Happy birthday to youuuu,
Happy birthday to yooooou!
happy biiiirthday dear Oouuunaaaaa..!
Happy birthday toooo yooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!
(And many moooooorrre!)
 (An' I mean that last part.  You are NOT allowed to die- ever.  You or your brother.  I'd just -lose my sh*t.-)

For Skye's b-day they got tuna and tuna juice for their big fancy holiday meals.  
For Ouna's big day (only 2 weeks later), "Mom" was actually able to get to the store, so they both got tuna in the morning (Ouna ate nearly a WHOLE CAN O.O), and for din-din, they got the first canned cat food they've had in a looong, looooong time. ;)  Oh, such tortured kitties! ;D


And now, for Your Daily Moment of Cuteness:

I just turned around as Ouna jumped up n' settled herself on the bed, and found these two having a bathing session. ^_^  They haven't done this at length (as far as I've seen) since they were babies, and I'm so delighted to see them do it again! ^_^  I've been fearing that they'd suffered an insurmountable divide through the various events of the years- but it seems that isn't the case! :D  My babies seem healthy and happy, and that makes me as pleased as punch. *beams*  Oh!  But please excuse the bit of jiggling and the occasional odd camera angle.  I was turned around to film behind me, leaning on one elbow for support and holding the camera up solo w/my other one.  I hope you enjoy asmuch as I did. ^_^

Love Love Love,

 First off, there's this bit from "Glee," which is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y FABULOUS!!! ^_^

Then, there's this bit of deliriously, horribly funny from one of the Jonas brothers, being utterly humiliated. :D

And then, the original, for those who need the complete frame of reference. ^_^

(Oh, and don't forget Justin Timberlake's skit of this from SNL! :D)

Gigglingly Yours,

 Just did a bit of research to help out a friend, (as well as his b-dance teacher, who also happens to be my friend and teacher as well :D), stumbled upon a few really neato links.  Check it out!

Okie, first we'll start w/some pretty rockin' fun video: *beams*

Next, another guy who's decent, but whose costume I think (on the top half, at least) looks a lit-tle silly... Not much masculinity to this one.. but hey- whatever creams yer twinkie. ;D:
And lastly, the whole reason I ever even knew that male bellydancers existed to begin with: The rather fun, very silly "fans only" video for Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." :D:D
(To the pros in my 'audience' as well as the newbies, beware: There is some -very- bad dancing in this, but also some pretty okay wiggling as well. ^_^)
In reference to the decent wiggling and the male bellydancing alike, I'm referring directly to the tall, lanky lad w/the markings down the middle and the shiny pants- who's outside. :D:D
And for those of you who're into it enough to "read all about it;" here are some wordstuffs on male bellydance in general:

Some fun bits concerning the topic:

And dassit!
Hope you like, and that I'm not pointing folks in some wrong, wonky direction! *lol*
:D Nae
Regardless of whether or not you think there's something to the whole global warming phenomenon, (let alone whether or not there's something people can/should do about it), this video is trés cool.  The Blue Man Group rocks. :)  (SO wanna see them sometime live! :D)

Paper airplanes and 32-story, NYC building experiments, anyone?

Flying from Sam Fuller on Vimeo.
I wish they'd actually put the playing of the song in, but still... *lol*  Yay for "The Wet Spots!" 

Ooh, and then I found this: ^_^

[livejournal.com profile] amethystjade reminded me of a commercial that I wanted to find on YouTube and share w/you all, via w/one of her super posts. Thank you Miss AmmeyJay, and mehopes you like the commercial below (which is the same one I replied to you with in your comments section). :)

♥ ♥ ♥

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( Apr. 13th, 2009 07:41 pm)
thewaterling: (Bling!)
( Apr. 13th, 2009 07:15 pm)

I've never seen this before and I just.. adore it. ^_^

P.S.  Things are getting better here bit by bit.  I don't want to jinx anything, but thank you for all of your kindnes, everyone. :)
*big hugs*

..Now I wonder if I can find the other one... :)
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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm)
Good Stuff:  I wore a brown-based outfit today (like the only one I have) and am geting TONS of complements on it.  (It's a swank animal-patterned shirt Mark's mom gave me, and a sueded long skirt.)  I may not be a fan of brown, but it's nice to have all these people gushin' all over me about how nice, fancy, swanky, professional, etc. I look today. ^_^

