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( May. 6th, 2010 06:50 pm)
Yay! - The roommate's gone & I have the house all to myself!
Boo! - My cool roommate's gone & I have the house all to myself. ;\
Yay! - Got the cable back up again, which is now in my name.
Boo! - They couldn't just turn around n' hook mine up when they disconnected hers, so I've been net (and thus phone) free for the last day n' a half or so.
Yay! - I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want, n' be in the livingroom whenever I wish!
Boo! - I carry the full cable costs solo.
Yay! - Due to no roommie, I can set the thermostat to whatever I want!
Boo! - I just split the end & top of my left big toe open- dragging my giant bedside table into the livingroom so my teeny TV has something to sit on. Unfortunately its corner & underside got dragged over my TOE. OW/EW! Bloody toes = GROSS. (Bloody fingers, toes n' feet are the only things that gross me out. It's hard to wash up when you're all queasy n' vomitous-feeling. ;P) Getting better now. Just had to make sure I didn't bleed onto the carpet & track red splotches all over the place.... Still can't stomach putting anything like Neosporin on it yet...
Yay! - As soon as most folks leave the town for the summer, I FINALLY have somewhere to practice singing freely n' w/o inhibitions (read- @ the top of my lungs) w/o fear of disturbing anybody! :D:D

UBER-YAY! - Now that it's just me in the house; IT'S NAKEY TIME!!!!!!! *lol*

Ooh! Plus, I built things, and now have a garden!! *grunts like Tim allen*
My "new" Ikea Mikael desk.  I had it for ages in storage- in a box, n' just now put it together!  See?

Roma, Rathbone, Rasta, Audrey 2, Rosetta, Roxy, Rosemary, Ruby/Red and Rufus!
Introducing a few new members of my "family!" ^_^
From Top: Roma - Tomato, Rathbone - Basil,
Rasta - Aloe, Audrey 2 - Mother of Thousands, (can't think of a good "r" mother's name), Rosetta - soon-to-be-catnip, Roxy - Mint, Rosemary - duh (after Clooney), Ruby/Red - Bell Pepper (can't quite decide yet), and last-but-not-least (actually grown first, has been growing for a month or so now) Rufus - Cat Grass!

Anyhoo, that's it for me for now!  Hope all of you guys are doing well.  I miss all of my friends in NoVa & beyond!

So Much Love,
But I'm still proud o' my dilapidated li'l Haunted Hollows Hallowe'en gingerbread house anyway. ^_^   They had templates n' stuff, but I proverbially chucked 'em as I like to do stuff my own way.   One thing I can't get though- how in HELL do you keep the frosting nozzle ON the frosting tube???  Mine kept coming off, and although I got it to work for a while after I taped it on, the derned thing still overloaded and popped off again. (Fortunately that was later after I'd done all the detail work and was pretty near done w/the project.)  This was from a Hallowe'en kit I got at Wal-Mart, and I am just -too tickled- that they've got an All Hallows equivalent to the classic Christmas type. :D:D

Oh! Plus, I'm extra proud of Monsieur Ghosty.   He's actually filling a hole that I'm guessing was broken into the roof and side of the house during transit.  That whole side of the roof was cracked w/that hole missing too, so I leaked a bunch of frosting down into the crevice as well as inside the wall's resulting hole & put Mr. Ghosty there to fill it.  It almost looks like he's there on purpose, huh? ;D

This plus all the laundry I did today makes me actually productive for the day.. wow...! ;D

*haunted housey gingerbread glee*

(Oh, and sorry for the orange smears around the base- the house came rooted to the board, and that's what happened when I was acclemating to the icing and it kept drippin' offa stuff.  'S why I have the little coffin there on Mr. Ghosty's side- to cover up a seeerious smoodge. ;))
It's all good stuff, though. ^_^
First off, (yes, I know it's not the weekend tonight, but I still gotta post about it, ^_^) I GET TO SEE JEN AND CHRIST ODAY!!!! *glee glee glee glee glee*
We're meeting up after work, I get to give them their prezzies, and who knows what else afterward? :D:D:D:D I can't wait, and hope that Jen and Chris are lookin' forward to it, too. ^_^

