For all of my lovely kindred spirits out there, I thought I'd put together a little something on Etsy-- just in time for faire season. ^_^  I've been racking up Favorites over there for ages, n' could have sworn I'd already made one of these long ago- but low and behold, no!  So here's a bunch of great items (nearly all of which are plus-size friendly) to help you celebrate yourself and your love of dance!  (Great for pro. dancers and non-dancers alike- whether you rock a full Tribal look, or just want one piece to adorn your faire costume. :))  Plus, lots of these shops have variations on stuff which suit faerie tastes, so go get 'em, girls! :D


UPS: )


PS, Did anyone else know they have an ACB RADIO now??? O.O Radio for and by people w/visual impairments!!! BLind musicians, singers & DJs n' stuff!!! How cool is that??? O.O Maybe I might actually have a shot at this singing career after all. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Again, let's hope. ;)

Love to All, 'N Hope to See You This Weekend at Faire!! :D:D


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