Bellydance and Confidence Starters

What is bellydance?

Gothic Bellydance (Not included in the above)

"Fat Rant" Videos by Joy Nash
(Helpful for people of size as well as everyone who feels they might have issues that could be holding them back from living life to the fullest.)


Places to Shop

A Little Bit of Video:


Nisha of Las Vegas

Pavlov's Hips


Rachel and Badra Du Noir

Male Bellydancers

Online Resources for Plus-Sized Dancers

Am I Too Fat to Bellydance?

HUGE compendium of bellydance related links on Hub, by the author of "too fat" and

"disabled bellydance"

Bellydance for people with disabilities and special needs:

Bellydancing for Men and Beyond
Read more... )

Does anyone have any inkling to go out to Centreville this Sunday to learn some Tribal Combos or get an Intro to Fire Dancing??   
They both sound cool, but I'm really intrigued about the Fire Dancing. ^_^
I would SO love to go- and I've a mind to- but I'd also love to have some company. ^_^

Class descriptions, times & locations link aqui. :)

So, anyone want to come with?


Me wants to take aaaaaaallll da classes..!!!

(..Too bad I's brok'ded..... ;-\)

Yay, bellydancing! ^_^
(Edit:)  Looks like I won't be gonig to BP after all.  The VRE doesn't run during weekends. :((((((((  
Ah well, looks like I get to do what I was -supposed- to do last weekend.. which is swim and clean/finish decorating. ^_^  But if any of you are floating out my way who're going, would you drop me a line on my cell?  I'd happily pay gas dinero for accompany-age privaledges. :)))   ..And hey, my apt. is so close to being done I can smell it- so that'll be fun and okie, too. ^_^)

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( May. 15th, 2008 05:13 pm)

I'm thinking of asking Yameena if I can use this as an actual piece of art. :)  

Another slightly different version under here. )

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Finally!! They took my (and likely others') suggestions! :D:D:D


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