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It's been a while since I've posted here, and, given how much I loved this place years ago, I think it's important that I at least try and keep it up ('cause I firmly believe that the values which made me fall in love w/LJ are still here- even if most people have migrated to FB).  To that effect, yo!  Goo to "see" you all. ^_^

*happy waves*

Hi guys!  I've a little mermaid-related contest going on, and wanted to invite y'all to come participate!  
Alternate Visions is looking for a mermaid-themed poem, elucidating the differences between a plus-size mermaid and a manatee.  This is meant to be a kind-spirited, fun challenge, and there will be TWO prizes for the winner, as well as a prize for the second place entry. ^_^   The winner will receive a new, original piece of mermaid art, in addition to a new mermaid-themed necklace.  And the runner up will receive a brand new mermaid-themed bracelet! :D  

More details can be found here or at the links below, and mehopes that y'all take part!  I know there are a TON of creative peoples out there, n' I can't wait to see what folks come up with!  ^_^

Contest Description:
Example Poem (Written by Yours Truly):
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( Jan. 4th, 2012 01:20 am)
The lovely [ profile] lupabitch recently apprised me of the fact that if you turn your FB nav. language to Leet Speak, then visit the About section of anyone single or female, you'll see them dubbed as "lonely" & "sandwich maker." o.O  So to investigate, I gave it a go m'self.  Went through the process, took a screen cap, n' the below is what I got. See the column on the bottom? It's a screen capture. No photo manip. here, whatsoever.

I know this is "supposed" to be funny- something "clever" and "in," but for an entity as large as Facebook to mass-publish this kind of stupidity & misogyny.. that.. that's disturbing in my book. What's next? A Redneck Translator w/crude allusions to singles masturbating & women being chained to the stove?  

It's not that I don't get it's a joke. It's that a public giant as enormous & influential as FB is right now (especially w/the younger generations) should be more responsible than this.  They should freaking know better than to propagate this kind of mindset- 'cause in many places around the world, this kind of mindset is NOT, not anywhere NEAR being a joke.  People still treat women like this today, and our taking that fact for granted is dangerous & irresponsible.

If individuals wanna make these jokes, fine. I laugh at redneck & blind jokes too. But to me, that's my choice, as a Southerner (as much as I loathe to admit it), a visually impaired person, & an INDIVIDUAL. My own family barely gives a shit what I have to say.  If I spout that I think little green men should damn-well do what they're told, nobody's gonna give a hoot.  But regardless of how many people can read l33t, regardless of it supposedly being an attempt at "humour," a global giant like FB should leave the stupid sexist l33t terminology to the dorks who wanna spout this crap- & then complain that they can never get a date. :P

Anyhoo- for those who'd like to tell FB how they feel, here's the link for where you can petition FB to take this insulting crap down.  Or.. to root 'em on.  That's your prerogative too.
Aw hell.. Anne McCaffrey just died. :(((

Rest well, lady.  Thank you so much for all your many brilliant gifts.  Your work has inspired countless people, and THAT is magic.  Through the courage you had in pursuing your work and doing what you loved, the tenacity you exhibited in sharing your imagination & the joy you shared in opening up your spirit to us, you made the world a brighter, more interesting & far more beautiful place.  ♥♥♥   

Love & Light,
Hey all. I just wanted to share something with you, as I know we all have our own moments at times of "I wish." ;)

Yesterday I took my second stab at heading our university bellydance club practice, and thinking on a moment from last night, I just had to laugh. (We're all beginners there ftmp, but some are MUCH newer than others. So the Pres. and I kind of head things up, as we have no real dance teacher to speak of. :)):

We were doing seated squats (just sittin' in the middle of the air squatted, as if on a very icky, invisible thundermug), and lots of the girls were having real trouble w/posture, staying down far enough, balance, stamina & the like. (I was trying to show them how immobilizing the legs might help w/isolating the upper body, and how eventually you could turn a squat into a variety of cool moves.) But for some reason they kept balking so laughingly I teased "c'mon ladies, if a big fluffy girl like me can do it, all you skinny wimmins have GOT this!" (All the girls in my club but me are very, very little- which can be kind of hard on the confidence levels at times.) So a few tried briefly again, but everyone just kept breaking out of it and getting frustrated, distracted, etc.

