Support local artists, crafters & designers this holiday season! ^_^

Yes, yes, YES!!  I know we all love games & DVDs, but (especially in this economy) instead of buying mass-marketed junk w/a thoughtless toss of a few dollars to a big corporation, why not buy something that's totally unique??  You'll look hella-original, & your gift recipient(s) will receive something insanely cool; a non-mass-produced goodie made with love, and a piece which is likely one-of-a-kind!  T'is a win-win!  ^_^

If you have something in particular that you'd like me to make for you (or someone you care for) for the holidays (anything from Hallowe'en/Samhain & beyond), gimme a holler!  I'm currently making new polymer clay goodies for the Hallowe'en season, and I can't wait to see what comes out next! :D


I just wrote something to a friend on DeviantArt who's got a visual impairment and who's had some people really being shitty to them about their work. Well as I retaliated for my friend- sending them a message of solidarity & support, I wrote some stuff that -I- sure as hell needed reminding of, myself. And subsequently (while in the process of recording it so I could keep it for future perusal) I realized that many of you who make things in the spirit of creation might need to hear this once in a while, too. ^_^
So saying:

Something supportive to those of you who make stuff out there. )


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