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thewaterling: (Vamp)
( Jul. 16th, 2008 12:32 pm)
Might anyone know how to get through our now paranoid airport security w/a carryon that has some of gothic fashion's more.. industrial ornamentations?  I've got a chain belt and some other non-knifey, nonthreatening but still hardwarish-kinds of accessories I'd -love- to take w/me on a flight, but I don't want to have it all pulled out of my suitcase and get sent home because it's got too pointy or potentially "dangerous." :P  Might anyone know how to get around this, or have any packing tips I could implement?  Me wan' take my spikey collars an' chains, dangit... ;)


Oh yeah, and what's this 3-ounces thing I just heard about in passing?  Are they gonna make me dump out my shampoo if I take it on the plane thinking it's some birzarre type of liquid explosive??  (Hell, I just heard about LE yesterday on WTOP.  Before then I didn't know that stuff even -existed.-  ..Liquid explosive...  WTF??? :PPP)

Peopel are weird.


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