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( Dec. 1st, 2009 07:26 am)
As I'm a relatively craftsy person, it's no surprise that I run w/a relatively craftsy crowd. :) Well it just so happens that 3 of my friends also have shops up @ Etsy, with some truly unique pieces that are totally amazing! There's Raven w/some fantabulous metal & stone jewelry, Jaran with these lovely wire-wrapped trees and buggies that are absolutely beautiful, and Jessi who has fun knitting patterns & pieces for the fantastically quirky and crafty. :) If you or someone you know is looking for a cool place to shop for potential holiday gifts, there's nowhere else you'll find more unusual, personalized pieces!
Hope these'll help you and/or people you know find cool new stuff for the holidays this year. ^_^

Shopping local is a -great- way to help the economy, stimulate your local market and give support to the "little guys" who make it all happen for themselves, as well as other businesses in the area- so support your local artizans now, and help somebody you know & love have a truly unique holiday experience. :D

..I love my talented friends! ^_^


 Yep, September's coming back around, and I'd like to formally invite all of you out to the MD Renaissance Festival to come cavort, romp and frolic w/me and all of my wild, zany friends in celebration of my having survived another year!  It doesn't matter to me whether you come in garb or no (but garb or at least wearing something fun would be SPEEEEEFE!).  All I wanna do is see your smiling faces, and celebrate my miraculous survival w/the people I know and care about. ^_^  (Ya know.. the ones who helped get me through said previous year. ;D)


You are hereby cordially and formally invited
to please come join me at The Maryland Renaissance Festival,
Saturday, September 5th, 2009, on "Magic Weekend,"
to Prance and Frolick & Just Generally Create a Ruckus
in Commemoration of one Oddball Chickie's Birthing Anniversary! :D

Pluuus since this date falls in under their Discounted Rates section of weekends, those in our party will be able to get in for $14 instead of the requisite $18.  Moreover, I'm not sure if it's doable, but if we get a large enough group to go, mehopes we can snag a further-discounted group rate. :D

So whether you wanna wear your jodpurs, jerkins, bodices or jeans or circle skirts, come join me in a day filled w/merriment, music, laughter, good company, great people and generally nutty Faire madness! ^_^

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Ooh, also:  you don't neeeeed to bring me a gift or anything if you don't want/don't have the money.  If you'd like to do something for me however in fhe way of a goodie, I would -love- pretty much anything to do w/bellydance (costuming, belts, hipscarves, skirts, headpieces, veils, earrings, etc.- in both Tribal and/or Cabaret styles), but I'm also up for help in getting to two MAJOR events coming up for me this year:  FaerieCon and BellyHorror.  (FaerieCon's in B-more this year which is -really- gonna rawk, and BellyHorror has a TON of workshops and stuff that I'd super-duper like to attend if I can.  So help on those would kick much butt, if you're of a mind. :))
If not, dassotay!  I'll just be happy to see you on Sat. if you can come by, or to get somethin' simple an' shiny  ^_^  
And if not?  Well... I meant it when I said I'd trade nearly all of my closet's contents for some of the stuff from The Pyramid Collection. :)  (Especially their ruffly stoof, this DIVINE coat I just found there- which they have *gasp* IN MY SIZE! ^_^, and anything from the search when you type in the word "crystal." *chortles*)  Still need more?  Hmm..  Well I've been going gaga over Alter Ego Erotics corsets for nearly 6 years now, & wings from would TOTALLY work too, ;D *lol*  (Been wanting them since last FC, where I saw a good many people w/wings from there and wondered at how "realistic" their wings seemed. ^_^)

But seriously, if you're -really- strapped for ideas and don't know what to do.. ya don't wanna just get somethin' at Faire or deal w/any guesswork, (whether you have little to no cash and just wanna make somethin' n' just need a little nspiration, or if you wanna go all out, or whatever-) I have lists a-go-go up all over the place- like Amazon, Target, Hot Topic (thought that's just for ideas, since like everything in the list is more or less out of stock :(), and then, there's always the wondermous Kaboodle- which has -everything!!!- :D:D  

Oh, and please don't take it the wrong way of my putting this up here.  I truly am just trying to help folks, and have this up for a reference for family and myself, as much as anyone else. :)  I don't mean to be crass or "give me THIS, bitches!! Myeah! >:P" in -any- way.  
I just know that these things help me out a TON when I'm shopping for other people, so I try to put stuff like this up for other to help them in turn. :)  If you can't, or don't, or won't do the whole b-day gifty thing, dass fine by me, too. :)  Going out to the Melting Pot is one of my biggest b-day memories ever, and that was good because it involved my friends. ^_^  

Frankly, I'd love to do everything the whole Native American way and -give- gifts for my b-day, to say "thank you" for helping me to get through another year. :):):):):)

Anywhoo, if you have any ideas, needs or questions about Saturday @ Faire, b-day stuff or just random things and whatevers, please feel free to drop me a line. ^_^

Love and Hugs to All of Yous,


Sat. night I got super-silly, had ONTS of fun out w/Jessi on her b-day celebration night @ Midnight, and just had a great ol' time. ^_^

Sunday night I headead out to Goth Prom, and.. well.. see for yourself. :) )

Seductive serpentine snakery...  Sexy Queen of the Night...