Plus Sat. night I had two guys bein' all affectionate and com-on-y.  Wow.. duude.. how.. not usual. ...  It was FUN. ^_^

Gourmet Thanksgiving leftovers RULE. :D

Hack and Slash are teaching at a very cool Sword Fighting workshop.  There will be LOTS of big movie fight choreographers there. ^_^  All you fanboys and girls out there; YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO GO. ;D

I just sent this as a test to a coworker's e-mail, to make sure my server was working.  It's a silly li'l poem I thought up on the spot just for message filler.  And makes me think I should write children's books. ;D

"Ibbledy Bibbledy
I like silly nonsense,
Do you like it too?" ;D

I put up a video about my two li'l rat-boys on YouTube last night. :)  If you wanna see it, (or any of my other bizarro, trivial stuff), you can go to www.youtube.com/renaessance. :):)  (BellyHorror, FaerieCon and other vids there, too.)

My friend Ryan is donig a reshoot of a movie he's been working on for EONS now.  The new script and storyline is MUCH better than the first, and he's gonna have me in it for a bit! :D:D  Plus, he's casting right now for all but one main role, and for extras n' supporting roles.  If you're a LARPer, vampire-fan, or just acting fan who's local, gimme a holler and I'll pass on your info to him. :)  (It's a non-paying, low-budget gig, but it'll be goin up on MDB< and potentially be seen by.. very influential eyes. :):))

As I'm quitting my job, and my last day is on Friday, Dec. 5th, would anyone like to go out and celebrate w/me, either on Friday or Sat?  I'm goin' to Midnight Sat. to whoop it up.  ^_^  MIght dye my hair blue... dunno... :D:D
*wants to be the very antithesis of straight-laced, business-appropriate decorum*

And dassit!
How was everyone's weekend??

..Nearly 3 Days and Counting...
There is a certain ecstasy about crawling into a bed when your house is chilly and cuddling up into big, fluffy, cosy blankies.

This crisp, cool autumn air is perfectly HEAVEN!!! Gawwwd it feels so goooood... even when I'm feeling crappy on the inside that lovely air and its smell n' feel make me feel good on the outside. ^_^


I'm home from work due to sever.. uhm.. owage.

My house is a disaster area.  And I still have to pack/make ready for Philadelphia, and get the fuzzies all set, too.  ...  Oy.   (Plus I had this great idea for presenting an art piece of mine to Brian Froud.. that I gotta make...)

My Lurch is ALL SET UP!! (Does anybody wanna come? We're workin' on having fire dancers, a bellydancer, n' lots more cool stuff! ^_^)


And someone just sent this to me on Facebook. Now, I'm not bashing anyone- but even his supporters have to admit this is.. disturbing...
I wanna say forget work for the next day or so and go to Philly, and then come back and clean house, decorate for Hallowe'en, and carve pumpkins!! ^_^

*Autumnal Glee*

I really dig this new song.  I saw it on the NewNowNext Awards, and the bloody thing is CATCHY!! (Plus I LOVE her outfit.. ^_^  -I'd do away w/the cowl thing though and just flaunt the hot bod in the chains & leather. ;D:D)  Now I'm currently trying to find this on a podsafe venue for my pod show. ^_^  Wish me luck! :D:D

(Ooh,  plus it's got "Kelly" played by Liam Sullivan at the end, who's hilariou. :D:D (Ya know, he does that funny "Shoes" video & was on tour w/Margaret Cho. ^_^)  And ifyou want, you can also watch the rest of the awards who, which has some great bands on like Dangerous Muse, the Cliks and *glee*  Cyndi Lauper- with her new song! :D:D:D:D
Pics will likely be coming soon, but for right now...: ^_^

Thanks to those who could come out, those who've been so cool and supportive, Jessi and Scott, Shauna, Zoe and Gelf.. Katie at Borders, the Police and.. so many more!!

And to those who couldn't come out, we missed ya, would love to see ya next year, and hope that maybe, if there ends up being something done this summer, that you can come out then. ^_^



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