So I just sat in the squat, let 'em go on w/their conversations for a bit, and while waiting for them to finish, put my hands down on my legs, just chillin' out. That's when I realized it. "C'mon girls! This works your upper thighs like crazy!" A few people looked around, chuckled for a sec, but didn't do much. So I went on. "Some of you may not believe it, but I've actually got a bit a' muscle up under alla this fluff!" -to which we all laughed, buuut they all still kept standing around; so I tried again. "No really! Come feel!" And that's when I totally invited them to come take a poke at the fronts of my thighs, while I still just sat in the squatting pose.

Nervously, a few of them walked over, poked, and the looks on their faces were so hysterically shocked, I just couldn't help but laugh. :) Here I was, the biggest girl of all of them by a mile, and in this pose my legs were all muscle, and for once I wasn't having any trouble w/stamina or needing to modify a move. You couldn't feel hardly any fluff at all on that top thigh muscle, and a couple of girls even said "oh my god!! She really IS all muscle under there!!" *lol*

I'm not saying anyone should ever compare themselves to others (although I know it still happens), or that one should belittle others for something that one can or cannot do. (I dearly hope this is not coming off that way.) My goal was to inspire these awesome ladies to keep trying, and I -think- in some, it might have actually worked. :) But also, as one who's always worried about "being The Big Girl.." the undesirable that everyone just puts up with, (in class as well as in life), not to mention as someone w/a disability, it was great to have a "yes I can!!" moment. ^_^

I guess it's just that the look on these girls' faces, when they realized that I actually -could- be strong, and somehow withstand something they in their younger, tinier physiques could not (YET) really helped me remember: Although I wish I were littler and more fit, I've also got my OWN strengths & assets too. :) That doesn't mean I'm gonna stop striving to be mre healthy, but it does remind me that I am not JUST weakness.

And that, no matter who you are or what you struggle with, is a really, really nice thing to be reminded of. *beams*

Anyway.. I hope you all have lots of similarly great moments soon to come, and always. ^_^ ♥

Love and Light,
The Elven Dance

O you who dance among the trees
With endless grace and tireless ease
Would it disrupt your song to speak
Of who you are and what you seek?

We circle through the forest green
In patterns left to you unseen
And when the sunlight lights the sky
To other places we must fly.

O you who fly into the night
With eyes that shine like stars and light,
Please tell me now where do you run
When you depart from day and sun?

With light that you will never see
We travel over rock and tree
Yet in the blazing glare of dawn
Our own devices must be gone.

O you who flee from sun and day
With strange enigmas you must play
To be so wary not to tell
Of who you are and where you dwell.

We would inform you of our thought
Yet even willing we could not
Albeit you will wonder why
We must instruct you not to pry.

O you who live behind fair guise
With masks complex and hidden eyes
Your will I do not understand
To cast aside a searching hand.

We know not how to make you see
Our use of words is not so free
The only thing that we can say
Is not to look for us this way.

O you who walk the other side
With ways you are compelled to hide
Though I would gladly know your lore
I will depart and ask no more.

We beg you not to leave our sight
And ride to long-forgotten light
Your presence cannot be so wrong
We bid you stay and hear our song.

O you who beckon with your smile
With beauty somehow filled with guile
Though you may change your mind and heart
With thought of danger I depart.

Alas! another one is lost
We cannot bear the heavy cost
Of longing to reveal our ways
Yet cursed until the end of days
To never let another know
Of why we wander to and fro
And of our dreams and of our thought
And of the closeness we have sought.
So on we dance among the trees
And wait until another sees
And maybe this time he will find
The center of our tangled mind.

- Amanda Baggs -
Support local artists, crafters & designers this holiday season! ^_^

Yes, yes, YES!!  I know we all love games & DVDs, but (especially in this economy) instead of buying mass-marketed junk w/a thoughtless toss of a few dollars to a big corporation, why not buy something that's totally unique??  You'll look hella-original, & your gift recipient(s) will receive something insanely cool; a non-mass-produced goodie made with love, and a piece which is likely one-of-a-kind!  T'is a win-win!  ^_^

If you have something in particular that you'd like me to make for you (or someone you care for) for the holidays (anything from Hallowe'en/Samhain & beyond), gimme a holler!  I'm currently making new polymer clay goodies for the Hallowe'en season, and I can't wait to see what comes out next! :D


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( Sep. 7th, 2011 04:33 am)

