This guy will definitely be for sale. :)

I'm currently working on his tribemate now; whom I think I'll call "Gunther." :D

(And as before, if you'd like to see more views of 'im, you can find 'em on my FB page for Alternate Visions. :))
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you like!
1. is something a lover of mine & I bought @ a renaissance festival together.  It symbolized he and I, the fallen angel and the fairy, flying together while in an embrace.  (I know, cheesy sappy, sappy cheesy).   I love the piece for both its former emotional significance as well as for what it is in simple, artistic form.  (I.e. I like the sculpture as just a sculpture, too.)  But it's also kind of painful  to see/have/keep around.. as that relationship didn't end well, and though I might like to resume it if given the chance again, I don't think it will ever come to that...
So.. what do you think?  Should I get rid of this, or no..?

Fallen angel and fairy, gliding together in an embrace, held up w/a spiraling, twisty tree.  Sterling silver sculpture.

2. is a wraught iron candelabra, which I like a lot, but which *can* go...

Full image of the candelabra/stand.

It has no suuuuper-special significance, other than that I likes its style muchly, and I have some adorable memories of it & my kitties being entangled in each other when they were kittens.  Peoples' Exhibit A:

My black kitty Ouna as a wee kitten, getting her head stuck beneath the bottom branch of a black, spiralling candelabra/wraught iron candle stand. :)

Any public opinion on these?  I'd love peoples' advice on these two.

Many Thanks,
The Junk Lady
"The Junk Lady" from "Labyrinth."
Hallo all! I'm in the process of a big down-sizing and need to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff. I don't have any specific prices in mind for anything, but would be happy to take offers if people are interested. 
  • To begin with I've got a HUGE spool of intertwined silver, gold and copper that I originally bought @ a ren. faire to use for a Celtic-style girdle. You can have the whole thing if you'd like, or I can parcel off bits & send 'em to you separately.
  • Next, I've a nearly FIVE FOOT WIDE/HIGH roll of some -beautiful- gold filmy stuff that my mother gave me, that seems to be on a burlap (or so it appears) backing. It looks like a carpet roll it's so thick, and frankly I have noooo idea what to do with it. Perhaps it's gold foil, wrapping tissue or something..?
  • There's also this cute little 2' x 1' x 4" briefcase thingy, that was obviously made for a makeup set. It's got great silver details & is a very lovely black. :)
  • After that there's various frames that need have a good home. (I don't use 'em 'cause I don't build my own frames or use oddl-sized papers or canvases. I work w/stuff that fits the classic 11x14, 16x20 etc. formats. -I'd like to frame & mat, can't afford it atm.)
  • Then there's a black portfolio w/handle that's on it's way out (unfortunately, as I've had it since I was a kid),
  • as well as 2 of those white, 4 drawer, varied depth standing storage pieces that they used to sell at places like Wal-Mart.  (Seen below in the pic w/the microwave stand.)
  • I've also got an HP DeskJet 970 cxi printer, (working, of course), w/all necessary cords.
  • Plus I've got various furniture bits, like a weathered-but-extremely-sturdy 4-shelf brown bookshelf, (purchesed pre-weathered a few years back), a VERY nice, (sit on-able it's so sturdy) sleek black coffee table w/TONS of storage, and an adorable microwave stand that looks incredibly old-world and folksy- seen below.
  • I'm also up for reasonable negotions to sell my couch, baker's rack, tiled kitchen mini-island & various other stuff to boot. 
Feel free to ask any questions, and if you're interested in the big stuff, I live in MD, so we can work out a good time for you to come and pick stuff up. :)

For a few pics, peek under here. )
thewaterling: (Dark AND Cute)
( Mar. 9th, 2009 10:00 am)
I'm moving and would really like to sell a few pieces of furniture and miscellany. :)  I've got a listing up on CL, but in case any of my friends would like to partake, I thought I'd put up a notice here, too.  Items up for sale are
  • A worn but very sturdy med. brown bookshelf / bookcase. (Purchased already w/wear a few years back.) $15
  • A sleek, black coffee table w/3 super-large drawers underneath. (That pull out from both sides of the unit- GREAT storage!) $115 (Could easily be renoed in look w/a simple exchange of drawer knobs! ;D)
  • A cute wood & tile portable kitchen island.  (Small but w/great storage for pots, pans and/or dry goods, modeled here by Miss Black n' Fuzzy USA, 2009.) $55
  • An HP DeskJet 970 cxi Printer. (Perfect working order, just needs ink. Open to show inner workings in photo. All cords included.) $25
  • A versatile boom box / portable stereo, w/CD player, AM/FM radio & cassette player. (Broken antenna, but it still picks up radio beautifully, & the rest works like new. Pictured on the bookshelf noted above.) $15
  • A good-sized, wood-framed Asian-style mirror. (Not pictured.)  $55
  • A Buxton Organizer purse / handbag, still in its shipping bag, brand new.  $25
  • Plus other stuff likely as I filter all all my crud. ;).

Bookshelf & Stereo  Mini Kitchen Island
Black Coffee Table

HP 970 cxi Printer

(Please ignore yon janky floors!)

All any of these might need is a good whipe-off and they'll be just lovely. :)

Also available (of course) is my original art, crafts & jewelry, if desired- as I'd love to get as much of it off my hands as possible so I've more money to move with and less Stuff to move. ;). If it's on my web site or in my Etsy shop, I've likely got it "in stock."

All prices are up for reasonable negotiation, & feel free to drop me a line via e-mail or comment here if you're interested in anything. :)

Hope all y'all are doing well!


I dunno if anyone'd be interested, but if so, I just put up my cage for sale on Ebay and :):)

Or, if you don't wanna go though those channels, just drop me a line and we'll see what we can eek out. ;):)

Cheers, all!!


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