I didn't make the wings, but the tutu's alllll mine. :)  (It was SUPER easy:  Just tie strips of tulle around a length of elastic!)
Can't wait to see my little girl as a Hallowe'en fairy, and my boy as Count Dracul!  *giggles fiendishly, plotting w/sandpapery glee*

Happy Hallowe'en/Samhain, Everyone!! ^_^

Happy birthday to youuuu,
Happy birthday to yooooou!
happy biiiirthday dear Oouuunaaaaa..!
Happy birthday toooo yooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!
(And many moooooorrre!)
 (An' I mean that last part.  You are NOT allowed to die- ever.  You or your brother.  I'd just -lose my sh*t.-)

For Skye's b-day they got tuna and tuna juice for their big fancy holiday meals.  
For Ouna's big day (only 2 weeks later), "Mom" was actually able to get to the store, so they both got tuna in the morning (Ouna ate nearly a WHOLE CAN O.O), and for din-din, they got the first canned cat food they've had in a looong, looooong time. ;)  Oh, such tortured kitties! ;D


And now, for Your Daily Moment of Cuteness:

I just turned around as Ouna jumped up n' settled herself on the bed, and found these two having a bathing session. ^_^  They haven't done this at length (as far as I've seen) since they were babies, and I'm so delighted to see them do it again! ^_^  I've been fearing that they'd suffered an insurmountable divide through the various events of the years- but it seems that isn't the case! :D  My babies seem healthy and happy, and that makes me as pleased as punch. *beams*  Oh!  But please excuse the bit of jiggling and the occasional odd camera angle.  I was turned around to film behind me, leaning on one elbow for support and holding the camera up solo w/my other one.  I hope you enjoy asmuch as I did. ^_^

Love Love Love,

Okay, I'm the proverbial newbie in this house, and it was a hope of both Raven's & mine that our 4 cats would get along.  Well.. her boy Lego gets along w/everyone pretty much (and vice versa), but apparently Raven's other cat Selket has had some bad experiences w/black cats, so she's -hated- my guys from the start.  Since day one Selkie's growled & hissed @ my two cats upon sight.  At first my guys were just curious, coming up to her and smelling her, and occassionally trying to play.  Well that did not jibe w/Selkie, and since then Ouna's been perportedly attacking Selkie, and just lately it seems Skye's been getting in on the act, too.  

I don't know if it's a dominance thing (since my guys are both 3 and Selkie's 14), or a "fine, you don't wanna play nice, than bitch it's ON!!," but I've had to start sequestering my guys in my room, and that is -not- working out.   Why?  Well, because Skye insists on crying, whining, and scratching @ the floor & the bottom of the door- ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG.   He makes a ruckus night after night, and each day he's in my room here w/me I get progressively less and less sleep thanks to his freakout sessions.  It happens every night he's in here w/me & his sister (who does not bug out, mind you), w/o fail.  

I thought it'd be something he'd get used to over time (w/hope and any luck), but that just ain't happ'nin', and I'm getting NO SLEEP.  Raven came up w/the idea of just locking them up @ nights so the kids could still get out and play some during the day, but that doesn't help when the little man keeps me up all night crying, whining and freaking out 'cause he's suddenly in a confined space.  And I've tried food, playing w/him, placating him, distracting him.. but I gotta sleep -sometime..- -no..?

And on top of that, Raven's extremely sweet-but-not-so-bright boy (somewhat like my Skye-Bear) has some seriously deep-seated food issues, and cannot handle it- when there's cat food in the house that he can't have.  It is an everyday, all-day struggle trying to keep him out of my cat's food bowls, and as I cannot possibly be in here all day everyday watching the food for my cats, my kids are often going hungry.  He pushes the kids out of the way, or creeps up on them (and me) when no one's looking and just -devours- anything left practically standing still.  I'm sick of always having to be on the ready every second there's any food in my cats' bowls, and as I keep my guys out of Lego's food (as he has the big neverending trough at the constant ready in the kitchen), they don't try to snag from it often.  Ouna will sometimes come in and try to sneak a nibble, but if I catch her, I squirt her, too- or step-divert her, or pick her up and tell her "no.." at which point she goes away sulking, and doesn't try to come back.  But Lego's got food issues, so he's another story.  He -just, keeps, coming.-