Second, my ACTUAL weekend agenda:
Friday: Root canal at four, meeting about a makeup artist job I'm doing at seven till ten thirty. Metro Access transport all between.
Saturday, finish up the few things I have to do for gifts on Suday. Then:
Get MA to pick me up at 2, so I can be in MD by my appointment at 3 TO SIGN MY LEASE!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ I don't wanna jinx it or anything, but I'm looking forward to the plan, and hope that everything goes through okay. ^_^ (Memo to me; remember to look thoroughly over pet policy- of which they have NO PET RENT OR PET DEPOSIT!!! ^_^)
From there at four fifteen I'm heading over to another film meeting, which will be held at five, and presumable go till.. sevenish.? Maybe??
Sunday from noon to five I'll be at game. Normally I'm gaming till six, but this weekend IS THE L WORD PREMIER!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Amupme who wants to come w/me still totally can. ^_^ They suggest being there by six 'cause they'll be full, and I've seen long lines at these things, so it's not surprising. That goes till ten or eleven or so, and then... Snooooore..!!! Time to crash and get ready for work agian on Monday. ^_^

If all goes well on Saturday, w/Heritage Square, I get to MOVE IN ON THURSDAY!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ (Which means I'll ask for my keys on Sat., and end up there Thursday night after work, bringing me, my ratties, and anything else I can carry to the place so I can start sleeping there and coming to work from there from then on. ^_^

Busy busy busy!!, no? O.O Wish me luck all, and hopefully soon I'll be having the housewarming before too long. ;D:D:D (I wanna get the place ready and nice before people show up, so it'll likely not happen for a few weeks after I move all my shite...) The weekend after this one I'l be able to go to H-burg, pick up my kitties & snag my stuff outta storage so I can move in en-true. Wish me luck all, and I hope you have a great weekend, too! ^_^

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( Oct. 11th, 2007 01:50 pm)
A rather cute, very chivalrous young man drove me home last night. ^_^

The house I'm staying at seems to now have.. MICE... One kept me up squeaking across the room last night... *shudder* Ew. But either it went away, or the cat that was up there w/me (who also kept mewing) ate it... Hmm...


Would anyone like to join up w/my Lurch? If you'd like to dance the TTW thing, lemme know- I'll send you event registration stuff. :) An' if not, but you still wanna lurch, gimme a holler so I can put ya down for one of the ranks of The Confirmed. :)

And don't worry, there's always room for oen more. ;D
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 02:58 am)
No offense to anyone I've ever lived with, or with whom I might someday live.. but if I could dream really, really big, I'd want this. Stone(y) walls.. swirly accents all over... *dreamy sighs* The only thing I think I'd change would be the straight staircase to the right. I'd make that a spiral, and of course I'd put a pool and grand gardens in back- with a labyrinth!!! :D:D

If I were being pragmat/pessi/realistic, (or just waiting for the big dream to come along), I'd snag either this, or something to the tune of this I think, and bump out the master bath (and other floors, if necessary) to have a bay window around it. Of course no matter what I'd choose, one room would have to be an art studio or some sort, and I'd really like a library, bays, and a few other architectural details. Thus far these have been my ultimate favorites... (At least, from this web site. :))

Then again, there is also this gothy li'l piece of architectural sex that'd make any Addams proud. *beams* Doesn't it look like it could come from one of the best haunted house, horror or Addams-like scenarios or movies.. ever??? ^_^ Plus it was -actually supposed to be HAUNTED!!!- *glee* (Then again.. it might have just been a reputation the design of the place had earned... ;) I can't believe they actually have the PLANS for this one!!!) Of course I'd modernize mine here n' there on the inside, but.. GAH!!! *gazes in wonder* I've found so many cool plans, and plan to keep looking! There are SO many cool house plans out there! ..It's a great dilemma to have! ^_^

OOH! And in a similar vein: I've just been invited to KY for an early Halloween party.. and guess what? They're going to go to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium, where Ghost Hunters and many other ghost-seekers have visited and gotten faboo stuff! *does a little dance* SO keen!!! Thanks for inviting me, Ameejay!!! ^_^

Anyway, I hope all is well w/everyone out there in cyberland, and that I talk to lots you folks soon. :)
Now it's time for me to drink a Schmirnoff, hope I got everything in right on my job app. that I just faxed to MD today, and sooner or later, crash. :)

Night! :D


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