Plus I got some cool video- but I don't want to post it w/o the Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow's permission.  (It's kinda risquée.)
For more photos check out my Flickr page (I've only got the highlights up right now), or badger me, which is also just as well. ;)

Wish you were there, and hope to see many of you soon!

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( Dec. 20th, 2008 06:59 am)
  • Maaan, I just went through some ooold photos my mom left here a while back, and I've got some friends who should be afraaaaaaid. >;D
  • Wow.. MySpace sucks! They just took down my Project Playlist :( Wouldn't let me have Bing Crosby in a video of my cats, either. :P
  • Pickin' stuff up and puttin' things away.. arranging, decorating, sorting.. gah, it feels GOOD to be active and productive. ^_^

You want proof that the first one is true?  Check out this blast from the past:

Me at homecoming fresh. or soph. year.
(I still have those earrings and gloves somewhere- they rolled down like mad!)

Jack, Tina, Charlie, Anya, Kelly F., Amanda R.  Marcos R. Chris W., Jen M., David A., many peoples from my high school and gaming crew in college, if you want to walk down memory lane, just lemme know an' I'll send you a shot or to of you from the "good ol' days." ;)  It's SO WEIRD seeing how different, yet how alike so many people seem from so many years ago.  ..And then to realize -how many- bloody years ago these were taken!!  ^_o  (Oh, and Tenoya, if you're out there and reading this, I have a great pic of Dave B. at our senior prom, too. ;)

And yes, I do have a few.. "interesting" photos of some of 'yall. ;D  Nothing lewd, but hey.. we were young!  *grins*

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( Sep. 28th, 2008 06:03 am)
Another friend of mine just got seriously hurt- in a car accident.   What the hell is going on??  All these good, sweet people suffering all of this horrible shit...  What the fuck???   This gent is such a sweet chap- and now he's all banged up, surgery all over the place, reconstructive stuff being done on his loverly face...   He's always been a cutie to me and he always will be,and I wish I could tell him that, but I dunno right now.. I just feel so useless, and I don't even know if he/they'd want to hear from me.  I simply cannot imagine what he and his wife must be going through right now...

If you can hear me out there, love, I'm here for you if you need me.  I pray you'll get better soon, and i fyou ever, EVER need anything from me, you have but to ask.

All my love n' hugs,
I made some Meez avatars the other day, put them up in my last post, and have since finished a bunch more. In case some of you just read your Friends page and thus might have missed it since it was updated, I thought I might put a post up here. If ya have seen 'em, my apols. for the repeat. [ profile] plsurkity just made a good point that some people might not see theirs, as it might have already passed a while ago in their Friends rosters, so I thought I'd give interested parties a heads-up.

Those I have avatars of are [ profile] flameofsilver, [ profile] amethystjade, [ profile] weirdbrainygirl, [ profile] dizzierizzie, [ profile] alsohryu, [ profile] langrassier & her sis, [ profile] dvinedekadence, [ profile] plsurkity, [ profile] echochild78, [ profile] oni_no_akuma, mslolligoth, and myself. If you want one, want one to be changed?taken down, or would like the still or ani. version of yours, just send me a message and I'll get to it straightaway.

Hope all's well w/everyone,
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( May. 21st, 2007 05:46 am)
I've been making these to blow off steam. I hope people like them! If folks want me to make them one, or if people want the LJ 100x100 pixel size headshot for one or another, let me know. T'was just for fun, and although there's limited chioices, I hope I got people's essences, even if not in the most exact detail. :)

Meezes behind here, for the sake of the non-caring the folks at work, and the slow-connection-having. :) )

PS If folks want someone who doesn't appear here, let me know. For the most part I can choose what I want, but sometimes they have pay-items, and I just don't have the $$ to get what would -really- fit.- Thorry. *sheepish grin* I'd -love- to get Jessi and Courtney their knitting needles, some of the neat cool boots, and this great bellydancing outfit they have. :) But I do have 2 versions of a a few people, like Jessi, Jen, Care, and Rachel K. So if you don't like what you see here, or are just curious, send me a headsup and I'll get you the other versions. :)

Anyway, hope ya like, & ciao-ciao for now, kids!!


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