This past weekend (and Monday included) was pretty grand.  Saturday I showed Gramma how NetFlix works, n' we watched her favorite movie evar- "Arsenic & Old Lace." :)  She wants to be Aunt Abby in a local production if it were ever made, and I think she'd make a GREAT one. ^_^  It was way funnier than I remember, and we had a ball laughing through it together. ^_^  Then that night, I got to go to my first bellydancing event since living here!!  I got to talk with a few of the dancers, & most importantly, to support my local bellydance community! :D  It was a orchestrated by "Hill and Veil" bellydance classes n' group over yonder in Blacksburg, and held at the other Royal She-Sha Lounge there downtown (which was warm & PACKED, but w/a great stage we got to be really close up to, & we still had seats). :)  We stayed for the full run; which went off & on from 10pm - midnight.  And I was all dressed up for the occasion- w/pigtails, a bindi and general bellydance garb. :)  

Sunday we went to Mark and Rob's place, for a grand barbecue from 5 until.. well.. whenever we felt like goin' home. *lol*  It was wonderful to see them again, and to help celebrate both their birthdays in addition to mine, which are all right near each other. :)  My gramma & mom got to meet 'em, we all got to hand together w/their friends, n' a good time was had by all. :)  (Well, except for maybe poor li'l Sydney, who has issues w/too many people coming over n' had sto stay inside during the event. :(()  We stayed late, and it was a blast. :)

Monday I shared the movie "Miranda" (another old-time movie featuring Glynis Johns-the mom from "Marry Poppins") w/Gramma, & we continued our shopping sprees (where we continued to nab little goodies for me like brand new fancy cooking pans & a bunch of Command hanging doodads- so I don't put holes in these new walls & end up getting charged for 'em).  After that we hit Red Lobster, 'cause we didn't quite know where to find Kabuki, and -everything- sounded good that night. :)  So mom, gramma and I had a Long Island Iced Tea each, and sat down to one of -the best meals- I can EVER freaking remember having.  It was PHENOMENAL. ^_^  (The leftovers of which I'm about to chow down on, as soon as I'm finished w/this. :))  

After the camera scare (where I nearly got my camera lost/stolen by some hap-hazard bus boy @ RL- which thank God turned out okay :D), we hit St. Albans.  For those who don't know it, it's a former asylum and boys school here in town, that's reputedly HELLA haunted.  I got some fun pics there that I can't WAIT to show you. ^_^  It's still clearly abandoned n' had a bunch of  "No Trespassing" signs up everywhere, so we didn't go in (though I'm guessing most people just disregard those for ghost hunts n' go on in anyway), but we did circle about the place a few times to get some snazzy photos.  (Again, the aforementioned of which I am about to show you. :))

And to top it all off, just as we were nearing home, mom kept seeing some "Banjo & Fiddle Jam" signs.   We tracked them here n' there around town, n' finally ended up finding this cute little place tucked away right near main street, where there was a -great- bluegrass jam happening.  The musicians were so good, and the men who traded turns singing were awesome, too. :)  We had vanilla root beer floats for dessert while we sat n' listened (which is amazing, considering the food we'd just had at RL ;)), and ended the night on a high note all 'round, pun very much intended. ^_^  It was great, and I'm blessed as hell to have had my mom & gramma down there to spend the weekend w/me- and be there not JUST for my birthday. ^_^  Love you tow ladies.  Just mark my word, I WILL get a game night n' photography session w/you as faerie goddesses in, yet!! ;D

Love and Hugs to All!

Gratefully and Gladly, :)


St. Albans, the spooky sanitorium tucked way far away, but ever so nearby, in Radford, VA.

For all of my lovely kindred spirits out there, I thought I'd put together a little something on Etsy-- just in time for faire season. ^_^  I've been racking up Favorites over there for ages, n' could have sworn I'd already made one of these long ago- but low and behold, no!  So here's a bunch of great items (nearly all of which are plus-size friendly) to help you celebrate yourself and your love of dance!  (Great for pro. dancers and non-dancers alike- whether you rock a full Tribal look, or just want one piece to adorn your faire costume. :))  Plus, lots of these shops have variations on stuff which suit faerie tastes, so go get 'em, girls! :D



Or B?

(There are subtle differences, such as contrast, areas of different shading, etc.)


I've been thinking about a few things regarding my art bizniss, Alternate Visions.  First off, a name change!  What do you think of "Ethereal Arts?" The ".com" is available, and it will easily encompass my crafting, vocal and acting work. :)  Plus it illustrates the mystical bent most of my work takes (light as well as dark) and doesn't just allude to visual art.   (At this point in my life, I'm okay w/it not alluding to the visual impairment.  That's part of what I am, not all of who I am. :))

Next up, I'm thinking of dropping Etsy entirely as a marketplace for my work.  ArtFire's cheaper (it asks a low monthly fee, instead of charging per listing and taking a cut from each sale), it's more complete, more customizable, and seems to be working harder to get creators' works seen.  It's still not as well-known as Etsy, but I'm hoping that that'll soon change, given all the lengths AF is going to to support their artists & promote their work. :)  Again, thoughts?

