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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm)
Good Stuff:  I wore a brown-based outfit today (like the only one I have) and am geting TONS of complements on it.  (It's a swank animal-patterned shirt Mark's mom gave me, and a sueded long skirt.)  I may not be a fan of brown, but it's nice to have all these people gushin' all over me about how nice, fancy, swanky, professional, etc. I look today. ^_^

Plus Sat. night I had two guys bein' all affectionate and com-on-y.  Wow.. duude.. how.. not usual. ...  It was FUN. ^_^

Gourmet Thanksgiving leftovers RULE. :D

Hack and Slash are teaching at a very cool Sword Fighting workshop.  There will be LOTS of big movie fight choreographers there. ^_^  All you fanboys and girls out there; YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO GO. ;D

I just sent this as a test to a coworker's e-mail, to make sure my server was working.  It's a silly li'l poem I thought up on the spot just for message filler.  And makes me think I should write children's books. ;D

"Ibbledy Bibbledy
I like silly nonsense,
Do you like it too?" ;D

I put up a video about my two li'l rat-boys on YouTube last night. :)  If you wanna see it, (or any of my other bizarro, trivial stuff), you can go to :):)  (BellyHorror, FaerieCon and other vids there, too.)

My friend Ryan is donig a reshoot of a movie he's been working on for EONS now.  The new script and storyline is MUCH better than the first, and he's gonna have me in it for a bit! :D:D  Plus, he's casting right now for all but one main role, and for extras n' supporting roles.  If you're a LARPer, vampire-fan, or just acting fan who's local, gimme a holler and I'll pass on your info to him. :)  (It's a non-paying, low-budget gig, but it'll be goin up on MDB< and potentially be seen by.. very influential eyes. :):))

As I'm quitting my job, and my last day is on Friday, Dec. 5th, would anyone like to go out and celebrate w/me, either on Friday or Sat?  I'm goin' to Midnight Sat. to whoop it up.  ^_^  MIght dye my hair blue... dunno... :D:D
*wants to be the very antithesis of straight-laced, business-appropriate decorum*

And dassit!
How was everyone's weekend??

..Nearly 3 Days and Counting...
Is Twitter actually down, or is there some sort of block our system has because of where I work..?

No- seriously.  If you make $14 an hour or thereabouts and want out, drop me a line. 
Obviously this job, this environment, this place isn't toooo bad, or we wouldn't have people working hear for literally decades- which we do.  You'll get your 40hrs a week here steady, w/no overtime required, allowed, or even available.  There are lots of good people here, and the health bennies n' 401K are pretty stellar, imnho.. 
It's far from a "BAD" place.  It's just NOT for me.

..I just can't do this anymore.  No drama, no screaming meemies, no evil boss to deal with anymore, it's just the job.  I just cannot take one more day of filing this poopy. 

So seriously, if you want a demi-desk job, w/daily errands to runabout and people to deliver work n' post to, contact me.

AMMENDMENT:  Anyone who wants this post can have it.  As of today I have officially begun the process of resigning.  If you want it, contact the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind at 240-737-5100. 

All I have to do now is figger out whether or not to tender my two weeks' notice (which I know I SHOULD do, but which I do NOT want to do in any way, shape or form), or resignation effective immediately (which would get me less dinero, but which would save my stress levels immensely).  One of my contacts at the Lighthouse has already been notified, and as for a new job, well- I'm already lookin'.   I know it's a crap economy and just prior to Christmas, but one last thing happened today and that was just.. It.  I can file one more paper and take the crap of certain bitches in that office once more and end up in the loony bin after, or I can say "stop" here, and keep my sanity.  

I'm stopping.   

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Now, if you or your company is looking for a creative, multi-skilled receptionist, secretary or art tech, or other position you feel I could be right for, I gratefully invite that contact, too.  I'd prefer anything in a creative realm and/or atmosphere, but at this point secretarial work would be fine, too.  I love working w/people, on the phone, customer service, data entry, and anything dealing with computers.  I can speak a good deal of Spanish, some French and a smattering of other languages, plus I'm very eager to please both the clientele as well as my coworkers and superiors.   I have a well rounded background in various office-related programs & machinery, and can of course produce a resume and references upon LJ comment/request. 

Oh yes, and relocation is NOT a problem.  If you have a position available in any of the nations larger cities, I'm up for that as well.   I'd prefer relocation to TO, San Francisco CA, NYC, or Chicago, but again, I'm open for suggestions and posssibilities.

Many Thanks,

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( Mar. 13th, 2008 01:52 pm)
I guess I only have a cold, but damned if it doesn't feel like I have mono again. :P:P I've spent the last two days out of work, and today though I feel somewhat better, I still feel weak, woozy-headed and like my molecules aretwice as heavy. :P But on to what I was writing to ask folks about:

I just went this past weekend and got a kickass tattoo. The shop is great, and they recommeded A&D ointment for my aftercare. They gave me some packets that lasted till last night, and in anticipation of running out I bought some more at the sto' recently. Well today I hunkered down to look at the ingredients, and darned if it doesn't say "Petrolatum" is -50% of its active ingredients!- Fearing that's just another name for Petroleum I looked it up online and yep, it is! :P Now my dilemma is this: What the hell ELSE should I use on my new ink, if Petroleum is KNOWN to leech color, yet my parlour recommended this stuff??? The artist who worked on me has been inking for YEARS, so ya'd think he'd know.. but maybe he just recommends what's easiest and cheapest.. you know?

