The Elven Dance

O you who dance among the trees
With endless grace and tireless ease
Would it disrupt your song to speak
Of who you are and what you seek?

We circle through the forest green
In patterns left to you unseen
And when the sunlight lights the sky
To other places we must fly.

O you who fly into the night
With eyes that shine like stars and light,
Please tell me now where do you run
When you depart from day and sun?

With light that you will never see
We travel over rock and tree
Yet in the blazing glare of dawn
Our own devices must be gone.

O you who flee from sun and day
With strange enigmas you must play
To be so wary not to tell
Of who you are and where you dwell.

We would inform you of our thought
Yet even willing we could not
Albeit you will wonder why
We must instruct you not to pry.

O you who live behind fair guise
With masks complex and hidden eyes
Your will I do not understand
To cast aside a searching hand.

We know not how to make you see
Our use of words is not so free
The only thing that we can say
Is not to look for us this way.

O you who walk the other side
With ways you are compelled to hide
Though I would gladly know your lore
I will depart and ask no more.

We beg you not to leave our sight
And ride to long-forgotten light
Your presence cannot be so wrong
We bid you stay and hear our song.

O you who beckon with your smile
With beauty somehow filled with guile
Though you may change your mind and heart
With thought of danger I depart.

Alas! another one is lost
We cannot bear the heavy cost
Of longing to reveal our ways
Yet cursed until the end of days
To never let another know
Of why we wander to and fro
And of our dreams and of our thought
And of the closeness we have sought.
So on we dance among the trees
And wait until another sees
And maybe this time he will find
The center of our tangled mind.

- Amanda Baggs -
I just discovered that my vids were indeed NOT too big to post, plus w/the few ones that were, I could downsize them via Windows Movie Maker. :D:D  (Which I had suspected, but didn't know how to use to do so until tonight.)  So if anyone would like to see quick videos of the cannibals' act at BellyHorror, Misty the Firedancer from last night at the Piratz Tavern, some bellydancers at FaerieCon, or a summary snapshot of my folks' party in October, click on over and take a peek. ^_^

'Night, y'all!! ^_^
Folks can find my FaerieCon photos here.
I've still yet to download, fix n' re-upload the pics from my phone, but they'll be up there eventually. :)

I got a few good ones. ^_^ For example:

And a few more behind the cut: )


Cheers Y'all!
thewaterling: (Ahhhndrae!!!)
( Sep. 18th, 2008 05:17 pm)

I am ALL ready to go to FaerieCon!! ^_^ 
..Well, at least as far as the ticket, transport and hotel reservations and payment go. ;):)  I cannot believe how expensive a rooms in even the small, dumpy places are now (mine's $112 plus tax PER NIGHT!! O.O)- but I'm so happy w/my Greyhound rate. :D  (I was all prepared to pay $54 each way, and then got a happy surprise:  I'm tickled to've found out on my comfirmation receipt that it's $54 BOTH ways! :D:D)  Plus, in spite of the fact that the org. the FC people want folks to use says that all the hotels are booked up in the nearby vacinity, I got a room at the TraveLodge right around the corner- so THERE. ;D(They wanted me to settle for a shuttle-less place MILES from the site- so I was like- "uhm.. no."  ..I'm guessing they only promo-ed the Big Hotels.. ya know?))  All in all though, all my big stuff is done.  ...  YEE! ^_^ 

..Now all I have to do is go buy some decent ears, and see if I can't still afford some new rennish garb- like some piratey pants, a new blouse, and some VINGS! :D:D

OOH! Plus my mom just got my stepdad's b-day present to me.  It was the only gift of the few I got this year that was wrapped, and it's Karaoke Revolution 1 and 3! :D:D  (I already had 4/Party thanks to my friend Johnny from a few years back, so now all I gotta do is get 2 and the Idol ones- which is okay by me as it's the closest 'll ever get to Idol now, methinks.. ;))  And when I'm done buying up this franchize.. Singstar is next, baybee... :D:D

So.. WOOT!!  Good day.. good day... :):):):)

Cheers Y'all!  Hope your day is going equally as well. ^_^
*bounce bounce happy happy*
I thought I'd just let folks know about some of what they might find if they decide to go to FaerieCon.  The Good and Bad Faeries' ball Events are not mentioned, but those are available on the regular FC web site. :)  Dude, it's gonna rock to meet Alan Lee and Brian Froud. ^_^  Oh, and get your tickets in soon, and snag a hotel space ASAP.  I just called the place their website recommends, and all the hotels but TWO are full-up.  (And what sucks for me is that they're both pretty far away, w/no shuttle.  I'm trying to finagle something now w/what I can find on sites like Hotwire and Travelocity to see if I can't find somewhere near w/a shuttle...)  So like if you're interested, now's the time- 'cause if either of us procrastinates long, we's BOTH gone be shit outta luck; FC ticket or no... FaeriCon Program News )
thewaterling: (Naead)
( Aug. 27th, 2008 02:16 pm)

Teehee.. my podcast is now on iTunes. ^_^
Tom Waits is on The Podsafe Music Network. ^_^
Even if it's craaaaaaappy-slow, I have a computer. ^_^
-Which not only allows me to make my podshow, but also has allowed me to upload the photos which I've been dying to upload.  ^_^
If you want to see any of the pics I took from the MD Faerie Festival, you can clicky here; where you'll find pics GALORE. ^_^

Now, anyone want to come w/me to FaerieCon in October??  I'm goin' regardless- (I've got my ticket already- to make sur I GO instead of just wishin' 'n then missin' it), but I'd LOVE to have someone along w/me. ^_^  Anyone wanna go see Omnia, Gntal, Brian Froud, or Alan Lee??  :D:D

Gleefully Yours,



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