As a former resident of MD (and one who may potentially reside there again in the not-too-distant future), I'd like to think that if one of MD's delegates advertised belief in and support of an issue (especially to the point of fostering a particular bill), one would remain true to their words, campaigned principles & commitment to the constituents who helped support them because of said beliefs/supported policies.

I'd also like to think that if I were to return to Maryland & make it my home again, that not only could I have confidence in my elected government, but that I would be treated equally as a fully viable citizen no matter what my race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political leaning, hair color, age, body type, face shape, eye color, etc. may be.

Denying LGBT equal rights is like discriminating by face shape. Should two consenting adults w/round faces be able to marry? Of course they should! My point is, you're only focusing on the physical bits, but you're still dealing w/cognizant, consenting, mature and fully capable adults. Refusing LGBT/Q equal rights is like denying overweight people access to hospitals, the equality of people w/disabilities, denying people of different races/creeds/cultures/religions the ability to marry or women the ability to own property, live independently, etc.

All of this not withstanding however, you were elected because you purported to have certain beliefs. You took money from people who supported you because of said advertised beliefs. It seems a little odd that you would suddenly come to an impasse just now, no..? Please do the right thing and stand up for the beliefs you said you held and would uphold during your service to your constituents. You not only made commitments with words and obligated yourself by using other peoples' funds, you'd also simply be breaking faith. And isn't what this whole supposed quandary is about..? Have a little faith in what you originally purported to believe, Mr. Arora. Don't denigrate the system (or your personal integrity) further by betraying your constituents.

Me wants to take aaaaaaallll da classes..!!!

(..Too bad I's brok'ded..... ;-\)

Yay, bellydancing! ^_^
(Edit:)  Looks like I won't be gonig to BP after all.  The VRE doesn't run during weekends. :((((((((  
Ah well, looks like I get to do what I was -supposed- to do last weekend.. which is swim and clean/finish decorating. ^_^  But if any of you are floating out my way who're going, would you drop me a line on my cell?  I'd happily pay gas dinero for accompany-age privaledges. :)))   ..And hey, my apt. is so close to being done I can smell it- so that'll be fun and okie, too. ^_^)



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