming on. *lol*  It was like "whoop!  There they go!" and suddenly about halfway through their normal up-n-out trajectory I was like "whuh?  They're comin' back!!" ^_^  The next thing I knew my room was awash with tiny bubbles going in every direction, and it felt like a romantic sparkle-shower, child-like movie moment, all right there in my BR. :)  Too bad I was all alone! ;D  (I was so delighted n' amused, I couldn't help from laughing- meanwhile the cats where like "holy- whuthuhfuhh??"  It was so COO'! :D:D)

2.  I gossme a neat li'l 4-port USB hub, also from PK.  It looks like those classical wooden blocks w/the ribbon around them, that make it look as if one block's falling all the way down to the bottom.   -Wuhl this one doesn't to that, but it is flexy, looks neat, and allows me to have my printer, my camera, my speakers AND my webcam allllll be plugged in, all at once! ^_^  *does a happy dance*  (For those who have nice, new compoopers this may be no big thing to you, but for me w/a comp. from 1998 w/a 156mgb RAM & only 2 USB ports, this ROCKS. ^_^)  Now my mouse n' keyboard take up one slot, n' my hub the other, & all I have to change out now is my Queue Cat for my webcam. *glee*  I can finally have my speakers working at the same time as my pinter, camera & webcam are.  Woot! :D:D

Peoples' Exhibit A:
A wine label snagged for a prop le keeshehn. :)
(Snagged from the kitchen fer a prop:
I found my Moscato at the Giant in Arlington- do you believe it?  It's like NOWHERE else! :D:D)

And on a much more important note, my little Houdini seems to be improving slowly but steadily.  *knocks wood*  Thank you all for your kind words, warm wishes & good vibes.

♥ ♥ ♥

PS  Also, thank you to the fine lady who recommended PK to me. ^_^  They rock!  They even put a neat li'l rubber finger-puppet in the top of my package for free! :D  -It's purple, has wiggly-wiggly hands, a long Gonzo-like trunk, and an exposed brain. ^_^  *glee* 

thewaterling: (Crazy Happy!)
( Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm)
Good Stuff:  I wore a brown-based outfit today (like the only one I have) and am geting TONS of complements on it.  (It's a swank animal-patterned shirt Mark's mom gave me, and a sueded long skirt.)  I may not be a fan of brown, but it's nice to have all these people gushin' all over me about how nice, fancy, swanky, professional, etc. I look today. ^_^

Plus Sat. night I had two guys bein' all affectionate and com-on-y.  Wow.. duude.. how.. not usual. ...  It was FUN. ^_^

Gourmet Thanksgiving leftovers RULE. :D

Hack and Slash are teaching at a very cool Sword Fighting workshop.  There will be LOTS of big movie fight choreographers there. ^_^  All you fanboys and girls out there; YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO GO. ;D

I just sent this as a test to a coworker's e-mail, to make sure my server was working.  It's a silly li'l poem I thought up on the spot just for message filler.  And makes me think I should write children's books. ;D

"Ibbledy Bibbledy
I like silly nonsense,
Do you like it too?" ;D

I put up a video about my two li'l rat-boys on YouTube last night. :)  If you wanna see it, (or any of my other bizarro, trivial stuff), you can go to www.youtube.com/renaessance. :):)  (BellyHorror, FaerieCon and other vids there, too.)

My friend Ryan is donig a reshoot of a movie he's been working on for EONS now.  The new script and storyline is MUCH better than the first, and he's gonna have me in it for a bit! :D:D  Plus, he's casting right now for all but one main role, and for extras n' supporting roles.  If you're a LARPer, vampire-fan, or just acting fan who's local, gimme a holler and I'll pass on your info to him. :)  (It's a non-paying, low-budget gig, but it'll be goin up on MDB< and potentially be seen by.. very influential eyes. :):))

As I'm quitting my job, and my last day is on Friday, Dec. 5th, would anyone like to go out and celebrate w/me, either on Friday or Sat?  I'm goin' to Midnight Sat. to whoop it up.  ^_^  MIght dye my hair blue... dunno... :D:D
*wants to be the very antithesis of straight-laced, business-appropriate decorum*

And dassit!
How was everyone's weekend??

..Nearly 3 Days and Counting...
thewaterling: (CatLady)
( May. 5th, 2008 12:56 pm)
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!!! I wish had somethin' to do/someone to go out with tonight to celebrate, but in lieu of that I think I might just buy a bottle of wine, go home and crank up my stereo w/some of the best of my Latin music collection. ^_^ (I bet my neighbors across the hall who're Latino and don't speak much English are gonna think I'm far from my home, too w/the way I'm gonna get happy w/my tunes AT LAST/FOR ONCE. ;D:D)
Anyone else gonna celebrate?

