Bellydance and Confidence Starters

What is bellydance?

Gothic Bellydance (Not included in the above)

"Fat Rant" Videos by Joy Nash
(Helpful for people of size as well as everyone who feels they might have issues that could be holding them back from living life to the fullest.)


Places to Shop

A Little Bit of Video:


Nisha of Las Vegas

Pavlov's Hips


Rachel and Badra Du Noir

Male Bellydancers

Online Resources for Plus-Sized Dancers

Am I Too Fat to Bellydance?

HUGE compendium of bellydance related links on Hub, by the author of "too fat" and

"disabled bellydance"

Bellydance for people with disabilities and special needs:

Bellydancing for Men and Beyond
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 Just did a bit of research to help out a friend, (as well as his b-dance teacher, who also happens to be my friend and teacher as well :D), stumbled upon a few really neato links.  Check it out!

Okie, first we'll start w/some pretty rockin' fun video: *beams*

Next, another guy who's decent, but whose costume I think (on the top half, at least) looks a lit-tle silly... Not much masculinity to this one.. but hey- whatever creams yer twinkie. ;D:
And lastly, the whole reason I ever even knew that male bellydancers existed to begin with: The rather fun, very silly "fans only" video for Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." :D:D
(To the pros in my 'audience' as well as the newbies, beware: There is some -very- bad dancing in this, but also some pretty okay wiggling as well. ^_^)
In reference to the decent wiggling and the male bellydancing alike, I'm referring directly to the tall, lanky lad w/the markings down the middle and the shiny pants- who's outside. :D:D
And for those of you who're into it enough to "read all about it;" here are some wordstuffs on male bellydance in general:

Some fun bits concerning the topic:

And dassit!
Hope you like, and that I'm not pointing folks in some wrong, wonky direction! *lol*
:D Nae
Ladies, have you ever had a shirt that just INSISTED on opening up at bizarre junctures, and thus showing off your ta-tas at random intervals in or throughout the day/evening? Ya know, it's that blouse that just seems to keep opening its top button at the most -innoportune/inappropriate- moments; putting your chest on display when you LEAST expect it and when you absolutely do NOT need/want it to do so..??

I have one of those shirts on me now, an' the only thing I can figure is that it's so loose and it has one button that's flexy, it's just popping open at odd times... It's in no way tight (actually, it's pretty enormous, as a matter of fact- all loose everywhere and billowy..), and for some reason the top button just INSISTS on coming open, to show off my tits when I least expect it, and often very much when I SO do not want it to... You know? It's embarrassing at work, frankly.. and just a little ettrangé. ;P

And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT:

Secondly, have any of you been somewhat, hesitatingly smitten or infatuated w/someone who you've also found has the propensity to -drive you completely nucking futs???- You know, you like 'em, but then they piss you off and you STILL can't get 'em out of you head, even though thinking about them STILL pisses you off..??? Mixed feelings, mixed bags.. mixed noggin', mixed.. other stuff... ;) Oddness... Yeah.. oddness...

He's cute, he's sweet, but he still ticks me off, an' yet I still can't seem to get 'im outta my head. Mfer..! ...


Je suis confuzée...
Anyway.. HOMEWARD!!
Night, y'all!! *waves happily but wearily*


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