Hey y'all!  
The verbal info on the Zombieland Walk is as follows:
Begin behind PNC Bank, @ 1201 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007‎
Show: Text only | Map | Street View
Head south on Wisconsin Ave NW toward M St NW
go 59 ft
total 59 ft
Turn left at M St NW
About 2 mins
go 459 ft
total 0.1 mi
Turn right at 31st St NW
About 3 mins
go 0.2 mi
total 0.3 mi
Turn right at K St NW
go 167 ft
total 0.3 mi
Arrive @ Georgetown AMC Loews 14 Theatres @ 3111 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007‎
For an aerial view, here's a diagram of the route from above:
"Did you miss your prom, or waste it crying in the gym bathroom?  Get revenge at the artist social Zombie prom. Dress in your best prom or zombie attire and makeup.  See your fellow artists as you've never seen them before. Held on the 7th floor. The undead can dance, too! 

When: Sunday, June 21st, from 6-9pm
Where: Artomatic (55 M St SE), 7th Floor
Dress: Prom + Zombie wear strongly encouraged.

The Artist Social - an event for artists to cut loose and eat flesh - is an Artomatic tradition. This year, we're throwing a prom for zombies.  Get decked out in your best prom gear, dress up like a zombie, or a little of both!

The party will feature face makeup by celebrated DC makeup artists, so remember to bring a few regular non-zombie humans to come so we get some fresh membership!

We will also have a roving staff of talented photographers to capture the special memories we all remember from past Zombie Proms. Light refreshments will be provided, and music from A-Ron will get everyone to dance their zombie faces off!"

Sounds neat, huh?? 
Come w/me Sunday night and dance the night away; in classic prombie fashion! ^_^

but for those who aren't:

Would anyone like to come to my Zombie Lurch?  This year it's on November 1st, we'll start @ the Washington Monument, and end at the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring.  (We're havin' a party on the Metro to pass the 20mins or so from Judiciary Square- including music n' other fun stuffs. ^_^)  There's gonna be a drawing for zombie-related goodies, I'm also workin' on performances and such, n' we're collecting donations for the ASPCA, to help abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless animals all across the US. ^_^

Here's our flier, w/nifty undead art courtesy of Count Jackula. ;) 

We have an LJ community @ dczombielurch.livejournal.com, a myspace community @ myspace.com/dzombielurch, and of course, you can always just go to our primary web site, at dczombielurch.renaessance.com. ^_^

Hope some folks can join in! ^_^
Nae (The LurchMistress/"Lurch Lady" ;))


I put notices up in my zombie pages, asked various friends, inquired around, but no one I know is going up to Hagerstown this weekend to be part of the zombie movie I advertsed not long ago.  And of course, it turns out that MA doesn't go there.  So is anyone out there going to the Hagerstown zombie movie filming this weekend who's willing to cart me along?  I -really- want to go, as it's the last filming op.   I'll pay gas n' errehthang. ;D

For complete info, click here.

And if you're up for letting me ride along, please eitehr reply here, e-mail me, or gimme a call if ya have mah numbah. :):)

Thank you SO much!

If so, check out the specs at my Lurch community, at livejournal.com/community/dczombielurch. :):)
They're filming a z-flick in Hagerstown MD and need folks to come take part. ^_^  (Food, all-night movies and IMDB CREDITS included!!) :D:D

Gettin' the Zombie Word Out,

TUNE INTO WTOP @ 12:00 NOON TO HEAR THE PHONE INTERVIEW I JUST HAD ABOUT my LURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'll be playing it throughout the day up until 12 midnight, but CHECK IT OUT, MAN!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^!!!!!
(I'm -so- buggin'!!!) O.O I was AWEFUL.. but I'm STILL buggin'!!! O.O O.O O.O O.O
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D TWOP, man!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
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( May. 18th, 2007 07:06 pm)
DUDE!!! 28 Weeks Later was scary and GOOD!!

I highly recommend action, zombie, horror and thriller fans go see it. *gory glee* Goo dstuff man.. good stuff. ^_^


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