And this weekend was good, too. On Sat. I took my ratty-boys to the bet n' found out they seem healthy. ^_^ (Shad's been sneezing, but the doc said to keep a watch of it and only call if it keeps up or gets worse, as ratties can get lung infections easily- to which we'll have to give them both anti-biotics, since often what one gets, the other will, too.) For a trad. precaution he gave me de-wormer to give them both for 4 days since this was their first appointment to a vet, too. ..Last night was tough on both of them AND me 'cause I had to give their meds to them, though. (They have to be scruffed n' held w/their face skin pulled back so they open their mouths for me to shoot the wee syringe in.) So tonight I think I might try spiking a treat for them and being sure they each get the proper dose that way. I know I need to have more interaction w/them so they get more used to being handled and learn not to be afraid around me, but I don't think traumatizing them 5 days in a row is a good way to do it... So treats, rubbies n' meds should do the trick I think. :):)

Later that day I chilled, then went to the nearest Bally's w/a pool, n' had a lovely time s'immin' in their lap pool, and then chilling with my latest book beside it while I waited for MA to come. :):) I was a little bummed they didn't have a larger pool w/a non-laned area, but hey.. they have a saun, whirlpool AND water for me to play in, PLUS I got in free, so I ain't bitchin' 'bout it. ;D:D

Sunday I got up early to go shoot on my friend's film project. I was buggin' at first 'cause I thought I'd been screwed out of getting there on time by MA AGAIN, (they've never gotten me to his filming on time ONCE) but the driver who finally came n' picked me up BOOKED, so I got there w/even a few mins. to spare. ^_^ Makeup and filming went well, n' I came home and just -crashed.- I tried not to, but like the day before after coming home from swimming I was just --exhausted.-- I fell asleep on the couch, and later woke up to feed my furries, give the boys their meds (ouch.) and clean their cage full-over. :):)

All in all it was a pretty great weekend. I got to rest and -still- got stuff done. ^_^

So.. what about yours?

OOH, and anyone else gonig to see the Cure on Friday?? They might still have a few tickets leffffft! :D:D *tempt tempt*

Ne E Wei, night, all!
Happy Fifth of May!! :D:D
thewaterling: (Vamp)
( May. 2nd, 2008 05:23 pm)
Yesterday I actually got to celebrate May Day in my family tradition for the first time in a long time. ^_^ I bought flowers on the way home & left them at the doors of people in my "neighborhood." (I.e. my apt. building level. ;)) It was great fun to reinact the tradition after so many years, n' as a matter of fact one of my neighbors got home as I did w/my arms fulla flowers, so I just (kinda cheated n') gave her hers. ;) She was really appreciative. :D:D The other two I layed the flowers at the appropriate doorsteps, knocked and ran as goes the trad., but no one came to the door, so I hope they got to their intended recipients! (And weren't stolen by others in the building. ;P) I doubt they were, as most folks (in my building at least) seem to be okay people. :):) Yay.. May Day!

The Day felt special, and as it turns out, I found out why it should! It's Bealtane!! B-P Fortunately a good friend reminded me that it's celebrated for three days, so I'm happy that I at least started on the celebration with something of an observance with my special tradition yesterday. ^_^ Tonight I'll look at my books n' see what else I can do. (Aside from returning the flower stems to the land that I cut when I -finally- got us all home last night n' wanted to get them into water before I gave them out. :):) ..So they weren't withered, shriveled, sad little flowers that reminded people of Death. ;))

In a bit of irony that reminds me of what I imagine many religions had to've gone through when Catholicism was taking root, yesterday was also "National Prayer Day." (Was it the first? I did some brief research but I couldn't find anything on it about previous years...) I received a quote from him about it in the mail yesterday, and I admit, it's kinda got my panties in a twist: Mini-Rant. )

Anyway, tomorrow I go take the ratties to the vet for their First Visit Ever, and then after a bit I'll be going to a local Bally's to swim!! ^_^ I bit the dust TWICE today 'cause I'm wearing palazzo pants of DOOM, n' now my left knee feels all off kilter and the same leg's inner thigh is KILLIN' me; as if it were kicked or bruised 'r summ'm. :P:( But I've been wanting to go to Bally's for a while now since I found out it was there; get in shape, exercise, do stuff. ;) So now here I go- ..'cause now I'm "motivated." *wink* (..Guess The Almighty does move us in mysterious ways... ;))

I'm hopin' that the swimming will help the owies go away, and that soon I'll be all signed up to go back more often. :))) (Yay classes, weights an' POOL!! ^_^) Wish me luck, an' hopefully soon with the aid of gettin' off my butt and either surgery or eating better, I'll be a somewhat thinner and MUCH healthier Nae. ^_^

Anyway, I gossa go!
Have a nice day, y'all!! :D:D


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