Also, because of the bus system newly operational in this area, I'm eager to get more active in the local bellydance community. (I might finally be able to get to Blacksburg classes & haflas! :D)  Inspired by the prospect, I put a little AF collection together.  :)
Whatcha think?

Lastly, things are finally starting to calm down here a bit, so I'm excited to get my house back together and back into creating more- and more often. ^_^ (Now that I know that I'm staying here for a bit, and can pull my stuff back out of boxes. ;))  -And I mean that where singing and crafting is involved. ^_^  Let me know if you want to see/hear anything specific, and.. thanks for readin'.  It's hard to express, but I really appreciate it. :)  I'll be stoppin' over to many others' journals more often now too, since I'm no longer using my computer on top of a pile of bins n' can sit at it for more than a few minutes at a time. ;)


Pics Pics and More Pics! From Street Fairs to Spooky Bars! :D )
And more will be coming, as soon as I get my mom's photographs. ^_^  
If you'd like to see more, the full set is allll on Facebook. :)

I just read an article that featured a lovely little table blessing.  As I've always said my own freeform prayer in my head at meals and have always wanted something to share with others during communal events, I thought I'd alter yon cute little poem a bit and commemorate it here.  (To keep for my own records, and to share with others.  If you like it, then by all means, feel free to use it as you please. :)) 

Blessings on the blossoms,
Blessings on the fruits,
Blessings on the leaves and stems,
Blessings on the roots,
Blessings on the gentle lives,
That helped to make this meal,
We thank you for this bounty
As in our heart/s we kneel.  

Alt. Version:
Who helped to make this food,
We give You thanks for all Your gifts,
And bow our heads in gratitude.

(And of course "we" can be substituted for "I," just as "Your" can be switched for "God's," "Heaven's," or "Earth's," etc. :))
Hope you enjoy!
 As Pride is happening all around us now and throughout the month of June, I thought I'd share a few links with folks that I just found; which might be of interest to some. :)  (Ones which I wish I'd found eeeeeons ago- as a little bi blind girl. ;))  

For many, it's hard enough to find decent disability resources- if any at all; depending on where one lives.  For many others, the same goes for GLBT-Q-related resources.  But put those two together, and most might think that finding any assistance w/pertinent issues would be a virtual impossibility.  I know I sure did- up until last night. :)  So for those who might be in a similar situation, that's why I'm sharing this with you.  If you or someone you know could use this info, pass it on! :D

For those who are blind or visually impaired and part of the GLBT-Q community, there's, a division of the ACB.
For folks with all types of disabilities in the UK and beyond, there's, They offer free membership for disabled folks in the GLBT-Q community.  
Plus there's a great, GLBT-Q inclusive online magazine, full of info for people of all kinds of abilities.  It offers stuff about everything from entertainment to finding work. :) -f

Annnd that's all I have for now, but if I find more, you can bet they'll be posted here as well. :)
Hope you are all well, and Happy Pride, y'all!
Bellydance and Confidence Starters

What is bellydance?

Gothic Bellydance (Not included in the above)

"Fat Rant" Videos by Joy Nash
(Helpful for people of size as well as everyone who feels they might have issues that could be holding them back from living life to the fullest.)


Places to Shop

A Little Bit of Video:


Nisha of Las Vegas

Pavlov's Hips


Rachel and Badra Du Noir

Male Bellydancers

Online Resources for Plus-Sized Dancers

Am I Too Fat to Bellydance?

HUGE compendium of bellydance related links on Hub, by the author of "too fat" and

"disabled bellydance"

Bellydance for people with disabilities and special needs:

Bellydancing for Men and Beyond
Read more... )
As a former resident of MD (and one who may potentially reside there again in the not-too-distant future), I'd like to think that if one of MD's delegates advertised belief in and support of an issue (especially to the point of fostering a particular bill), one would remain true to their words, campaigned principles & commitment to the constituents who helped support them because of said beliefs/supported policies.

I'd also like to think that if I were to return to Maryland & make it my home again, that not only could I have confidence in my elected government, but that I would be treated equally as a fully viable citizen no matter what my race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political leaning, hair color, age, body type, face shape, eye color, etc. may be.

