I'm sorting through a bunch of videos on my YouTube pages, and have finally decided to put all my dellybancing bits in one place. :)  So trying to find the SteamPunk vids I aired here eons ago, I came across this. :)  Hope those of you who dance, (including men & women alike) will like! :D

Oooh!  Plus, BELLYHORROR is coming up this weekend!!  Friday night is the BH show AT THE BIRCHMERE, (O.O) and then the rest of the weekend they're going to be having workshops & other BH-related events- including a horrrrific Tribal Cafe, where more All Hallows belly-fun can be had! :D  

Also, Galena (or as many of us know her, Kelly or Caitilin), will be hosting one HELL of an All Hallows Hafla this weekend, on Saturday night!  There will be TONS of bellydance there, a costume contest, prizes, food & drink (both adult & otherwise), and even a babysitter for those of you who have wee small kiddies. :)  (The early half of the night is PG, and the rest will be darker, scarier, and a little more PG-13.)  I'm going to be missing out on BellyHorror's after-party to be there, and I -know- it's gonna be great!  So join all the folks w/Sestraluna and many of us from Galena's dance classes out in Glen Burnie Saturday night for one amazing, spooky party! :D:D
Check out her page @ www.galenadance.com for further details. :)

It's shapin' up to be one fun, busy All Hallows Eve week! :D:D

Love and Grins,

P.S.  Vending last Saturday night @ Midnight went pretty okay.  Scott bought one piece, then bought another for a girl who really wanted one of my works, and all the rest was raw customer-age. ;D  My white, indoor-painted cat w/the "Welcome" sign on him even got sold- even though he hadn't been lacquered yet!  (This of course I told him, and gave him a lower price on it for.  It doesn't hurt the product, you just can't put it out in the rain/weather because of it.)  So all in all I made about $150, and it seems I'll be vending again next Thursday, @ Tronik's redux of "Spooky." :)  Wish me luck there, and at Kelly's Halloween Hafla, where I'll be going as.. something... (I don't yet know what), and hopefully vending a few of my wares. ^_^

♥♥♥ to All!
Regardless of whether or not you think there's something to the whole global warming phenomenon, (let alone whether or not there's something people can/should do about it), this video is trés cool.  The Blue Man Group rocks. :)  (SO wanna see them sometime live! :D)

I wish they'd actually put the playing of the song in, but still... *lol*  Yay for "The Wet Spots!" 

Ooh, and then I found this: ^_^

[livejournal.com profile] amethystjade reminded me of a commercial that I wanted to find on YouTube and share w/you all, via w/one of her super posts. Thank you Miss AmmeyJay, and mehopes you like the commercial below (which is the same one I replied to you with in your comments section). :)

♥ ♥ ♥

For those of you who are (like me) big fans of Katamari Damacy (thank you Greg, wherever you are!), fans of Chowder (the CN cartoon show), or for anyone who just needs a smile n' a chuckle, I give you.. this: :)

Hope everyone enjoys!
I just discovered that my vids were indeed NOT too big to post, plus w/the few ones that were, I could downsize them via Windows Movie Maker. :D:D  (Which I had suspected, but didn't know how to use to do so until tonight.)  So if anyone would like to see quick videos of the cannibals' act at BellyHorror, Misty the Firedancer from last night at the Piratz Tavern, some bellydancers at FaerieCon, or a summary snapshot of my folks' party in October, click on over and take a peek. ^_^


'Night, y'all!! ^_^


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