Yep, that's how happy we were. ^_^ Being a part of the Pipinou wedding party ROCKED. :D:D

Everything went splendidly this weekend! The weather was lovely, the ceremony was gorgeous and went off w/nigh on a hitch, both ceremony and reception were sweet, funny, meaningful yet simple, relaxed and gleefully heartfelt w/ only bits of reverence thrown in here n' there. ;D  My dress fit like a dream (thank you, Julie!), I got to meet a bevy of very cool, uniquely wonderful people, and there was even a mini ghost-hunt on the camp site! :D  Friday was a bit nuts, but Saturday came together beautifully and we had so many blessings stacked up upon us that the whole day seemed just blessed by the Heavens. ^_^  

To Mr. and Mrs. Pipinou, I wish you all the blessings marriage and life can bring, with much health, joy, laughter and love for always!  Thank you so, so very much for allowing me to be a part of your ceremony (even if I was a stressy, wobbly, slow and klutzy part of it at times. ;))  I owe you a great deal, and love you both so very, very much. ^_^

♥ ♥ ♥

I'll likely post a longer, more detailed account of this past weekend (for my own memories' sake at least) in a later, forthcoming entry; but for now, I give you a few of the photos that were captured therein; during the sweet-but-all-too-swiftly-passing reception. :)  (I'd give you ones of the ceremony, but I was kinda in that bit, n' had no one to take pics for me- so you'll all just have to wait on others' photos; like the ones coming from their fantabulous wedding photographer, the talented Mr. Joe Hancuff. ;))

♥ ♥ ♥

And to commemorate the event, I hereby give you a few pics I've been wanting to see and share for.. what seems eons. :):) (At this point I've had photos waiting since AUGUST to come out n' see the light of day. ;D)

My boys, Shadow & Houdini THE concert of.. a loooong while. ^_^ My mom, gramma & I at The Pink Bicycle- w/silly hats! ^_^

Yameena from Mortifera (formerly of Martiya Possession.) Doug and Tenoya, at their lovely wedding. And last but far from least, my cousin Matty's wedding, w/my aunt Denise officiating- the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to!

Hope you likr everyone!  And if you'd like links to the full albums, (which of course have many less-than-ideal photos.. ;)) I'll give you the links to their albums at photobucket. :):)

My favorite male cousin Matthew is about to get married to a lovely lass by the name of Amber, and they've -just- asked me to sing for their wedding on Saturday. (O.O) They contemplated some songs but couldn't decide on one, so they've just said they want me to pick something and that "whatever I'll sing will be beautiful..." I'm delighted to pieces but now I'm kinda buggin' because my time's growing SHORT, and (of course) I'm having trouble picking which piece to sing. So I put it to you folks: [Poll #1170973][Poll #1170973]

Thanks for your input, guys! ^_^

We'll see how getting paid for it and getting it out of my house goes... ;)

Went to Karma last night at Lotus and had a decent time- (although I missed the free sushi n' champagne.. :IIII).  It's a SUPERPOSH club, and I'm ticked they're having Karma there from now on. ^_^   (..I dressed up in 80's goth gear w/makeup and all last night, 'cause they said that was the vibe on the flyer, but I guess they just meant the MUSIC, 'cause like NO ONE was in similar getups.. so..   yeaahh.. I was kind of embarrassed... O.O  I looked cute though.. so it was n't all that bad... ;D  Check out the new icon above for the pic of me I took last night/this morning after coming home at oh-god-thirty in the morning... ;):))   

I've been asked so sing at my cousin's wedding on the 19th. ^_^ O.O  *EEK!  Got to prepare!!!  -Clothes as well as repertoire! :-\)  Yaaay Matty, my favorite male cousin! :D:D;D  (His fiancĂ© Amber is a honey, too. :):))

And I'm going to Margaret tomorrow night. ^_^   Again, anyone wanna come with?  I think they still have tickets. :):)
Ooh, and speaking of my cousin's wedding, I can bring a guest.  Anyone wanna accompany me?

Anyhoo, I gotsta run.  End of my lunch break and all... :(((  
I am DEAD tired from just staying up the few hours left in the a.m. last night, for fear I wouldn't wake up in time for work.  So..  trudge trudge..  Mmm.. Zombie Nae...!! ;D:D

Hope all's well w/everybody!!

thewaterling: (LilySpooky)
( Mar. 19th, 2008 01:28 pm)
Heya all! I hope everyone had a fantabulous St. Patty's Day!! ^_^
As usual mine was rather.. luck-challenged, but the day ended w/a very uplifting and enlightening train ride, an unexpectedly long trip to the supermarket, and some lovely green champagne and chocolate, so I have no complaints. :D:D What did everybody else do??

