Or B?

(There are subtle differences, such as contrast, areas of different shading, etc.)


thewaterling: (CraftyWitch)
( Nov. 19th, 2009 07:50 am)

I can has a new work, pre-colour. :)

There will be a fanciful clock-face imprint on the upper-right-hand corner amidst the background soon. :) This was inspired by my love of Knocker fae (and the men in my life who remind me of them), as well as Midnight's upcoming theme on Saturday night (where I'll be vending); which centers around Frankenstein/the commemoration of Boris Karloff's birthday. :)

-And the title of course was inspired by The Dresden Dolls' song "Coin Operated Boy-" as I love the whimsy it inspires, as well as the idea that perhaps it might refer to either the knocker himself or his creation. ^_^ (Or both!.;D)

Hope you like!
A knocker, constructing an autometon from a Louisville slugger, collanders, and other sundary parts. :)
thewaterling: (CraftyWitch)
( Mar. 9th, 2009 12:57 pm)
I have a friend who does both Tribal and Cabaret bellydance, who has asked me to do a drawing of a lass who's in both styles of dress.  Here is my solution to that inquiry. :)



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