Denying LGBT equal rights is like discriminating by face shape. Should two consenting adults w/round faces be able to marry? Of course they should! My point is, you're only focusing on the physical bits, but you're still dealing w/cognizant, consenting, mature and fully capable adults. Refusing LGBT/Q equal rights is like denying overweight people access to hospitals, the equality of people w/disabilities, denying people of different races/creeds/cultures/religions the ability to marry or women the ability to own property, live independently, etc.

All of this not withstanding however, you were elected because you purported to have certain beliefs. You took money from people who supported you because of said advertised beliefs. It seems a little odd that you would suddenly come to an impasse just now, no..? Please do the right thing and stand up for the beliefs you said you held and would uphold during your service to your constituents. You not only made commitments with words and obligated yourself by using other peoples' funds, you'd also simply be breaking faith. And isn't what this whole supposed quandary is about..? Have a little faith in what you originally purported to believe, Mr. Arora. Don't denigrate the system (or your personal integrity) further by betraying your constituents.
 "Mah-meee!!" a long-time-ago drawing, by Yours Truly.

Sometimes the idea that people look down on children's authors & artists scares me. As artists & writers, there's often a stigma that says you'll be taken less seriously if you "deign" to venture writing, drawing, or creating for childrens' works.  That you're less intelligent, less creative, and personally more juvenile yourself...

Then, I remember people like Shel Silverstein and Jim Henson, and think of how different, less magical, less imaginative, and more grey a world this would be w/o the likes of them. They both worked on projects for kids as well as adults, and they both made HUGE impacts on people of all ages- during the times where they were active as well as after they passed on. Because of their brilliance, their passion, their heart and their originality.. their.. sparks, they have impacted countless lives and made an imprint on inumerable psyches around the world. As an artist as well as a fan of both mens' work, I just wanted to express how grateful I am that they (and others like them) have graced this world, even for a time, w/their presence, and benefited so many lives with their amazing, incomparable Art. 'Cause to me, there is no truer or higher art than inspiring minds, impacting lives, or igniting others' spirits to climb to greater heights, and continue the message of loving and giving to others in their own time, in turn.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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( Jan. 13th, 2011 03:13 pm)
I just came across a great celebrity blog entry.  Normally I'm not into these things, but for one it happens to answer a question I've been wondering about her for the past few years.  And most importantly, for another.. well, if you've ever wondered why I'm so into bellydance, Ms. Margaret Cho illustrates the reason(s) beautifully- and very, very poignantly. :)

Baila mis amigas.  It's good for your soul. ^_^
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( Jan. 6th, 2011 03:11 am)
Bellydancers: If you could be any of these archetypes, which would you choose? Do you happen to already have a costume and/or a routine in your repertoire (or in your mind) of one or more of these..?

The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

Also, do you have a favorite suit? Cups/Chalices, Swords, Staves or Pentacles/Coins? Do you find you gravitate toward one or more of these? (If so, feel free to choose more than one option. That way no matter what, you're more likely to get a suit or archetype you're happy with. :))

I'm thinking that coins (from costumes, bras, jewelry, hipscarves & the like) will be used for the Coins suit. Scimitars and dance swords will be used for Swords (a' korse), The Cups suit will represented using balancing chalices and tankards, and the Staves will either be cane assayas or stick tahtibs. (Though I'm leaning more toward sticks, as A; they simply look more like trad. staves, B; because they lend a slightly more masculine feel- not to mention a more tribal vibe, and c; I don't really get the association w/Saidi dancing and little shepherd sticks. On the other hand, they -are- more widely known as being pretty representative of the Dance.. so.. that's something to ponder. :) (..Hmmm.. maybe for the ill-omened swords or staves cards I should use red light sabers, in a nod to DDP..? ;D)

As for suit numbers (3 of cups, or 6 of swords for instance), we'll simply feature the objects themselves, in whatever formations best represent the meaning of the card. (Though another idea might also be to feature "action shots" of the correct number of items from the suit, actively being used as part of a performance. (Say.. 4 coins on a hip scarf, or a group of dancers' hands holding the correct number of sticks, for example.) But I'm not quiiite sure how I wanna handle that aspect of it yet.

If you have any thoughts, requests, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to shoot 'em my way. I may be the creative-y type doing these, but I'm only a beginner in the Dance, so I'm open to anything you guys might have to offer. :)

Vielen Dank!
Yours Always in Song,


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