Hi guys!  I've a little mermaid-related contest going on, and wanted to invite y'all to come participate!  
Alternate Visions is looking for a mermaid-themed poem, elucidating the differences between a plus-size mermaid and a manatee.  This is meant to be a kind-spirited, fun challenge, and there will be TWO prizes for the winner, as well as a prize for the second place entry. ^_^   The winner will receive a new, original piece of mermaid art, in addition to a new mermaid-themed necklace.  And the runner up will receive a brand new mermaid-themed bracelet! :D  

More details can be found here or at the links below, and mehopes that y'all take part!  I know there are a TON of creative peoples out there, n' I can't wait to see what folks come up with!  ^_^

Contest Description:  http://alternate-visions.blogspot.com/2013/02/arright-since-it-seems-snow-daze-image.html
Example Poem (Written by Yours Truly):  http://alternate-visions.blogspot.com/2013/02/arright-since-it-seems-snow-daze-image.html
I've been thinking about a few things regarding my art bizniss, Alternate Visions.  First off, a name change!  What do you think of "Ethereal Arts?" The ".com" is available, and it will easily encompass my crafting, vocal and acting work. :)  Plus it illustrates the mystical bent most of my work takes (light as well as dark) and doesn't just allude to visual art.   (At this point in my life, I'm okay w/it not alluding to the visual impairment.  That's part of what I am, not all of who I am. :))

Next up, I'm thinking of dropping Etsy entirely as a marketplace for my work.  ArtFire's cheaper (it asks a low monthly fee, instead of charging per listing and taking a cut from each sale), it's more complete, more customizable, and seems to be working harder to get creators' works seen.  It's still not as well-known as Etsy, but I'm hoping that that'll soon change, given all the lengths AF is going to to support their artists & promote their work. :)  Again, thoughts?

Also, because of the bus system newly operational in this area, I'm eager to get more active in the local bellydance community. (I might finally be able to get to Blacksburg classes & haflas! :D)  Inspired by the prospect, I put a little AF collection together.  :)
Whatcha think?

Lastly, things are finally starting to calm down here a bit, so I'm excited to get my house back together and back into creating more- and more often. ^_^ (Now that I know that I'm staying here for a bit, and can pull my stuff back out of boxes. ;))  -And I mean that where singing and crafting is involved. ^_^  Let me know if you want to see/hear anything specific, and.. thanks for readin'.  It's hard to express, but I really appreciate it. :)  I'll be stoppin' over to many others' journals more often now too, since I'm no longer using my computer on top of a pile of bins n' can sit at it for more than a few minutes at a time. ;)

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( Dec. 12th, 2010 11:57 pm)
 I know it's no major thing, but this just knocks my socks off. ^_^  

A screen-cap example of how it would look if someone added one of my ArtFire items to their Amazon Wish List. :D

Just get the button, and start bookmarking and/or requesting goods from nearly anywhere online. ^_^  ('S about time they caught up to Kaboodle, huh? ;D)  Plus, ArtFire is one of this endeavor's major contributors, so now folks can add my art and crafts from the AV store even more easily! *beams*  This is so keen!!  Just seeing my work on an Amazon page makes me all giddy inside. :D:D

Hope all of your holiday preparations are going well, and happy gifting!

Working at the Freak Bazaar has reminded me that Alternate Visions needs a new rl banner/sign.  But the only signs I've ever made were hand-painted/drawn ones on cardboard- so how 'bout this?  Whomever designs the best banner/sign for me to use while vending, showing, etc. (heck even camping- I can put it across my tent to advertise! ;D) they'll get one custom-made item, created especially for them- in recompense for their hard work!  Sound good and fair?

If so, pop me your designs, and I'll show them off here, on the AV Blogger page, & on the AV Facebook page- for all the world to see!  Then we can all vote on the best submission, and the winner will receive either a piece of jewelry, a polymer clay goody, a pair of horns, a drawing, or any other type of oddity that I make, that's been hand tailored and custom created to fit their every desire!
If that sounds good to you, then...

On your mark, get set... GO!!!
http://www.artfire.com/users/renaessance  ^_^

So...  Whatcha think?

(The banner that inspired this change is also on my Etsy store, too. :))  I was feeling all "uhg" and uninspired, very blazé & unmotivated.  But w/a little time away from stressing about it and a little bit of fiddling, came up w/this. :)  All the wording is by me, (including the hazy stuff way way in back), and the rest of the image is by [livejournal.com profile] plsurkity.  She used a pic of me from somewhere and totally revamped it. :)  I was working in a banner editor tonight (as I have no image editing software currently) and came upon the idea of doing a little image inversion w/more lettering against my original few (seen behind & below the focal lettering in front).  I really, really like this new image!  It's whimsical and mysterious and dark, all w/o excessively being one thing or the other. :D  J'adore!  ^_^  Hope you all do, too!)
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( Dec. 13th, 2008 03:17 pm)

Since PhotoDraw has recently died and I can't find my MS Office software, I've been trying to use GIMP and just about anything I could to put this little baby together.  (W/no visual software anymore, that's been TOUGH!  But I found a benner maker online that had the capabilities to make one the size I needed, and eventually found an old trail version of Jasc. Paint Shop Pro. that helped me put the finishing touches down.  It would have been SO much easier and faster in PDv2, but eh, ya use whatcha got, right? ;D  So at last I've been able to finish my Etsy store banner, and here t'is!

So.. whatcha guys think?


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