Last time I got inked I looked up Tattoo Goo and a few other things, but I'd really like to hear a rec. from someone who's USED something to good effect. If this stuff is gonna leech the colour out of my tat, I don't wanna keep usin' it, period. Last time I searched and searched the drug store and STILL couldn't find a lotion that didn't have Petroleum in it, and now I -really- wanna do this right. So anyone got any advice, and/or tips on how to get to that middle part of your back that (nearly) NO ONE can get to w/o help? Yep. That's right. My new tat's there, and I don't have anyone to help grease me up to take care of my new art. (Currently I'm using the nubbly back-side of a long-handled back scrubber/brush.)

Ideas, advice, anyone?
you answer your cell phone at home with the same phrase you use to answer the phone at work, and consistently dial "9" to begin your phone calls at home... ;P

YAY SNOW!!! ^_^

And if people have Amazon or other lists for the holidays that they want to give me a heads-up about, yemme kno! :D:D

Ooh, and the party last night was okie. I got there LATE because of the National Christmas Tree Lighting traffic, but I sat down in time for the salad course and got to talk to some fun people. :) It was more of a dinner than a party, but t'was coo, and lots of neat prizes were given out in a spiff li'l raffle. I didn't win anything, but Tommy (an older gent who works in my building) won a Kenny G Christmas CD that he was -all- excited about. ;)
Plus the food was good, so was the cheesecake after, and today, I'm right back on my NutraSystem diet. :):)

Hope everyone's doing well, and that for Christmas this year, my Christmas Miracle comes in the form of a new apartment. :):)

Love to All,

After ALL this craziness, hassle, running back and forth, copying, faxing, scanning, mailing, running all over God's green Earth, everything.. I START WORK TOMORROW!!! >O.O<

^_^  I'd call everyone screaming and bubbling tonight, but I just don't think my throat could take it- so here's a post instead. :) ^_^  (I'll call everyone tomorrow, doing the above. ;D)

..I'm excited, nervous, scared, hopeful, optimistic, pessimistic, petrified and elated all at the same time. :) (Oh yeah, and any of you nay-sayers, smartasses, doubting Thomases/Thomasinas, snark-masters, ill-wishers, etc. can keep your negativity to yourselves. Gracias. B-) I'm already scared enough about my boss's "detail-oriented, perfectionist, alpha-dog" rep., all the hellish ups and downs I've gone through getting this job, and even just the roller-coaster I've had today making sure I can get there.. so with all that and just the stress/excitement of having a new, professional job in so long, I need all the positive vibes I can get! Danke. ;D)

..I wish I knew what my boss's favorite color was.. so I could wear it tomorrow... -_0
This is so wiggy! Frankly, after all the run-around and other flubbubs I've gotten, I was, to some extent, wondering whether this would ever truly, really happen. *smiley shrug* I mean, here I was, just discovering I have pharengitis and a possible abcess in my lymph node all on the left side, feeling a resulting ear infection coming on, feeling like shite, and the SAME morning I'm getting ready to go to the doctor, the Lighthouse calls me to tell me MY MID-CLEARANCE WENT THROUGH, & that --they want me in THE NEXT DAY to start work!!! O.O--

I admit I was freaked out, because I was sick, unprepared to pack n' move all my shite up to my mom's AGAIN at the drop of a hat, (although I'd wisely kept my essentials in my traveling bag), I was TOTALLY not ready. Fortunately they gave me a little time to reply, so I could figger out transport and find out why the heck I felt like such shite.  So I went to the doctor, found out what was wrong, got meds, and was able to start a little later so I didn't run around my new job infecting everyone... But OY.. TIMING!?!?! O.O I mean, I've been ready back and forth for this thing for what feels like -ages- now, and suddenly, when I'm sick and actually NOT available, they call on the SAME DAY I'm going to the doctor to tell me they want me in the next day?? Heh, I shouldda figured. ;) Ya know, w/all the ruts I've hit just trying to GET this job, I'm hoping the actual HAVING the job will be a breeze. ;)

So now, -at last- everything's getting started, and tomorrow, I BEGIN!! :D:D Yeah, my throat still hurts some, but I ain't contageous no mo', an I'm not having to drug myself up on pain meds anymore or physically brace myself everytime I have to swallow, so that's a good thing. ^_^ I'm getting better, I feel GOOD today, (evenhad a great dreamlast night, woke up just before my alarm, and practically jived through my morning shower), :) and I'm really looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life. ^_^ Job, apartment, social life, persuing my loves and my interests... YEE!!! Wish me luck, y'all. I'm gonna need it!! :D:D

Love and Hugs,

PS, Assuming my boss doesn't hate me and the job goes well (or at least tollerably), I fully plan on taking my good friends who've helped and supported me to get this far out to a Nice dinner. ^_^ So
[profile] plsurkity , [profile] flameofsilver , [profile] echochild78 , [profile] weirdbrainygirl ,
[profile] alsohryu , (and a few other wondermous folks ta boot) ought to make yerselves ready for a fun, festive occassion on me! :D:D ^_^ (Which reminds me, if folks don't want din-din, let me know what else you might like, an' I'll happily spring for that instead. ^_^) Moreover, if ya don't see yourself here, or would just like to come (assumin' yer friendly and your intentions are good), you're welcome to come, too! Lawd knows I've had lots of folks help me along the way, and I'd be happy to celebrate with more instead of less. ^_^

Many Hugs and Much Loves,



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