I'd love to just have an open trough policy for all of our cats. so they could go back & for w/o problem or complaint.  But w/Ouna's past & weight she CANNOT have large piles of food made available to her all the time, (that happened @ my wonderful gramma's when I was away for 6 mos. and she gained -SCADS- of weight that I'm still struggling w/her to lose), so she and Skye-boy get 2 doses of food each day, half a cup each.  No more, no less.  But w/Lego eating everything in sight that's not nailed down Skye and Ouna are -constantly- going hungry (especially Skye, who easily gets bullied away from his food bowl), and the problem is nowhere near to being solved.   I squirt Lego, he runs.  The second my back's turned, he comes slinking back again, and has downed half the food bowl before I hear him wheezing (he has kitty asthma) and realize he's scarfing down all my cat's munchies.  By then it's too late, and if I refill the bowls he just comes right back again.  There's no learning process.  No learning curve.  Now, I can shake the water bottle and sometimes that makes Lego run away, but still- he -keeps, coming, back.-

In past I've sequestered the guys before for a week or so in hopes to get them to leave Selkie alone.. and they did- for a while.  But tonight they just went right back at it -hardcore,- gang-up-gangsta-style; (again, w/o me seeing which is TREMENDOUSLY frustrating since I can't examine the signs that way), and it was a bad enough incident that they're back in my room again- 'cause Selkie had the 'audacity' [[[sarcasm]]] to come out of Raven's room for once...  (And I mean for the first time in like.. weeks... :(((()  And it almost makes it worse that I like her "kids" and she likes both of mine.  All 4 cats are tremendously sweet, kind, gentle and loving.  But this whole hooplah just -ain't- workin' out!!

What the HELL do I do???  (Or we, the household, or whatever), 

I feel terrible about all of this... 

Selkie shouldn't have to be afraid of venturing out into her own house, where she has -every right- to be, and in a home where she was here first.  Now she doesn't leave Raven's room, and is -constantly- on edge.  And I'm fraking sick & tired of feeling like the food police, punishing Lego all the time w/water bottle squirts, and having to watch the cats' bowls all the bloody day.  I -like- him, and I don't want to see me as just The Mean Lady who Guards the Food I Ought to Have.  

I'm thinking of setting up electronic cat barriers to sequester my kids in at night to prevent Skye from freaking out and keeping me awake, and in daylight during mealtimes to prevent Lego from coming in uninvited & unanounced to feast.  But that doesn't really solve the problem.  You know?  So what in the HELL can I and/or my household possibly do to remedy these two situations??  They're both 24 hour, 7-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year, 'round the clock vigils:  One to make sure that my guys and Selkie don't get into a bloody battle royale, and two to make sure that Skye and Ouna actually -get- to the food I'm feeding them.  

Selkie deserves to live in a calm and happy, peaceful home.  
And secondary to that, my kids need to get the food that they get each day.  

What the fuck could be causing all this mess.. and how in FUCK do we fix it???

Many thanks for any help or advice you may be able to offer.
♥ ♥ ♥

thewaterling: (So Good)
( May. 8th, 2009 11:16 pm)
 My cat Ouna, stretched out on the floor like the Puma symbol, (which is a big black panther leaping), showin' all her belly's glory!
Ouna in "Puma; After the Glory Days"

And on a related note, a cool bit from [info]blackcats
"Crazy Cat Lady School."

So Ouna sat on my chest just before bed like she often does, and as I began to coo at her, she put both of her paws over my mouth like "hush now.. no more words." *lol*

So.. how was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Mine was pretty dang good. :D:D                                                                         
Like brother- (above), like sister- (below).  *lol* 

They both have plenty of fresh water, but ever since we moved here, Skye has this odd fascination w/the bathroom faucet (instead of running from the room anytime the water's turned on like he used to), and this was the first time Ouna has EVER gotten up on the sink to try it, too.  -I mean, she gets up onto the sink, but she's never tried to drink from the faucet a'fore. ;)  I think she finally saw him get up there an' down again after his last successful try, so of course she- as the dutiful little sister that she is- HAD to try it, too. ;D  She didn't quite make it this time, but HE finally got it after a while. :)  (Yeah- he's tried this many, many times before.  I've seen various trials; like him accidentally snorting H2O, and getting water on his ever-so-dainty, precious li'l kitty paws. *lol*) It was cute as hell to see him so caaaaarefully perched aside/around the faucet, gauging the teeny water stream like  it was either going to explode in his face, or quench some eternal, gasping thirst, and then hear those dainty, adorable little kitty licks he makes when he was so carefully slurping. ^_^

Ya know, I have smart cats.  Skye may be silly, but they both might be ready for toilet training...  :) 



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