My cousin got married last weekend, (he's 24 and makes me feel SO old) and we all (meaning my family and I, as well as his new bride's side) had a great time at his shindig last Sat.. :):) Now that's got weddings on my brain again, (though yes, I know, I am NOWHERE even CLOSE to having that sort of event...) and I've ben thinking about the kind of music I'd like to have at my Someday Event. They had a GOREGEOUS Irish piece playing for the Father/Bride dance which I MUST find, and I've been thinking of songs that might be fun for various parts of my wedding someday.

I'd really like to have a faerie-centric/Enchantment-themed wedding, (I know, big surprise, huh? ;)) and so I've been coming up w/modern songs I'd love to have there, as well as stuff that really evoke the whole Fae feeling of what I'd like to have at the reception. (I've got some fun ones like the Ewok celebration bit from Return of the Jedi as what plays as my guests leave the ceremony, and some mushy ones like "Love Came for Me" by Rita Coolidge as a First Dance. *glee*) At the moment though I'm scoping out music that evokes that rather archaic, wild and raucus feeling- like many pieces often used in medieval or fantasy moves during feast or celebration scenes. :):) (Like the Podling's celebration in the Dark Crystal, "Strange Snow" from the most recent movie of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Madison Greene's "Hobbit Song," and "The Kitchen/The Orgy" piece from Poledouris' soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian. ^_^ Certain pieces from Cirque could work well for this too, but I haven't really sorted through their stuff yet to eek any specific tracks out...

I've got ideas of all kinds about things all throughout this hypothetical wedding, but I would love to know.. anyone else got any suggestions for music that evokes a sort of Fae/Celebratory feel?


OH, and that reminds me!! Today's Music Theme of the Day is: Big Girls!!! I was playing an old MP3 CD of mine and got reminded of Freddy Mercury's admiration of curvy ladies, so I thought I'd post this theme forth. :D Know of anything that puts curvy, voluptuous, Rubinesque women in a positive light? Maybe "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen, that song about the Butterly club by Mika, or something by Candye Kane perhaps? (Like "200lbs of Fun?") Do you know a song that glorifies big girls? If so, hit me widdem, homies! :D:D

And have a great day!!! :D:D
Work's going well. Today methinks'll be the final say on what's happening w/the apartment bits. *crosses fingers* This Sat is Pagan Pride Day in Springfield! (Woot woot!!) So ahm thinking Sunday, would anyone like to go to Fair for zee selebratings of zee Nae's birfing day?? It's Celtic Weekend, Hey Nunny Nunnie is there, *does a little dance* and I think Wolgamut will be there too. :D:D Lemme know by here, e-mail or by phone if peoples wants to come alongs- the more the merrier! ^_^

Ooh, and I made a submission to a very silly site called I Can Has Cheezburger. It's all about funny cat pics and silly captions. (Grammar whores be warned- the captions are done in a kind of odd, silly net-speak, so it's kinda painful, but it might help some to know the misspellings are at least intentional... ;)) Plus they're funny, and oft quite cute. ^_^ Here's one of the two I did:

I dunno if they're even gonna put it up on their voting page or not, but hope you guy like! There's another one w/the same pic, where the caption reads "Yu goda hehl!! Yu goda hehl n' yu dah!!!" If folks want me to put that one up too, lemme know. :) ..Oh and yes, that is my Una-kitty. *beams* (Who I miss very much, as I've not seen her or her brodder in a month. Wish me luck for this apartment so I can at least get my babies back!! *sobs*)

Hope all's well w/everyone, and that Doug and Tenoya are having a marvelous honeymoon vacation right now. ^_^ Thank you so much you two for inviting me to your beautiful wedding. It was a TON of fun, and it was great (as well as a great honor) to see you to wed.


PS. This is one of my favorite blessing songs, and I send it to you two on you and for your new marriage:

"May you walk the shores of harmony.
May you live a life of peace,
May you fill your cup of joy,
May you both find home.

May you play among the stars,
May your wishes have wings,
May you know just who you are,
And may you live your dreams."


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